30 Photos about what in the world are only two types of people

The new part of the popular project art director from Lisbon on behalf of Joao Rocha (Joao Rocha), which like the previous part is called the "two kinds of people." The new portion of the illustrations the artist continues to prove that even in the world and live almost 7 billion people, all of them can be divided into two types. And to what do you think of?

Who has a party hangs toilet paper

Those who upload photos to Instagram for themselves and their followers and those who add the tags to your photos a million

Those who throws everything on the desktop, and those who keep everything you need in other drives

Those who put the bottle of ketchup as intended and those who flips her legs up

Those who decide to Sudoku, and those who are missing out on this nerve

Those with house plants bloom and smell, and those who regularly appears dry herbarium in flower pots

Those who read "wooden" books and those who prefer their electronic

Those who keep the photos in the "figure" and those who keep them in a photo album

Those who leave the crust pizza and those who eats it with them

Those who parked as it should and those who like to park m # duck

Those who download movies from the Internet, and those who go to them in the movie

Those who wear the watch with a 12-hour clock and those with 24-hour

Those who safely remove the device and those who rips it from your computer without thinking

Those who use conventional light bulbs and those who have been changed their energy-saving

Those who watch videos on YouTube in a small window, and those who deploy them on all screen

Those who know how to pack gifts and those who are not very

Those who rides a conventional skateboard and those who are still dreaming of a hoverboard

Those who drives a car is normal and those that do not know how to do it exactly

Those who shoot in the "figure" and those who use film cameras

Those who pulls out a tablet, leaving empty cells, and those cells with tears tablets

Those who are for the Empire and those of the rebels

Those who writes spiral, watering sauce burger, and those who do it zigzags

Those who watch the clock and those who watch it on your phone

Those who exactly wrote notes and those who do it sikos-nakos

Those who drink a glass of water, and those who drink from the bottle

Those who prefer walking-stick umbrellas, and those who are used to protect themselves from the rain with an automatic umbrella

Those taken with the flash and those without

Those who know how exactly to draw the circle, and those who would not succeed

Those who eat watermelon with seeds and those who fold their neat piles

Those who leave the sticker on the laptop and those who rips their

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