8 secrets for those who want to paint, but does not know how

Each of us from time to time a huge wave rolls of bright emotions. At such moments, so I want to express themselves through art. For example, pick up a brush and paint a picture. We stop just something we have never done this: I do not know how and did not know what it is - "to draw┬╗.
We think that nothing good will and give up, but we Website can say with confidence that it is not so! There are ways of drawing, which is made of any person steep artist. Be of good cheer! Creativity above all else.

Drawing with paint skotcha

will be needed:

Canvas Acrylic paints Scissors Brushes Masking tape Palette < / a jar of water for cleaning brushes How to Draw:

Take the paint colors you want to paint, and squeeze a little on the palette. Start the cover canvas painting in a free manner using a wide brush. Once you have covered the entire canvas, give it a few minutes to dry. Now you are waiting is the hardest part, but because of the great results you can and try, right? Cut the masking tape equal pieces. Lay them on the canvas diagonally staggered, leaving between each polosochkoj short distance. Cover the entire canvas with a layer of white paint, allow to fully dry and apply another coat. After the final drying remove (carefully) all the pieces of masking tape. And voila! Here is a masterpiece of abstract painting.

Drawing with salfetki

will be needed:

Watercolors Brush Napkin with any pattern White cardboard Palette Jar with water for cleaning brushes How to Draw:

Place the stencil on a napkin as a sheet of white cardboard. Take a paint color that you like. Put it on the palette to mix a few drops of water. A lot of water to add it is not necessary, otherwise the paint will flow, and your work will be ruined. Apply the paint on top of the portion of tissue that is patterned after a short while, so that it dried up. Gently remove napkin with cardboard. this technology you can easily make a smart card for friends. Or continue experiments to create a picture.

Drawing sheet kartona


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