As I built the car (hobby). Continued.

Last post, or rather its beginning, you, Dear YaPovtsy, like as much. Because with your own permission, I will continue my hobby photo report.
Whatever line of thought was not lost worth seeing: the start of construction, especially for those who have not seen. And for exceptions arising in the minds of your questions.

58 photos

And the question will immediately answer some frequently asked of them.
1 What is it to me, and what goals I pursue?
This is a hobby of fishing, hunting discharge and the like, what fascinates me the most is the process.
2 Najera much money vbuhivat in domestic cars?
Vbuhivayut I own, and not someone else's money. It is my passion to which I was willing to spend and get pleasure from the money spent.
3 How vbuhali money?
Vbuhali about 250t.r. This is about the amount that I spent on the purchase of spare parts, the order of the various parts and the payment of certain types of work that could not do himself.
4 What eats?
Eating about 8 l / 100km unless twist of 4000 rev / min. If you twist it up shamelessly eats, but also goes into the air so that there is a pungent smell of adrenaline.
5 Sideways knocks?
Yes knocks, but nice only in third gear at a speed of 140km / h. In theory, should bring down sideways on the fourth and fifth, but the steel egg is not supplied.
6 How many seconds to a hundred?
I do not know, but slowly, as there is no hook on the first or second gear, stalled in principle on all transmissions, but the third was easier to catch. But overclocking from 100 to 200 km / h for about 8 seconds.
7 How much time passes Quarter (402m)?
Slowly, about 15 seconds, since Machine for this use. But there are thoughts predatochnym play with attitude and try to shorten the time. Potential car opens on the city, 402 meters to her a little.
8 How many horses?
I do not know, did not measure. Clearing around 250hp when 1kg of pressure.
9 What does the motor?
10 What does the turbine?
No matter what, it will not cleanly posed. My name is Garret T04E.
Why pick 11?
Dad asked last year to take the manure to the garden, and I suffered ...
12 Can I sell?
Yes, ready.
Please post is not broken, will have 60 photo cards, including a major and a few videos.
Spec sheet lay with the last photo. The information is free of copyright will not show.

1 So, here in this form you seen her for the last time.

2 After that, we got to the installation of electrical equipment and wiring.

3 It is an electrician who knows where all this is going, and most importantly why.

4 sometimes had to dismantle the machine again.

5 I even had a little ride.

6 In principle, it is the period of running cars on wheels and collect all stocks.

7 Razvalschik saw cars made all the adjustments for free. So it is in favor of cross appearance.

8 Here in this form, I cut through the city.

9 warned once in the city, I do not chase at breakneck speed, and go quite carefully. Not off and imbedded, I'm not without sin, but only in the free areas, away from the surrounding cars.

10 This is the first damaged, crumpled tank.

11 I had to fasten just such a design.

12 This is the design for what would not pizdidi chute because He spends the night under the window of the car.

13 In parallel, was getting ready for the summer season. This front sneaker.

14 This is the back. In the transition plan on the 15th diameter.

15 Tests were conducted in all genres. From blunt attempts to kill the spring suspension on koldoebinah to transport various junk. Photo in the style of Mad Max.

16 It is not always everything went smoothly. There were also breakage.

17 In the form here this Stalingrad.

With 18 attempts to repair in the field.

19 Open cardan.

20 with the shaft checkpoint.

21 Now some readers may express their dissatisfaction with the stickers on the theme of the 9th of May, but I really wanted to stand out on this day. The good style of cars allowed.

22 On holiday, I never left, because I do not have time to make a new driveshaft.

23 For I have been contemplating cars with different suspension settings.

24 Let me remind you - it's not washed down springs. This allows the screws to raise and lower the car. I did this in order that you could ride in the winter.

25 That summer variant.

26 It is for those who do not like sunny weather.

27 And this is the long awaited universal joint.

28 on the ground.

29 This is me mother-in windows drove to the cottage.

30 And I have hammer like this male.

31 And this is the process of installing the sake of what and built cars - turbine. In this case it maslopomoyka.

32 This is the conclusion to the oil cooler.

33 Turbokollektor.

With the impeller 34.

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Here terpezhu I did not have, and I blew while in idle:

The process is 35.

36 GREEN someone who finds the screwdriver and determine its length)

37 nozzles for comparison.

38 This is a photo of the finished engine compartment.

39 And this manufacturing issue. It is helped in this KAMAZ detalyushki.

40 Banaschke - "hangs neighbors»

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41 Then I was tired of lugging all this and I brought to the side. It turned out to be surprisingly quiet:

42 By the way, boost controller. Turbine brains shorter.

43 And then I could not stand it and went to the local pogonyalki.

44 C is a customized program and turbine. And as a consequence I kicked ass.

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45 But I have three major excuses: 1 Nine is also not easy; 2 As it turned out later not muzzle the turbine is greater than 0, 3 bars; 3 rocker did not want to stick a second transmission < br />
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The next day we went tune:

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The same view from the cabin. Loudly do not laugh factory with the pusher, because retracting died from overheating with the exhaust manifold. Start there, because back light and transmission hellishly long, in moving to a smaller home a pair. The machine starts at the start of stupid to jump on the spot, because we start smoothly. Slipping on switching the minimum again because of a couple because the detuning of the transfer does not make sense. Heard and seen bad because DVR for anti-vibration housing. At the end of the spit antifreeze expansion, but not critical.

46 And as a consequence of the second day after this prosёra drisnula gasket.

47 There is not the same between the seat and the steering wheel.

48 There is still powder in the flasks and berries in the buttocks.

49 That is the culprit. Who noticed the place purge that pie.

50 These engines are repairing only and not otherwise, but on top of him.

51 Then just slide.








59 Promised spec sheet
121 * 75.6 * 82.8
Block - 21083;
Knee - 1118;
Rod - 2112;
The piston 2121 puddle (16kub);
Turbine - Garrett T04E;
Protivootlivnoy tray with a curtain;
Receivers with pipes;
Exhaust manifold - ravnodlinny HMG, downpipe - Full-race 76mm (stainless), silencer - HKS Super Drager;
Blow-off China;
Fordracing 870ss high-impedance injectors;
Candles NGK Iridium BKR7EIX;
Intercooler inlet outlet pipe 76mm + 60mm;
Copper single-row radiator;
Walbro fuel pump 255 l / h;
Maslopomoyka D1;
Oil cooler with spacer;
Flywheel steel 3kg;
Cylinder head cover - hendmeyd.
PPC Vaz 2105 (Article 5) - stock;
Shnivy rocker - in the process of removing
Clutch six-blade ceramics - Clutchnet, basket luk with steel disc (kope);
Cardan - hand-maid.
Shock absorbers - KYB;
Front screws - hand-made;
Disks - splicing.
Before ventilated disc;
Back iron drum;
Safety cage (not homologated);
Seat UNP raser1;
Steering wheel Momo Tagio.
And so everything is clear.
Boost Controller - Apexi AVCr;
Oil temperature - Autogauge;
Controller - February 5, 1.

A small plump boy - that's me.
Instead of a cat.

All kick.



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