Fashion-season 2013

Each fashion season brings its own style adjustments. Fashion-season 2013 was no exception. In autumn and winter, designers are advised us to choose bright clothing, while in the spring and summer season topical will be muted tones. The basic idea of ​​fashion, the Snakes - more colors, bright colors. Glitter sequins gradually fades into the background, giving just a toning effect. Instead, the leader color uniformity. This unanimity designer finishes - color palette at all different, the combination of colors, patterns, colors, too, strictly individual. Nowhere is this show fashion colors bathing suits and shoes.


Dress Lawiggi
6440 rubles.

Dress Tutto Bene
4 990 rub.

Dress E.A.R.C.
1899 rubles.

Clutch Eleganzza
1 410 rubles.

5199 rubles.

1. The most fashionable color

This year, to determine the most fashionable color is not easy. Each designer style and his vision of clothing in 2013, but if you try to keep track of the colors used is still possible. So, we present: the most trendy colors recognized green and blue. The green and emerald shades this year there all the time: clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, interior ... As with its blue velvet and saturated hues, it holds a leading position is not the first year. Green combined with classic colors (black and white) are found in Calvin Klein Collection and Celine.


Dress Lawiggi
4460 rubles.

Clutch Eleganzza
1580 rubles.

Sandals Vitacci
2 890 rubles.

Tippet Sabellino
890 rubles.

Eau De Toilette Spray 30 ml Salvador Dali Laguna
840 rubles.

2. Fashionable Colors 2013 - Red

Sexuality and the image of the femme fatale is easiest to emphasize using a bright red color. Preference is given to classic shades. Although the shade of red bricks, is not so popular in the last year, it is also quite often be found on the shows of 2013. It is best to combine the red and black, as proposed to do this fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. At the same time it has to be the dominant red and black colors should be optional accessories and small parts.


Blazer Quelle
999 rubles.

Blouse Quelle
799 rubles.

Skirt Aneasa
5000 rubles.

Sandals Quelle
2499 rubles.

Clutch Quelle
1499 rubles.

Belt Quelle
1199 rubles.

3. Pastel colors

At the height of fashion bright variety of colors, but not all will be able to feel comfortable in such clothes. It is for these designers from America offer pastel colors. According to them, sherbet hues come to court in the spring of 2013. Among the distinguished pastel shades of ocher, coffee with milk and blue. An important detail - the clothes in pastel shades is recommended to supplement with bright accessories and elements. Delicate colors and shades restrained this year chose Narciso Rodriguez and Carolina Herrera.


Skirt Elisabetta Franchi
5600 rubles.

Jacket French Connection
4 480 rub.

533 rubles.

Clutch Osey
1 790 rubles.

Shoes YSL
7700 rubles.

4. Fashionable Colors 2013: Rainbow

In spite of the trendiness pastels, most designers all over the world have preferred riot of colors and a variety of colors. In the fashion hues of geranium, lush grass, blue, purple and brown. Choose a fashionable wardrobe can be both warm and cold shades. The combination of bold colors of the rainbow in 2013 will be a real rage. The only limitation - to get involved in the measure. And in order not to look like a child's toy with different colored faces, do not dress in a combined three different colors.
Prompt how to better collect the fashionable color in a single image collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sophie Theallet and Tommy Hilfiger.


Dress Quelle
1999 rubles.

Sandals OnlyTa
4350 rubles.

Bag Quelle
1399 rubles.

Bracelet Kit Quelle
899 rubles.

Sunglasses Quelle
799 rubles.

5. Trend colors 2013: Solar modulations

The colors of clothes in 2013 should be a pastel and delicate or rich and deep. Exception - black and white. Here, as usual, there are no laws. Another new design - orange and yellow. Thus all their shades and mixed versions of the same fashion. Also on the podium flashed apparel lemon and brick hues. Most interesting is that the sun will not only swimsuits and summer sundresses, and business suits, outerwear and even winter boots. For all the variety of shades and colors glitter fade into the background. However, some options, we left. Basically, it's silver, gold and copper sequins. It is also permissible to use a fabric with lurex these colors. The ideal material in this line is considered brocade.


Jacket Quelle
2 299 rubles.

Top Quelle
599 rubles.

Bag Quelle
1899 rubles.

Skirt GLCX
2400 rubles.

Shoes Christian Louboutin
8700 rubles.

6. Fashionable Colors 2013: designs on clothing

Against the background of a large number of plain clothes are the images with the same bright and vivid prints. In search of animal colors fashion guru once again turned to the leopard pelt and diluted her tiger. As a result, we again obtain the combination of the yellow-orange-brown and classic black.
Floral motifs are less pronounced than in the previous year. The flowers appear mainly in the in the eastern and Hawaiian styles. In other cases it is better to give preference to the ornament, which is different from the overall color of a pair of shades. But geometric patterns back to us from the past. Designers are increasingly turning to the fashion of previous generations. For example, shades of ocher and a wide variety of color options will likely come down to us from the time of hippies and rastamanov. By the way, the geometry of prints is most common on the board. Other details of clothing, especially outerwear, it is almost not affected.


Evening dress Guess by Marciano
7160 rubles.

Bag Svetski
2 210 rubles.

Shoes United Nude
5340 rubles.

Belt Diesel
4490 rubles.

Necklace Goodqueen
1500 rubles.

7. Additions to the image

As you know, in some cases, additional decorative elements can set tone image, and in others - fully define the style. This season, we offer a variety of lace dresses of different colors. On the catwalks showed us to sing lacy black, white, yellow, pink and gray colors. Particularly relevant details of dividing the image into geometric planes. For this purpose, such as stripes reflective tape, canticles and every strip. In the case of dress features fine-border belt and belts in contrasting colors.


Dress LeMonada
2583 rubles.

Jacket Object
4060 rubles.

Clutch Eleganzza
1 410 rubles.

Shoes Alexander McQueen
5340 rubles.

Eau de Toilette 30 mlVERSACE Yellow diamond
1350 rubles.

8. Accessories 2013: trend color

In 2013, you should understand one of the main fashion rules: in comparison with the colorful and rich in color clothing accessories should be modest. Among the flowers stand out black, pale coral and beige. However, jewelers do not fully agree with the choice of colors that offer designers. They prefer green and turquoise. That is why the jewels in 2013, is made of malachite, green, turquoise, chrysolite and emerald. Of course, it is possible to apply and cheaper option. For example, vechnopopulyarnomu pearls.


Evening dress Cyrille Gassiline
3 520 rubles.

Shoes OnlyTa
2 650 rubles.

Clutch Sabellino
2 150 rubles.

Bracelet Zsiska
1 790 rubles.

Ring Zsiska
690 rubles.

9. Trendy color of shoes 2013

Fashion on the shoes also quite restrained in terms of color options. Designers popularize odezhku feet for blue, purple and green shades. The mod will be dark in color and brightness and luxury give golden elements - eg, heels, buckles, chains or pad on the sock. Trendy is a combination of different shades of the same color. This shoe is best to wear a similar outfit color variations. But green options appropriate to emphasize the separate accessory, such as a belt or jewelry.


Top Quelle
1199 rubles.

Top Quelle
1199 rubles.

Shoes Gian Marco Lorenzi
12 000 rubles.

11 400 rubles.

2800 rubles.

Set (ring and earrings) OXXO DESIGN
4200 rubles.


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