The hotel on wheels. Travel to Finland by train

The trip by train was caused by the fact that "FINCA" goes completely new train, launched a month ago. It is called the train-hotel. The concept has changed?

1 Outside the car looks almost the same as any other car of the modern Russian trains. Only the LED board with the route and give the wagon "tricked." But the main thing - inside.

2 Welcome aboard! Conductors have nothing to do with stereotypes Train conductor: This young, polite people who will pay attention to you throughout the trip.
The train runs every day, sent from Leningrad Station in Moscow at 23:00. Many go on it to Peter.

3 I had a ticket to the compartment. I imagined it would be something like "evrokupe" with three shelves one above the other, cramped and uncomfortable closet. No, here the usual four-, and, to the eye, more spacious than in Soviet cars. No luggage rack on top and under the seat not to place too many things. This is a minus. In the case of Helsinki, hardly anyone will ride with huge trunks, but in other areas you need to think of something. For example, to sacrifice one for the luggage compartment little room.

4 In the train immediately began to feed! To begin with, on the table stood a package with something tasty, a minute after the departure of the waiter came to the dining car and offered hot sandwiches to choose from. From all this it was necessary to refuse !!! Because I sat on a diet. In Finland, it was even more difficult to walk past a delicious meal in a supermarket, and even that will be in the press tours in Germany and Belgium, I can not even imagine. Nothing, I hope, endure and grow thin!
Oh yeah, you can see the monogram that zabrendirovan composition? This monogram Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy light, in whose honor and named the train. Contrary to expectations, he was not "retro", but quite the contrary.

5 But when my diet tea can be drunk in unlimited quantities! If the coupe ride all four passengers, the lower shelf is transformed into two armchairs with podkolotnikami.

6 For each compartment, two sockets. Is not that great? I'm still waiting when they arrive in airplanes on short flights.

7 Three large buttons. Call conductor, radio volume and lighting control. The radio does not twist pop music, but "War and Peace" is also not read (thank goodness!). The train station is operating in the mode of the audio guide, talking in Russian, English and Finnish on interesting stations, cities and places that currently passes "Leo Tolstoy." Listening with half an ear, I learned about an interesting bike semi-subterranean street in Helsinki, which is converted from the former railway line. Then there will be about it in a report about the city. So - a useful thing!

8 The most useful, of course, this adjustment of the room temperature. She also individually in each compartment. I remember once someone argue whether such climate system in compartment cars or not. Opponents argue that all people are different, and one can be cold at the same time as the other will languish in the heat. But it's better to be able to control the climate, because the people in the car all the more different. A four interconnected somehow agree.

9 Cool lighting mode "night light". In the compartment becomes like a nightclub: I want to drink immediately and see the veins neighbor.

10 No need to lay lingerie! Simply dip the back of the chair, and it turns into a bed. Incredibly convenient, but it is this piece and "devoured" luggage space.

11 As part of the three classes of cars, with only two types of cars. Compartment represent a Transformers. If a four-compartment is not full load, you can pick up one of the shelves, and the class will automatically increase to DM! :) In general, the type can be selected when purchasing the ticket. Decide how to take the coupe - on two or four seats. The price difference is, of course.

12 Later, train departures is perfect to sleep. But when you need to work, there is no place to sleep! Here is another argument in favor of long-distance trains, you can do your business, in my case - to write some stories that have long been waiting for their turn.

13 Best work in full swing when no internet here ... this things are good. The Internet is, moreover all along the way, even abroad. And oh how hard I was constantly distracted by the comments and facebook!

14 In the car, at first glance, everything is the same as 50 years ago. But that could change here? Doors, windows, corridor? Nothing new for long-distance trains have not yet invented. And you look so, and the truth of the hotel is somewhat similar.

15 Each passenger is issued a magnetic card.

16 Dressing topic for passenger trains is perhaps more relevant than the softness of his shelves. Each car two toilets are located together on any sanitary park closes. Interestingly, these trains generally remained where at each stop coming conductor and locks the toilet?

17 To wash your hands, do not need to hold the button with one hand: a certain amount of water is poured. The temperature is controlled. There are soap, disposable towels and even compact dryers for hands.

18 WC biological, such as in airplanes. The only difference is that if the throw toilet paper here, nothing will happen. I do not know how they did it, the airplane immediately clogged! I got somehow once.

19 is very important for both men and women thing: skid circles! I'm very bad attitude to public toilets, when I want "by and large." Often forces himself to endure. Toilet of the train is almost perfect, just heated seats not enough.

20 In one of the bathrooms showed shower! Immediately and did not notice he hid in a corner, behind a curtain. The principle is the same as that of the washstand: press the button, the water pours. Each "start" is about a minute. Before arriving in Helsinki, in the morning, I even splashed! Cool feeling when leaving the train fresh.

21 Conductor our car, Maria S. Ivanov. Why do they collect the passport after sending? Not otherwise, fill the data on passengers to "rabbit" did not go?

22 In the service compartment for conductors have full faucet and sink, you can buy juices, water, beer. But most importantly, now there is a microwave and cooler! No you more "Titans" -kipyatilnikov. Well, finally!

23 Here "hidden" Wi-fi router. ICOMERA - cool equipment, they specialize in equipment internet fixed points: trains, planes, ferries. In my opinion, there is even the possibility to give the Internet via satellite is available.

24 All plates must duplicated in three languages. Russian, German and French, for some reason. And where English?

25 Garland! Beautifully.

26 The car looks cool and modern. What do you think, where did it?

27 Passenger cars for trains, hotels have become the third fruit of cooperation of the German Siemens and Russian Railways, after the Peregrine Falcon and the Swallows. In fact, these are the cars I would like to see in all directions of the country, but I understand not all at once. The fact that the Germans were even suggestions of this type - surprisingly, in Germany a long time ago no night trains. Maybe we have developed specifically for?

28 Transitions between the cars are safe, remember, as a child afraid to go into another car. Incidentally, this is the only "weak" place where careless fellow citizens can still smoke: in lobbies do not work, there are smoke detectors. For anyone caught smoking was not, but the whiff.

29 Walking on the train in the direction of the dining car, cars came across a completely different class. It is the most-presamy suite.

30 But the car proved to the previous generation, though soft, warm and cozy. In exactly the same coupe I drove last fall in Paris. They say that such cars are outdated and replaced them also come new from Siemens. What will be renovated suite - remains anyone's guess.

31 Head of the train, Alexander Leonidovich. Great guy! I generally loved the railroad workers in this Pozdov: that "my" guides that all the others. It must be such employees Railways. Always and at any level. Any service starts with friendliness. It will evaluate each.

32 border passes in Vyborg, in the morning. About half of the eighth train stops, come customs. Here the composition is about one hour. Before departure, it has come guards, and go to the next station Buslova. There is already a "real" border.

33 Here and Finland, the new country for me. Finally! When visited the quarters of the planet (by number of states) to get into the new turns more complicated.

34 In the morning, went back to the dining car, already shoot. There's me and you can not, it's sad, very much appetite broke.

35 On the walls of the old photographs of Tolstoy.

36 Menu - not such a slim book on thirty pages, not every restaurant found. Among the usual selection of dishes to us, something special. Dishes that are prepared in the estate thick. Especially beautiful pulyarda in mushroom sauce. By the way, a long-standing history of dishes, and once ate the whole pulyardu Russian aristocracy. This is a chicken, but the chicken special kind neutered! She's more fat and fleshy, was particularly popular in Europe and Russia in the 19th century.

37 Pulyardu decided not to take, but ordered a potato salad with tomatoes. This dish is also from the cookbook Sofya Tolstoy. Most impossible, but for all you readers :)

38 But the "regular" food restaurant car. Fish medallion, eggplant and peppers. Almost dietary food!

39 Those who do not reach up to the restaurant, bring kits in the compartment. What was in the evening bag, I did not know, and collect a small basket in the morning.

40 This is what it.

41 Meanwhile, the train got to the main railway station in Helsinki, where I started with the introduction of the Finnish capital.

42 Here is the train really is something new, is not it? Soon it was such formulations will be walking on all European destinations Railways. Those Paris and Nice, Berlin and Prague ... But what if these trains really want to see, and on domestic routes?

43 The following story is about Helsinki surprisingly cozy and classy city, which, however, the experienced traveler would be pretty boring. Especially if it is on a diet.
Ah yes, the most interesting. Ticket to "train-hotel" costs less than 6 thousand. What do you think, a lot or a little for such a trip?



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