The bright colors of spring

This year's late spring so that it would be desirable to somehow bring it offensive. That's why we decided to publish this release with a bright, sunny, full color photographs and statements of spring, aphorisms our contemporaries and the great of the past.

1 .. It happens that is not glued, it goes bad, and at the same time you feel something horoshee.Vspomnish of good and understand: it's spring. (Mikhail Prishvin)

2. Spring - the only revolution in this world ... (Fedor Tiutchev)

3. Spring - the solvent winter. (Ludwik Jerzy Kern)

4. Spring. Cats have returned to the south and invitingly kurlychat the windows, hidden in the deep drifts. (Yuri Tatarkin)

5. The beauty of spring is known only in the winter, and sitting by the stove, compose the best songs of May. (Heinrich Heine)

6. Sun - gold poor. (Natalie Clifford Barney)

7. "Mentally change winter to spring and fall in love." E.Safarli

8. "You have to always go forward, remembering that after the winter is always spring comes." K.Pinkola

9. Spring, spring in the street - spring days! Like birds, the tram filled calls. Agniya Barto

10. The late autumn is like a cool summer and the approach of winter makes itself felt the smell of spring. Elena Yermolov

11. Every winter, I wonder how you can not live in the city every spring and begin to understand it. Paul Palmer

12. Spring! .. For all the beginning of a new life, the sun and the heat. A snow - death. Snow dies on the street! .. How everything is relative. Olga Muraveva

13. One swallow does not make. Aesop

14. While I am on friendly terms with the seasons, I can not imagine that life could become a burden to me. Henry David Thoreau

15. The worst time of the year - lost. Usoltsev

16. Spring - a real renaissance piece of immortality. GD Thoreau.

17. In the spring of boots even whispers in your ear something tender. Emil Meek

18. Spring is a good reason to commit substantial nonsense without any good reason. Yuri Tatarkin

19. Spring provides us Vitanov desires. Georgi Alexandrov

20. In the depths of your hopes and desires lies the tacit knowledge of the beyond; and seeds, dormant beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring. Jubran Jubran Hamil

21. Spring came - feasting in closets emaciated mole. Yuri Tatarkin

22. Judge about their health the way you enjoy the morning and spring. Henry David Thoreau

23. Only when a person is deprived of the outer being, like winter, it is hoped that there will arise a new spring. Rumi

24. It is true that there are difficult moments, but resist them - turn to bad back, and your inner spring will not disappoint you. Even old age and that is not always folded in the cold darkness of the night. Lucretius

25. In the morning television news announced an unexpected news: spring came. I looked out the window, and then snow. I wonder where they get the information? Alexander Citkin

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