Tested on itself.

Not to say that a ride in a mobile home and feel the romance of this type of travel has been a dream of mine. But when had the opportunity to explore several regions neighboring Finland on the camper, I just could not refuse. And that, too, because the car! And besides, it is to travel. Assembled a team in the face of Sasha and Sergei and went!

Will 53 photos and comments to them. Author

2.A here he is. Front Ford, behind Hymer. In other words, the house itself, or rather, its residential part, the German company Hymer - one of the largest manufacturers in this field. A residential part stands on a platform Ford Transit car with a diesel engine. Here is their cooperation.

Rear brackets for bicycles. Very wisely, because not all can be reached by camper.

3.Estestvenno, Ford - not the only company whose cars Hymer puts its modules. In the parking lot of the company, which rents these machines were campers on the platform Fiat (like Ducato). Still on the road to notice the car with a funny front fascia and a label Hymer, but I doubt that the automotive part is made by the Germans, most likely too perelitsovanny Ford or its competitors.

Entrance to the residential part. Underfoot platform and retracted a motor by pressing in the cabin, without it to get into the car uncomfortable, especially with things still vysokovato:

4.Vyklyuchateli as pets. The lower right is used to control footrest:

5.Divany directly opposite the entrance. 4 seats with seat belts. All this is transformed into a double bed. The table top is wired, it snapped back seat cushions and all. Fast, but I will not say that it is convenient. The tall man will lie with bent legs. For children, the most it!

6.Vid at the stern. Left gas stove, covered with a white cap on the sink for washing dishes. At the bottom of the refrigerator, cutlery drawer, closet with a small trash can and every little thing for cleaning. By the way, all the cutlery and crockery in the car, laid out on the lockers and drawers, not buy nothing. Next locker, like clothes and personal belongings. The right of the entrance to the bathroom cabinet.

7 ... in a bag - a bottle of champagne from a rolling office. Present :) By the way, rental of the house on wheels in the office costs about 130 euros per night. Expensive or not ... It depends on how to approach the issue. Discuss in another post. With regard to insurance: the standard deductible of 600 euros. Other options are offered.

8.Zaglyadyvaem in the bathroom. Here we have a large mirror (the girls will be satisfied), sink, cabinet and unitazik:

9.A right shower bath:

10.Idem further. This is a far corner of the living area. As I understand it, to sit here while driving is not expected, there is no seat belt, and shakes this part of the irregularities strongly. Hatch in the ceiling, at the entrance there is another:

11.Zato bed then get wider and longer than the entrance:

12.Vid toward the driver's cabin. Above the cab, behind the curtains, bed too. I slept there. To get there, you have to get a ladder, which lies under the bed. A couple of times I climb up without a ladder, but believe me, then it's harder to do than as a second-class railway carriages of the Soviet type :) Feet nowhere to stand, the ceiling is low. But you can sleep there. And we rolling in the office were given a set of linen and towels, well, almost like home!

13.Sprava from the entrance to the largest cabinet in the car. There I stuffed my suitcase and backpack. By the way, there is an interesting locks on cabinet doors. They look like a button. Push handle pops out and the door is unlocked. Comfortable, though a bit unusual for a start. Dishes and things, of course, handled during sudden maneuvers, rattle and creak, but get used to it:

14.Kabina driver. It can be reached either through a residential area (no walls) as well as through conventional doors on the sides of the cabin. We have tried to go through the living area to once again not to open the side door, they open up different keys. Here, everything is exactly the same as in the usual Ford Transit. Well, maybe with very small differences in the form of a pair of "extra" buttons for controlling the functions of the residential part. Control of the machine as the machine as a whole, is simple. At first, he could no longer take a comfortable sitting position, still very high landing and unusual, and it is necessary to adjust the seat differently than in a car. Even on the lowest setting seats steering wheel hold almost like a wheel of the bus :) pedals are pressed pretty easy steering with the amplifier and also quite easy.

In torpedo my splitter into the cigarette lighter, which I prudently bought before the trip. Very handy! All slots were occupied. DVR, a pair of phones (one of them as a navigator) and 3G-wi-fi router. 220 V is, but only work at the camp. More on that later.

15.Teper most interesting: what sensations while driving? You know, when I first got behind the wheel of this car, I was bursting with two senses. The first - a curiosity that drove me forward, and start to go. And the second - is not ... do not fear, but something like a concern. I am constantly thinking about how to drive carefully, do not forget about the size and the dead zones. But this concern was gone, turned into everyday care after noon. Just need not drive (camper on SDA Finland it is forbidden to reach speeds of over 100 km / h), and decently slow down before turning. And to lay a little more headroom when cornering, to call a little further to the ass did not hurt or stopped at the curb. And, of course, parking reversing only with the help of colleagues.

On the move the car feels heavy .... Well it is, plus the long rear overhang makes itself felt. It is clear that there are quite different shocks than in the conventional Transit, tougher, so not such a big buildup, what it could be. Fuel consumption is quite familiar and nezaoblachny - about 11 liters per hundred. The engine pulls well, only the first transfer short. It is understandable, it is necessary to have a supply of torque to drag this whopper on the hill. In this regard, sometimes saves containment system of the machine on a slope, there are about 3 seconds to take your foot off the brake and start. On the third gear camper accelerates briskly already. Almost no insulation, the engine is well audible, but not annoying. It is foolish to claim that car comfort of business class amenities :) Of more worth mentioning the presence of cruise control. Someone asked, and how the cruise speed manual? And so up and running) exhibit speed, and keeps its electronics. In any gear.

16.A generally no problem for the whole week of movement on this machine, it was not. Of consumer features still worth remembering that there are two keys. One of automotive parts (central locking to the cab), and for the institution of the engine, and the second door in the living area. The truth Hymer received little strange: the car key opens another external storage compartment and a compartment for gas cylinders. I forgot to take pictures of them can lay out my fellow travelers.

17.Pozzhe I tell you about this thing, but also about the peculiarities of living in a house on wheels. To learn how to use electricity, refrigerator, water, gas ... And in general, will be a separate post about the great campsites in Finland. Stay tuned! :)

By the way, I forgot to say: driving Homes sufficient rights category B. Yes, such a paradox, as the size of the bus or truck, but do not need special categories.

18. Camping Messilä in Finland and Homes

Travel and vacation in mobile homes - is a separate culture. No, it's even a separate peace. How else to explain the fact that 99% of all drivers camper (in Finland, at least) welcome their colleagues flick of the wrist, passing by. I did not notice it until the navigator in the face Sergei did not pay attention. At first I was a little confused by this, because we are not of their caste, but only went to visit for a week. Then he used to. And in recent days, he started waving them :)

19. In this post, I invite you to join the culture a little bit of rest in the house on wheels and virtually visit the cozy camping Messilä (Camping Messilä), which is not far from the city of Lahti. Here I will explain what the camp, how much fun it is and show interesting houses.

Camping "Messilä» (Messila) is located about six kilometers from the city of Lahti (Lahti), on the shores of Lake Vesijärvi (Vesijarvi). For you, maybe the phrase "four camping" is a bit unusual? Yes, campsites may also vary in this quality. Why is this camp falls under the category "4 stars»?

Looking at this picture and tell me what is the territory of camping:

20.Sami judge, except for a sandy beach with a playground for beach volleyball, camping in a café with a summer terrace, a small house with sauna, shower and toilet, a place for cooking and washing dishes, place for washing clothes. Camping is situated not far from the ski resort and winter settles here a lot of skiers. In addition to downhill and cross-country skiing around the camping is possible to enjoy a variety of entertainment: horseback riding, hiking, quad biking and snowmobiling, fishing, golf, dive under the ice on the lake ... how can people having fun :)

21. The hostess showed us camping possession, an impressive area. She told me about all of the above forms of entertainment, as well as the achievements and awards:

22.Davayte walk through the campsite and see what else interesting. This lake promenade to the sandy beach. Beach big already. The water is clean, but at the bottom near the shore, as I recall, there are stones and branches of the trees (snags or small). We plunged into the waters of the lake in the evening, immediately after arrival.

23.Ryadom there is a place for a fire and cooking. In Finland, forbidden to make fire everywhere, except in designated areas. Most often, this place looks like this: fireplace with logs, garden furniture and a small house with an already prepared firewood. Use of this site most often free, only need to buy a bunch of wood instead of burned, costs about 3 euros.


25. Well, after that, the most interesting - the houses on wheels and an extension to it.

26. All campers at the camp, making it a home on wheels, can be divided into permanent and non-permanent residents. Irregular come here for a few days, often travel during trips around the country. They are easy to distinguish, the area around their cars poorly furnished or not furnished. As we have the first picture :) And residents can be recognized by some such modules, extensions or furniture:

27.Ili on such. Fence, house tent, umbrellas, furniture. They obviously came here for a long time.

28. And how do you this? :) I was surprised would have thought that there is also a sauna on wheels!

29.Bolshinstvo houses laid up similar to each other. This is the house itself and the extension side.


31. Some bring here some alternative form of transport, so as not to budge house:

32. The whole street in the camp. Let me remind you, he takes a fairly decent camping area by the lake. The campsite is about 100 places for caravans. In the days of the festivals or peak seasons, the number of seats may be increased at the expense of other areas

33.Interesno which machine is hidden under the tent? :)

34. Another option placing

35.I still. Some extensions surprised by its size. See, there's not a brush to clean the shoes from the snow, hanging flowers and lights:


37. And this is NEW! The uniqueness of this house is that the residential part of the RV is independent of the extension. You can leave the tent standing part and bring the trailer:

38. See how lovingly furnished area:

39. Inside the tent. To the left is a refrigerator in the frame did not get:

40.Vhod in the trailer:

41. Go ahead. Neighbors:

42. Rest in action:




46.Krome parking spaces for camper, keming Messilä offers other accommodation options. For example, such houses. This is the budget option of all day in this house cost about 40 euros, if I am not mistaken, there is no only the necessary minimum in order to spend the night there. In winter, these houses are not used, they do not have heating.

47. Even the hostess showed us here is an interesting structure. Head over?

48.Eto dark wooden house with a stove in the middle, a hole in the roof and benches with tables around the perimeter. Here, as we were told, sometimes arrange corporate parties or gatherings kompaniyskie. The atmosphere is said here unique. Even in the cold winter night. No electric lighting. All the action takes place in the light of the living flame or spark. That is to say, dive into the atmosphere of the times BC :)


50.Idem further. Another picnic:

51.Ryadom is a big house. On the upper floors of living Administration camping, and below are two rooms for guests

52. The number inside. A lot of wooden furniture and vintage accessories, such as pendulum clocks. And what's the smell! Those who lived in small wooden cottages know that smell.

53.Primerny alignment price for this (day):
camping place - 14 euros
place for motorhome or car - 17-20 euros
surcharge per person in the house or tent - 4 euros per adult and € 1 per child under 15 years
houses and rooms - from 40 to 180 euros.
The rest is discussed individually.

By the way, returning to the subject of permanent and non-permanent residents camping in mobile homes. Those who are devoted to it and this kind of camping holiday, redeem places at once for a few months, a season or even a year. For example, place a year will cost about 1000 euros. And that, the rest is not an alternative in the country, which is more typical of us? :)

On this for now. Thank you for your attention. Sorry for the long post.



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