People are standing in line to get on one of those trains

To ride on these trains is not easy. The tickets are obscenely expensive compared to other trains, but reasonable for the memorable adventure in life. And that's only half the problem. Some Express trains go only once a year, and fans of adventures have to wait in line for months hoping to take one of the places.

Orient Express

He was the inspiration and setting of Graham Greene's novels, Sidney Sheldon, Ian Fleming and Veronica Henry. Most know him through the novel "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie. They say a similar incident occurred in 1929 when the train was snowbound.

The Orient Express began running between Paris and Istanbul in 1883. This is the first rail route linking the West and East. Luxurious, modern, decorated in art Deco style. Orient Express — the first train, each compartment of which there was a room with hot and cold water.

In 1977, when the train was already off the rails, the carriages purchased by James Sherwood and paid another $ 16 million to track down and recover the original 35 cars from all over Europe. And 99 years after his birth updated Venice Simplon Orient Express started off.

Aboard the Orient Express are not allowed to wear jeans. And dinner in the dining car requires a strict dress code: evening gowns, tuxedos, bow ties.

Recommended routes: London — Venice, Venice — Paris, Brussels — Venice, Istanbul — Bucharest — Budapest — Venice.

Ticket price: from £ 929

Express Eastern & Oriental Express

The train was built in Japan in 1973 to connect Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand. Two decades later, the designers who worked on the Orient Express, completely transformed it, recreating the colonial style of the 1920-ies. Now passenger train, Eastern & Orient Express, which is like a five-star hotel, runs from Singapore to Malaysia and Bangkok.

Recommended routes: Singapore — Bangkok or Bangkok — Singapore-Kuala Lumpur — Bangkok or Bangkok — Kuala Lumpur route "Tales of the Peninsula" (Fables Of The Peninsula), new year's eve flight from Singapore to Bangkok.

Ticket price: from £ 1775

Express Blue Train

Train Blue Train runs between Cape town, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria. Express goes along the scenic South coast of South Africa, and it is possible to look at antelopes, giraffes and buffaloes grazing in the savannas of the Kruger national Park.

One of the routes ends in Zimbabwe, near the famous Victoria falls. Passengers are waiting for the historic interiors and elegant furniture, marble bathrooms in each compartment, a rich program of entertainment on the route and fine dining chef.

Ticket price: from $ 740

Express The Golden Chariot

One of the most beautiful passenger trains, vintage "Blue Express" the Queen of England. Victorian-style elegance, first class service — a hotel on wheels that satisfy the most refined tastes. A passenger train plying in South India.

Golden Chariot is a luxury with an Indian accent. One of the rare trains where there is a Spa centre. Along the route passengers visit the palaces and temples in Mysore, Hassan and Hampi, the national Park "Nagarhole", Golden beaches of Goa.

Routes: flight Southern Splendour (Bangalore — Chennai — Mahabalipuram — Pondicherry — Trichy — Thanjavur — Madurai — Kanniyakumari — Trivandrum — backwaters of Kerala — Cochin — Alleppey — Bangalore) or flight Pride Of The South (Bangalore — Kabini — Mysore — Hassan — Hospet — Badami — Goa — Bangalore)

Ticket price: $ 5730

Express Rovos Rail

Most of the cars collected in 1911 in Europe as a vehicle of the Royal family. Decades later, one companyrussia to restore the trains and run the train of luxury, turning them into a new game for rich and affluent people.

The passengers are offered the best dishes of wild game meat and delicacies of African cuisine. At the end of the composition — the car with an open panorama observation car, where you can observe beautiful landscapes.

Recommended routes: Pretoria — Kruger Park, Cape town — George (the journey to the popular tourist area of the garden route or a Garden path), Pretoria — Victoria falls, Pretoria — Cape town, Pretoria to Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania), but it is a journey of 13 days is only possible once a year.

Ticket price: from $ 1200

Express Royal Scotsman

The most comfortable passenger train that is heading for Scotland. One of the cars turned into a Spa. The other, in the past, car with kitchen, in the car with panoramic views and stylized under the age of Edward.

The ticket price includes a visit to historic castles, whiskey distilleries and tasting, excursions and participation in traditional Scottish games (Skeet, falconry).

Suggested routes: in addition to the classic tour, of course, gourmet tour, a tour for lovers of whiskey and a big tour of the North-West highlands.

Ticket price: from £ 2350

Express The Maharaja's Express

The most expensive passenger train in Asia. A copy of the Indian Royal Palace, adapted for long journeys.

Each passenger has a personal Butler, ready to help 24 hours a day. The program includes entertainment, performances and excursions to the main attractions on the route of the train.

Recommended routes: 6 routes are very popular tours to The Indian Panorama, The Indian Splendour and The Heritage of India.

Ticket price: from $ 6840

Train "Imperial Russia"

The most famous and luxurious train that runs from Moscow through Mongolia to Beijing. "Imperial Russia" goes on each route is only 1 time a year. Its name owes to a unique train decor. They recreated the design of the composition, which traveled the Royal family.

For modern travelers prepared excursions and entertainment program that introduces foreign guests with Russia: cooking classes, lessons on Russian national tools, creative workshops and much more.

Route: Moscow — Beijing, Beijing — Moscow, Vladivostok — Moscow, Moscow — Vladivostok, Ulan-Bator — Moscow, Moscow — Ulan-Bator.

Ticket price: € 4900

Express Golden eagle

The most expensive tourist train in the world, plying on two routes: between Moscow and Beijing and between Moscow and Vladivostok. At the head of the Express train, but just in case, attached to the train locomotive. On the day of departure at the station live orchestra plays "Farewell of Slav". Part of passenger cars in the train — the modernized compartment car of the GDR.

There is a separate carriage bar with a piano and library. In service car also has a doctor, a Barber, the composition is a Laundry.

Route: Moscow — Beijing, Beijing — Moscow, Vladivostok — Moscow, Moscow — Vladivostok.

Ticket price: from € 14 395

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