Catch Me If You Can


"The fee for carjacking class Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is 500-700 thousand rubles - how to negotiate, - said my companion, who offered to call him Andrew. - We have a team of three people, the experience is the optimal amount for theft. Our task - to steal a car and taken to the point where there will exchange with the customer. Sales, we do not do. "

With Andrey we meet on neutral territory. He does not look like the stereotypical image of a criminal and bribes smart watchful eye of thieves and the lack of obvious pretensions. Settled in the neighborhood - you will think that you live next to the owner of a small business.

Once cooled the ardor of those who are in the form of royalties on fire thought to become hijacker. Hijacking a serious machine requires very little equipment: for example, the cost of other electronic devices can be up to 1, 5 million rubles, and the only thing the gang takes the equipment for a few million. But to steal a car - is one thing, but what to do with it then - quite a different matter.

As for the hijackers, inspired by the Internet that Andrew contemptuously calls "maramoykami", these usually specialize in inexpensive poorly protected machines with grief in half sbiva them for pennies. It is these comrades often fall into the clutches of the police and receive timing, allowing you to improve the statistics of detection.


In statistics hijackings cars dominated by Japanese cars. From city to city list preferences change, but in any case the hijackers tend to take a strong liking to a certain brand, and most often it is Toyota, Honda and Mazda. Why?

"We work under the order, so do not choose what to steal. I give the model, color, year, complete set, I'm looking for a suitable car. Why we chose it and what will happen to him, I do not care. Demand form a "huckster" and representatives of the customer, "- meets Andrei.

From further remarks I understand the following: the hijacking of a highly qualified business operates under the same rules as business as usual. It is important not just to steal a car, and cash in on it. Generally speaking, you need to "recapture" the risks and the cost of the equipment necessary for theft. Therefore, demand for models that meet two main criteria: the popular and quite expensive. In popular models of greater customer demand for the expensive larger fat. And Japanese cars seem to have the optimal ratio of these qualities. The same Toyota Camry - one of the best selling cars worth more than a million rubles.

Along the way, Andrew said that Japanese cars have low "natural" protection against theft compared to, for example, with expensive German cars.

Often, the owners of cars bought theft, break them in a serious traffic accident, to recover the victim with a stolen car parts. Therefore, the risk of the brand are popular with criminals. Finally, the technical inertia effect: to work with a select number of stamps you need certain equipment, so the hijackers profitable specialty. For example, in the town where Andrew lives, not steal the German premium cars - no need to "gadgets" or "toys" as they are called hijackers. He predicts that a wave of hijackings, "the Germans" will begin in a year and a half, when it comes to regional equipment from Moscow. In the capital, with thefts "boomers" full order: ckazhem, BMW X6, the leaders of the list.

At the other extreme are "Lada" - they, too, are often stolen, but mostly less qualified hijackers, using them poorly protected, and the high demand for spare parts. The fee for professionals for stealing "Priory", for example, is 40-45 thousand rubles, but 'amateur' does not pay as much drug addicts and try for 10 thousand.

Then Andrew says the phrase, which I have been waiting: to protect the car against theft 100% is impossible in principle. "If there is an order, take away all the same," - he said.

Nevertheless, out of context, I understand that the hijackers are on the path of least resistance, and if possible, choose a machine with the weakest defense.

The daily night

"We took away cars, even with protected parks, - says Andrey. - In the morning at any person begins a state of slumber, we're just waiting for the moment. Himself hijacking takes 3-5 minutes: the guard does not have time to understand anything ».

Andrew Group specializes in expensive cars. Pre Learn more: the habits of the owner, the type of anti-theft equipment and other nuances. "Go fishing" (stalk) from the supermarket or for a permanent parking "client", and drove up to him twice, once for scanning and reconnaissance, the second - for the hijacking.

I ask whether the person can feel that the car watching?

"Only if it is very suspicious, nervous, can work Chuikov - meets Andrei. - But usually results from a parked near the car, and it can be parking space at work or the supermarket. Half of the business is done with the help of electronic devices ».

Steal usually at night from home or from the parking lot. With a bring the necessary equipment, one person is "on the fawn 'work in two situations.

After unlocking a stolen car surpasses most "low-value" member of the team, which is in the initial stage of the hierarchy of thieves.

Before the car is stolen vehicle tracking, defining the deployment of traffic police posts. Communication held by talkies or cell phones.

"I usually buy a dozen and a dozen phones simok registered on the homeless, - says Andrey. - After doing all this burnt ».

In a stolen vehicle puts "whiteboard" - bogus numbers. "Typically, an alphanumeric combination repeats the existing license plate car of the same model, year and color, so that in case the stop DPS had no suspicions. "Boards" are about 10 thousand rubles - even holograms have ", - says Andrey.

And how VINy, I surprised? "And nobody checks - is responsible interlocutor. - In my experience, this was not. In addition, if the stolen Lexus, sits behind the wheel of a solid man, so that suspicions - at least ».

If a customer from out of town, the car immediately directed to leave. If you are working with local - into the sump. There may be additional work, for example, look for "beacons" and the satellite antenna alarm or shut unlock the machine. Not always anti-theft system is neutralized on the spot theft: it happens to the settler car being driven by a single transmission without running appliances or lights, and even a half-tightened handbrake Thus confuse some anti-theft systems.

As for plans "Interception" and other measures antiugonnyh Andrew spoke skeptically: "Judge for yourself: at three in the morning the car was taken away, at 8 am, the owner discovered the theft at 9 o'clock announced a plan" Interception ". Where the machine will be at this time? »

Fake documents are prepared in advance for the car, and the price depends on the required quality fakes. For example, product data can produce 10-30 thousand numbers - 10 thousand. Naturally, if the machine is ready to sell, doing paperwork higher level and interrupt number as high quality that can be distinguished from the present only an expert using laboratory methods.

Usually organized theft for the three scenarios. The most obvious - the subsequent sale of forged documents, often in a different region. Sales, according to Andrew, are engaged in "huckster" who represent the hijackers that are in demand and at what price. Ways to "legalize" a lot: can borrow number and documents from the same bat machine can create car-clone - according to the documents it will be identical to the current car, the owner is not aware of a sort of twin.

The second scenario - analysis on parts. Sometimes they sell, are sometimes used to recover a crashed car customer.

There are also fraudulent schemes, for example, car owners conspire with the hijackers, giving them a "fee" and later received an insurance payment.

A piece of cake?

3-5 minutes to hijack - admit it looks bravado, but a serious look of my interlocutor does not involve jokes. If it is a primitive alarm, and even auto-start, readily believe. But we're talking about cars, whose owners do not spare money for a good interactive signaling, mechanical protivougonki additional immobilizers ...

Andrew says that revealed everything necessary simply to hijack the head, hands and a certain set of equipment is often expensive.

But sometimes things are even simpler: the owner of any spare money on a serious anti-theft complex or very bad set of components, or installation. Sometimes thieves can not find a gap in the system, which the man in the street thinks very reliable.

Staff immobilizer, you say? There are dozens of ways to cheat him, for example, by "zavodilki" - a device that plugs into the car to the diagnosis connector and the engine controller enters the service mode, prescribing a new key.

Additional immobilizer Tagged with dialog code and adds complexity thief, but not an insurmountable obstacle. In an extreme case, they bring with them the entire fuel system from the pump to the injector and replace it full-time. Is it possible that it requires only a few minutes?

"From qualifying dependent, - says Andrey. - But for the professional - somewhere so ».

Code-grabbers disguised as ordinary key rings alarm

Some alarms and does can be written in the best friends of the thief. "Alarm system with dynamic code" - sounds promising, but in fact all this "dynamic" has long been known hijackers and recorded in the memory of the code-grabber, which opened the car and even start up remotely. Work on some models grabbers noticeable "client": alarm is buggy and is armed with the first. But there are those who work in secret (algorithmic).

One of the experts in the field of security described the following experiment: "Once I was sitting in the parking lot in front of a supermarket with the code-grabber, and wound up parked cars as soon as the owner moved away from them. I was amazed that even seeing the blinking of his car and its launch, the majority did not respond, and only one owner Toyota Land Cruiser ran to the parking lot, looked for a long time and then left ».

Generally, manufacturers of signaling stress that their main function - this is alarm, alert the owner about any problems. Special features anti-theft alarm by itself usually does not, and sometimes reduced them.

However, there is a type of "signalok", which at least do not help thieves: a question of systems with interactive individual code that can not be opened via a code-grabber. Of course, this alarm can eliminate physical impact, but at least it protects against srednekvalifitsirovannyh hijackers, as well as theft of personal belongings from the cabin.

"In this area there is an arms race, - says Andrey. - Manufacturers produce something new, and the second side is not sitting idle. We have friends all over the country, we exchange experiences, obtain information on new equipment and techniques ... »

At this point, it seems to me that we are talking about something quite legitimate: travel, exchange of experience, presentation equipment business ... hijacking has become a high-tech business with criminal substrate.

It is believed that the alliance signaling and mechanical lock almost saves from theft. Much depends on the type of lock, in particular from its larvae lock. Locks with pin arrangements often reveal a "bump" - a rather primitive way, which gives surprisingly good results. There are locks that are resistant to the bump (with Disc Brake), but they are sometimes gaps and structural shortcomings. Some locks can not reveal the means at hand, and then use special equipment hijackers. On a good lock can take up to 15 minutes, and this makes theft very risky.

dnako let these revelations will not bring you to the conclusion that it is not necessary to protect the car - say, theft anyway. Even as it should! The hijackers are able to assess their risks, and given the choice of several identical machines pick the one which has the most arrogant landlord. The one that was limited to low-cost alarm and threw the car in the yard.

However, there are other ways to protect cars. "Like I said, you can steal any car, but the professionals do not enjoy demand vehicles with anti-theft marking and airbrushing, - says Andrey. - Once we have a puncture on a cell phone, which the owner is securely hidden in a car and connected to the onboard network. While theft we use "jammers" that suppress signals, but "jammers" also give failures and, moreover, do not last forever. If the phone or GSM-Tracker is securely tucked away, it is likely that he will inform the owner of the coordinates of the machine ».

And beacons preferable: most of the time they behave passively, not allowing zapelengovat them and get in touch with the owner only after a certain period of time.

Experts from the Ministry of Interior said that the labeling should not be considered absolute protection, because in fact nobody ever checks. Some unscrupulous gangs not associated with marked cars, while their less discerning colleagues can not give any importance to this fact.

The same goes for airbrushing: it can protect against theft with a view to resale, but if the car being taken away under the spare - is unlikely.

In general, to prevent the theft of the most effective - is to contact the company that is not just a "bunch" alarms, and for a long time professionally produces and installs anti-theft systems. To protect the car is not only important set of components, but often creative team of installers sometimes manages to confuse even the experienced thief.

What to do?

One of the law enforcement officials, commenting on the situation, said: "Hijacking highly organized and highly profitable business. He has the money for the equipment, specialists and bribery of police officers. Fighting is very difficult ».

It is difficult to fight because Article 166 of the Criminal Code provides not the most severe punishment: so that you can get away with a fine or receive a suspended sentence, and if the conclusion is up to five years (when alone and without violence) or up to 12 years ( violent).

Hijackers know the specifics of the Criminal Code, so many fundamentally linked to robbery and other crimes, such as theft of keys. The highest probability of being caught at the most inexperienced member of the group, which surpasses the car, and as shadow business has long arms, for his act often attacker receives a suspended sentence, a fine, or at least a couple of years in prison, going out on parole in a year. With revenues of several hundred thousand rubles a month, many are willing to tolerate such "inconveniences».

During the autumn session of the State Duma will consider toughening the punishment for stealing. It is proposed to exclude from the fines and suspended sentences, and the real increase of up to 15 years in prison. However, the talk about this being from the beginning of zero years.

Someone has rightly said that there is still a concept car theft, and for him under Article 158 of the Criminal Code punishment more severe, but the thieves process is organized in such a way that the most risky phase of the operation - the transportation of the machine to "settler" - the attacker does it hijacking . After proving his intention to assign someone else's property is virtually impossible.

In the hands of the police usually come across young inexperienced hijackers

The representative of the Interior Ministry, which specializes in investigating car thefts, commented on the situation: "Indeed, if the thief was caught for the first time and alone, there are precedents, he finished with a very mild punishment, sometimes on his own recognizance. But now the Ministry of Internal Affairs began to pay more attention to this topic, and our work - including providing the court the evidence base confirming that the man worked in a group and had the purpose of commercial advantage (ie committed theft). It is not easy and often requires the collection of a large amount of evidence, but it works: for example, recently seized by a gang of car thieves we received sentences ranging from 7 to 11 years imprisonment. Sometimes, of course, that the hijackers get three years in prison - it all depends on the situation ».

Talk with Andrew allowed to look at the problem from another angle: it is useless to catch car thieves as such. This is a preventative measure, such as trimming bushes, which does not kill the root. Catch a ten - their place will come another twenty fans of extreme sports, and easy money.

The fight against the hijacking of the business - is primarily the creation of barriers to the legalization of stolen vehicles. In the meantime, there is a reverse trend.



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