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The French company DCNS shipyard in Saint-Nazaire launched the first landing ship dock vertoletonosny type "Mistral", currently under construction in the interests of the Russian Navy. According to RIA Novosti, the ship, named "Vladivostok", later to be transferred to Russia for St. Petersburg plant "Severnaya Verf" for equipping and arming. In the Pacific Fleet "Vladivostok" will November 1, 2014.

Let's see in detail how is the construction of this ship ... Bookmark the second helicopter ─ «Sevastopol» ─ took place in France in June 2013. It is expected that the ship will join the Pacific Fleet in 2015. Building of ships is conducted with the participation of Russian companies. In particular, the assembly of parts of hulls of ships engaged in "Baltic Plant". Formation of advanced Russian helicopter crews has already begun. In addition, the composition of the aircraft and determined group of ships of the "Mistral", which will include a deck modification attack helicopter Ka-52, which received index Ka-52K.

The latest Russian weapons systems and the impact of defensive purpose, including supersonic cruise missiles, will be installed on all four helicopter landing ships, docks (DVKD) type "Mistral", built for the Russian Navy, both in France and in Russia. He told Itar-Tass source in the military-industrial complex of Russia.

"It is planned that the first two" Mistral "of French buildings, and the next two DVKD built already in Russia, will be equipped with the most modern domestic weapon systems, including launchers supersonic cruise missiles, the latest systems and complexes missile, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare "- said the source.
Of course, the "Mistral" will take on board the impact and anti-submarine helicopters, artillery, landing craft, boats, armored vehicles and other equipment and weapons, he added.
Work on the installation of the first two French-built DVKD Russian arms will be conducted in Russia on one of its defense companies after the arrival of the ships from the French Saint-Nazaire, the source said.

It lays the November 14, 2012 at OJSC "Shipyard" Severnaya Verf ". Factory №880

The General Staff confirmed this information. "We do not need unarmed DVKD at the disposal of the French Navy. Such "Mistral" in fact - a giant floating conveyors with modern systems of command and control, navigation, reconnaissance and communications, a kind of helpless floating command posts, which should cover, and from the sea and from the air other warships and aircraft, "- said a source in the the General Staff.

"DVKD our Navy must not only control the actions of the various branches of the naval groups (surface ships, submarines, naval aviation) or even the actions of cross-species groups in the sea and ocean theaters of operations, not only to deliver and disembark Marines armored vehicles with by helicopter and landing craft, but must themselves have sufficient firepower and striking power to be full intrinsically safe multifunction warships in the composition of these groups, "- he stressed.
"Therefore, Russian DVKD will be equipped with cruise missiles with increased range of fire, the newest means of air and missile defense and antisubmarine", - concluded the source in the General Staff.

Installation on the stocks section of the element under construction DVKD "Vladivostok", "Baltic Plant", 01.10.2012, the

In August 2012 at the Russian shipyard Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg will begin work on the construction of blocks of class ships BPC-type "Mistral" for the Russian Navy, the ships class BPC, ordered "Rosoboronexport" in June 2011, the company DCNS, will be built in Russian treaty on the transfer of technology.

Russian Navy in 2013 and will start training of flight personnel, which will be based on purchasing a French amphibious assault ship (UDC) "Mistral", said the acting head of naval aviation Major General Igor Kozhin. Preparation under construction in France, amphibious assault ships (UDC) of the "Mistral" under Russian conditions "is performed in full compliance with the schedule." As noted in a release sent to the ITAR-TASS statement of the manufacturer - Shipbuilding Corporation DCNS, - «Now is the second stage of adaptation" in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation, which will be completed by September this year.

"Russian specification, first of all, implies that UDC will accept helicopters of" Kamov "with coaxial rotors. In addition, the contractor must install on ships Russian equipment, with the exception of weapons, - stated in the communiqué. - "Mistral" will be prepared for the navigation in cold climates, an increase of power generators. This is partly necessary in order to provide a partial melting of the ice on the runway site. In addition, all control and signaling board ships will be translated into the Russian language ».
In the French town of Saint-Nazaire in full swing construction of the "Mistral" for the Russian Federation, highlighted by DCNS. "In September of this year will be ready the first 100-ton housing unit UDC. On keel blocks to install it at the beginning of 2013, which will mark the beginning of a phase of the assembly, "- said in a statement.
In the construction of two "Mistral" will also attend the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC). According to DCNS, it "will build 12 units of the hull aft of each ship».
The first ship of the series "Mistral" to be delivered the Russian Navy in 2014, the second - at the end of 2015. The French side in accordance with the contract for the "Mistral" Russia will transfer technology for the construction of surface ships, as well as combat information control system SENIT-9, which is equipped with a French amphibious assault ship. Subsequently, these technologies will be used in the construction of two other UDC type "Mistral" in Russian shipyards. Construction of the third and fourth UDC type "Mistral" Russia will carry out on their own. (ARMS-TASS)

The ceremony of launching the aft head DVKD Mistral for the Russian Navy, St. Petersburg, "Baltic Plant", 06.26.2013, the

On the "Baltic Shipyard" in St. Petersburg June 26, 2013 was launched on the stern of the new ship "Mistral", built jointly with France's STX for the Russian Navy. Now the stern of the "Mistral" (her weight was 6, 4 thousand tons) towed to the French shipyard of Saint Nazari.

"July 25 food arrives at Saint-Nazar, which will start work on its docking with the rest of the building and karabl - said the program director of the French company DCNS naval shipbuilding Yves Destefanis.

The ceremony of launching the aft head DVKD Mistral for the Russian Navy, St. Petersburg, "Baltic Plant", 06.26.2013, the

The press service of the United Shipbuilding Corporation news agency reported that the descent of the stern of the water was made at 10 am Moscow time, in accordance with the contract. The descent of the stern of the water was carried out in the presence of the leaders of USC, French companies STX-France and DCNS and "Rosoboronexport».

Shipbuilding Corporation DCNS informed about some features of the project, amphibious assault ships (UDC) of the "Mistral" with a displacement of 22,000 tons, which will be built for the Russian Navy. In accordance with the Franco-Russian intergovernmental agreement signed in January 2011, DCNS and "Rosoboronexport" in June 2011, signed a contract to build two in France UDC. DCNS Corporation is a contracting party to the parent and will also be responsible for the integration of naval combat information control system (CICS) and communication systems. The French company STX France will build ships for subcontract with DCNS.

According to DCNS, resulting ARMS- agency TASS, the list of modifications to the design UDC in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Navy is currently at a very advanced stage of negotiation. The first stage was completed in April, providing a preliminary analysis of the project PDR (preliminary design review). Then it began the second phase, which includes a detailed study of the structure of the ship, which will be completed in September 2012.

Russian requirements include design modifications to UDC-based deck Ka-Ka-29K and 52K. The ships will also be modified for use in arctic conditions, which means an increase in the power supply system for melting ice on the flight deck. All control and signaling board ships will be translated into Russian.

In 2013, the Defense Ministry will form new battalions of marines intended to be placed on the landing-dock ships vertoletonosnyh "Mistral", as explained by a source in the Command of the Navy, the basis of the new state was taken batalonov American opyt.22.10.2012
"RTI im.Akademika Mints" signed a contract with the Defense Ministry in the serial delivery of equipment "BREEZE" for the Ka-52 and its modifications, the instrument allows you to transfer video from a helicopter in real-time, remote management decisions and the application of the aviation group aircraft weapons and to monitor the results of their applications, including control helicopter landing on helicopter type "Mistral».

The control system large-tonnage ballasting the ship, set on the French "Mistral" helicopter carriers in the Russian version is missing, that could affect their safety.

"In the three French" Mistral "is set and proven unique integrated automated system control of all technical equipment of the ship, designed by the renowned Norwegian company« L3Marin ». She specializes in the development of large-tonnage vessels, are in need of automated control for ballasting "- said the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Navy Rear Admiral Vladimir Pepelyayev stock.

He recalled that the Russian-French contract for the acquisition of ships "Mistral" it was agreed that if the price is not exceeded and the system is not worse than, the manufacturer has the right to put his. The French took advantage of with the intention to establish its own helicopter to the Russian system of technical means, spent on its frigates and corvettes. "This ship has a much smaller tonnage, and are, accordingly, no control ballasting", - said the admiral.

"The question is, if the French system is better, why do not they put it on their ships, and buy the Norwegians?" - Ask the experts, and continues: "The Producers" Mistral "can be understood - they want to with the ship to sell us their own systems and to make the Norwegian competitors. Navy of the process, almost relegated, and "Rosoboronexport" is authorized to issue the documents and carry out the will of the customer - the Russian Ministry of Defense, which for some reason does not insist on getting along with the "Mistral" advanced technologies, in particular, a proven world-renowned system. (Military-Industrial Courier)

Russian Navy High Command formed the requirements for a new infantry fighting vehicle, which will have a parachute landing vertoletonosnyh ships docks of the "Mistral". According to the newspaper "Izvestia", the machine should be of high buoyancy, contain not less than 15 fighters from the regular military-industrial complex, have mortars, automatic grenade launchers, portable anti-aircraft missiles and heavy machine guns, according to the source of the newspaper, the new machine should be no longer standing armed with BMP-2, BMP-3 and BTR-80 infantry fighting vehicles for the mass of the new "Mistral" to be about 30 tons.

Also it is to be installed armored complex passive protection and active protection type "Arena". Power plant for the BMP should be no less than 400 horsepower, and it is necessary to install a gas turbine engine with electric transmission or engine power of 750 horsepower from the perspective of armored vehicles "Kurganets-25" or BMP-3F.
As expected, the developer promising BMP will be determined before the end of 2013 on the basis of open competition. In the spring of 2014 is planned to protect the project, and then development and production.

According to the High Command of the Russian Navy, development of a heavy landing machine is needed to follow the world trends - horizon method Marines through helicopters and landing craft. This armor covers the distance of 30-40 kilometers from the shore on their own.

Helicopter type "Mistral" will be based not only Vladivostok, but also in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the remaining points are considered, he said in an interview with RIA Novosti director of the department of capital construction of the state customer the Russian Defense Ministry, Roman Filimonov.

"We considered several options (home), but the choice is stopped at Vladivostok, as there can use the existing transport infrastructure. In the future, it is necessary to create conditions for temporary parking, replenishment, loading and unloading troops and rest hours of crews in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Other point-based - on the stage of study and consideration ", - said Filimonov.

Now begins the active design, preparation of the production base and production facilities in the region, he said. Defense Ministry plans to "reach a wide range of construction work early next year." According to the plan, it is necessary to make a new waterfront on both ships and the development of supporting infrastructure in 2015 - at the time of the transition readiness of the first "Mistral" in Primorye.

"By organizing the basing of" Mistral "in a large village, we will solve the whole complex of social issues to their crews - especially for servicemen and their families, service housing. In the near future to complete the creation of significant fund service housing in the neighborhood Snow Pad Vladivostok ", - the source said.
RIA Novosti

The French company STX Lorient, a member of the group STX France, will build four landing craft "barzhepodobnogo" type and in 2014 will give them to the Ministry of Defense of Russia. According to Mer et Marine, the boat will be used in amphibious ships, docks vertoletonosnyh "Vladivostok" and "Sevastopol" type "Mistral", also built by DCNS in France, commissioned by the Russian side.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense was planning to buy Russian "Mistral" assault French trimarans project L-CAT (EDA-R), but after the change of leadership the agency without giving any reason to cancel the purchase of boats. In September 2012, also reported that the Russian Defense Ministry has not been able to find a suitable boat for the "Mistral».
Later, the source of the agency "Interfax" in the military-industrial complex said that "Vladivostok" and "Sevastopol" can be equipped with tank-landing craft project 11770 "Serna" and

21280 "Dugong". At the same time the spokesman said that "the problem with the boats completely far-fetched" because "Serna" and "Dugong" in weight and size parameters are fully suitable for the "Mistral».

They became known to the Ministry of Defense plans relative to the second helicopter, which is being built for our navy in the French shipyards. This ship may be included in the Black Sea fleet and give him the name of the hero-city of Russian sailors - "Sevastopol". The ceremonial event at the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet are hoping to celebrate four years later - in 2017. But as they say the admirals, the place where the helicopter is likely to become not the Crimean coast, and a new military port of Novorossiysk.

In Japan, concerned about the agreement between Moscow and Paris on the supply to Russia of two universal amphibious assault ships (UDC) of the "Mistral". This June 2, 2013 in Singapore, said the Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera at the talks with his French counterpart, Jean-Yves Le Drianom have passed "on the margins" of the military departments Leaders Forum Asia Pacific in the so-called "Shangri-La Dialogue" . "This decision upsets the balance of forces in the Far East", - said I. Onodera.




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