It Dani Shepovalova replies to letters of adolescent girls in the magazine "Yes!"

It Dani Shepovalova replies to letters of adolescent girls in the magazine «Yes!», Which were not passed to the press on moral grounds and obscheeticheskim.

He kicks me out of the studio

My boyfriend has his own group. But in rehearsals, he throws all the girls out of the studio and leave some guys, explaining that we have nothing to do with the creative process. But, I swear, I also really like the music they play, and I live by the songs that they sing. But to argue with my boyfriend is useless. This is normal?
Light, 16 years
Of course right! He will, perhaps, for the second year in the spreads have sex, and what made the most - bench-press on the entrances. That boy became bluer Caspian Sea, Che you wanted. There smack in the ass with a dude from a group of aunts and curse than nothing. - Yes, John, yes !!! Oh, deeper! Deeper, baby Kri-Kri !!! I, too, Ellen and the boys turn up. That's because such dinamschits you we lose the normal kids. Forever you kisses at sunset, Bring, vodka, ice cream and singing in the moonlight. And that guy is the third zipper on the fly changes, and his hands bloody blisters is you do not care. So they deserved to get, tuneyadka frigid!

I believe brake

Recently, my parents moved to another area, and I went to another school. I got into a bad grade, there are all smoking, drinking. And I do not drink and do not smoke, so make fun of me, name-calling brake. At home, I enjoy life, relaxed and quiet at school say, shy, closed. I can not cope with them!
Albina, 15 years
Albinochka is not lost! Let classmate once find you lying in a pool of vomit in the toilet, with black circles under his eyes, surrounded by a pile of bulls, several bottles of vodka and a used syringe is a beneficial effect on your unofficial school rankings. Come to wash, collect empty bottles, make friends among punks and drug addicts. Any first-grader knows that if you drink, smoke and stick out, the cooler you just ass Margaret Thatcher. And all those who name-calling you brake, give ear to mount. Look, got into the habit, koldyri homegrown ...

I am such a nasty

My boyfriend loves me very much. But he wants to have sex with me. I still refuse, I want to remain chaste until marriage. And he very much insists. He recently said that if I did not touch his dick hand, he will throw me. I was very scared that I would stay alone, and touch. And then I flew out of his penis sperm and dirties her hand to me. I'm so disgusting, I hate myself for it!
Olga, 17 years
Olga, I think you're exaggerating the tragedy. Well obkonchal it is your hand, so what If he asked you nakakat to clear the table, and he at that moment would lie beneath him, looking at the falling feces, masturbated and rubbed her ass with a brush to clean the toilet in this case, I would have saw some cause for concern. And then that business in two minutes: This is the handle we have to do in the classroom, one girl was named Jana, since it is for a pie with jam such blowjobs scribbled pumped! And that for physics homework on someone's warhead cuddle, so this is not an issue. And nothing: it rose, become a ballerina. All girlfriends are jealous!

I strongly complexes

My breasts look underdeveloped. The boys do not pay attention to me. And I want to, I had a guy love. All the girls like girls. And I'm very complex from this and not feel like a beautiful girl. Help me, and I do not know what to do with myself !!!
Tanya, 15 years
Yes, Tanya, you're the last ugly! You will never be the guy, and during the prom you will sinyachit in the closet, because no normal kid would not want to dance with you. Listen, there is no greater misery than small breasts. Punt so probably call you in the classroom and do not scare us with suicidal tendencies, you little something to hang himself. Such rickety hysterics you no normal titek or character. By the way, soap and a rope you can find at the hardware store. Ha ha ha. Just kidding, of course I'm joking, Tanya. All you right. Many women had small breasts, but they devoted themselves to science and not to break off. Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Sofia Kovalevskaya - gigantki let these thoughts will be your example. And more boys leave his sexy girlfriend, you have nothing to spend time on them.

I still was no one

I was twelve years old, and I still have not had sex with a guy. All my friends talk about their boyfriends. What are they with them kissing, hugging, and then do it. And I feel backward. Maybe I have a problem?
Kate, 12 years
No, you're not backward! You're just stupid! When I was twelve years old, I have all the boys from the district gave a detailed account, as Alice Selezneva made me a blowjob to melafonom hands and knees crawling around on Christina Aguilera, and begged her to leave a little bit. I also said that Katka of 9 B and Natasha 11 And once close to me in the school locker room, put on my green condom with a mustache and asked them to good fuck. And in fact, while most erotic experiences of my life was in the toilet Masturbation on the liner with Mickey Mouse.

It's just awful

I have been masturbating since the age of thirteen. But then everything was fine. And recently I masturbated consecutive month with various objects. Usually candlestick. And now the left lip of my sexual blackened and became more rights. It looks so awful. I have a boyfriend, Arthur, we love each other. He hints that he wants me. And I'm afraid that when he sees my swollen lip black, do not want me to know. What should I do?
Vic, 16 years
I figeyu, expensive edition. You'd even guessed masturbating with a baseball bat or a piece of rebar. That fool! And damn it, Vic, I'm sorry I'll type a psychologist and had to console you. It was necessary to say that everything is fine, the main thing that you are not complexed, and then your boyfriend will take you for who you are. And that you're still seemed gynecologist. But I'm better than a purely patsansky recipe ladies without podvypodvertov. You take gouache and paint right lip with black paint, for symmetry. A macho vodyary watered his deranged state, and to give him all you like until it green circles before the eyes watching. Or, better obleysya on Red Square from head to toe and ninety-eight gasoline and set fire to himself. Che, too cool!

Tired of being Zaikov

My boyfriend calls me constantly diminutive Men in type kotichka, pusichka, hare and stuff like that. In fact, I know him not so long ago, he is a good serious young man, but his zhargonchik this confuses me a little. I think that in life it is soft, flabby man. How do I test it?
Lawley, 16 years
Well check out, give him a swinging iron drin of coconut and immediately checked out. If he'll immediately charge the brass knuckles in the display - it means man, young man! Well, if you will wallow in the legs to lick your boots and beat him to ask the whip to death - then still a little flabby. But in general it does not really matter pusichkoy and kitten call you. Better chlenososkoy calling or zasranka.

Bed reminds him

Two years ago, I met a guy. He was my first man, and then his attitude towards me changed dramatically. Then his ex-girlfriend told me that meeting with me, he met with her, telling friends what I am naive fool. I can not forgive myself, that he gave some pretty rapper. Now I meet with a guy, he loves me crazy, but I think that I will never fall in love. Every day, my bed is reminiscent of it.
Jan, 17 years
Che do need to understand. Cute rapper invited his tea, and then bind to the bed-type Now BDSM party will. It is one hundred pounds be led. Well, then you take up an ax and chopping it with a bed of love in a bloody hodgepodge. You look and feel better, somehow discharge.

To lips were soft

Why is that? I have the skin on the lips and then starts to peel off, and it also happens that in the corners of his mouth cracks appear and persist for a long time. I would like to know what to do! Help me!
Lada R., 15 years
Well, then, Lada, not that I was a great specialist of the tender lips and cracks at the corners of his mouth ... but ... this is the answer as it is obvious: do not take the size! I was now, of course, for such a filthy obscenities without fail fired and exiled to Vorkuta vacuuming endless snowy steppes, well and figs with him ... By the way, I'm looking, sophisticated aunt psychologist ЋKul-Gela also not deny myself the pleasure postebatsya over a girl with delicate scaly lips. "Include in your diet more eggs!" - Wrote to you in response to this sweet woman. How fine! From myself to answer it I want to add: choose the least hairy ...

To meet or not?

I love this guy, his name was Nick. I know exactly what he likes me. But there is a problem. Even last year, I told him that I like him. But he still did not answer. My friend introduced me with another guy - Grisha, he offered friendship to me, I agreed to meet him. Still, I doubt it. The fact that we Grisha kissed, and then I was terribly uncomfortable, just bad. I think that was wrong, made friends with them, because I can offer friendship Kohl - the guy I love. So meet me Grisha or not?
You, Lena, too much watching Brazilian soap operas. Personally, I understand the guys are in your hands,. Kolya, Lesha, Senor Leoncio, Juan Antonio Samaranch ... divorced, damn it, there's a cheap affair - me too, Lady Winter sucks. Again, we can only guess what this man offered friendship Grisha, if you are sick of it. He did not wash her or something, their friendship? Figures need such dirty Cavaliers. Anyway, forget it you're on the guys and other love-carrot. It's garbage! It is better to collect stamps. Or Pokemon.

Why complicate life

Why do girls consistently give compliments and give flowers? I noticed that the girls do not like, when you start to be nice to them. Confuses right somehow ... I, for example, even a holiday not accept the eighth of March. Now in general the age of feminism, girls on an equal basis with boys snowboarding, rollerblading, skateboarding, engaged in male sports, and we with them lisp. Simply you need to be ...
About the age of feminism we are with you, Acne, a little later we shall pound. It is better to say, what it is you're frightened "Kul-gel" at a leisure read now and then, huh? What a lowered eyes, a defender of the Fatherland? I suppose you have got muddy road of destiny to some inspirational hangout pedov - that's the whole story. Pleases only that the holiday eighth of March for yourself until you do not recognize - not everything, then lost! Incidentally, I know a cool way to forced change of sexual orientation. In short: the Day paratrooper putting on his most pretty tight tee shirt, light pants and elegant shoes. Doing elegant manicure, haircut and slightly tinted eyes and lips. Then, arm in arm with his heart go to the other places where people in severe uzhratyh blue berets. Patent agent. The result is one hundred percent!

He wants to adult relationships

I walk with a guy, we all excellent. But he was seventeen years old. Soon he, like any normal guy wants adult relationships. But I think that for me, at fifteen, it's early. I do not know what is the end of our chat with him.
Yes, Olga, you described the situation familiar to tears. If you only knew how many liters of vodka and a horse pathogen I ugrohal on here such here fifteen years of fools. And the result is zero - alone, "I still early", "Mom does not allow" and "let's be friends." What is it with you and chat to FIG? Yes, this seventeen kid have to put a monument in his lifetime, because he listens to your three hours stupid nonsense about the "fool-himichke", "Dusko Ivan-International" and "new blouse Natasha." Give it at last!

How to please the gentleman?

I was fourteen years old, but I have not met with the guys. Almost all my friends have gentlemen, and I still live alone. However, I like the guy. His name is Valera, he studies in the tenth grade. All the girls say about him as a very cool and nice guy in our school. I hesitate to even come close to it. Although I know for sure that he currently has no girlfriend. What should I do?
Damn, well, to what now in ЋKul-geleL letter dreary. That is, remember, a year ago this was hardcore - Mama Do not Cry, once the censors missed ... And now that neither the letter - solid pink snot and pussy-bow. Well, I have to respond to what is. Tanya, if it's any consolation, know: in fourteen years I also had a boyfriend. Why are there - the girls and I did not have. The only thing that I was then - this is a personal computer and a huge list of passwords to paid porn sites. Due to which, by the way, I enjoyed great prestige among their friends. Well, if you are not satisfied with such an alternative self-realization, one can give practical advice. Tanya, none (I repeat: no one!) Valera can not stand before your feminine wiles, if you do him a blowjob under the desk during class literature ... Tickets to Vorkuta, please. Reserved seat, top shelf.

Will I become a model?

Since my childhood I wanted to be a model. I'm tall, I have a great figure. All of your friends and family say that I have model looks. I even engaged in a theater of fashion. But I have a problem with a person - the freckles. I certainly know that there are models with freckles. But I confused. Answer, if I become a model. It is very important for me!
Heh, Arina, who told you that there are models with freckles? Those guys like that! The most important requirement for the selection of girls with model looks - it is the lack of freckles! So anything you do not shine in the modeling business, and know ... Well, do not cry, Arinochka, do not be upset. There is one way. In short, first you go to a modeling agency producer son, then a producer himself, then blackmailing both of them and shakes his loot. A freckle ... Bullshit. If their pillow cover - no one will notice.

What do I do with this friend?

I have a girlfriend. We've been friends since kindergarten. It is a pretty girl, she has never been besieged by boys. And I was always alone, yet never with anyone not met. I'm fairly attractive, but plump. The problem is that it constantly, unwittingly, may mock me. For example, we go for a walk with the intention to meet with the guys. She says: "I do not need, take yourself!". I begin to act, I spin in front of the guys, like an idiot. But in the end they still like Anya. She even forgot that promised the beginning. I, of course, for the girlfriend did not mind, but it does not occur to them, and the only way to show off flirting. And the next day it is clearly making fun of me, with a smile looking at me and sings: "And you ... you fly again." I'm afraid to go out there ...
Fekalka-question, dear Helen! You, of course, still do not know the basic conventional wisdom. Now, if the soap wrapped in a towel and beat them to someone, the body of the victim will not remain any traces that might fix the forensic examination. Well, still plagued by the question of what to do with your girlfriend?

I'm afraid your boyfriend

I have one problem, and I do not know how to fight it. The fact that I'm afraid of her boyfriend. He treated me well, but as soon as I feel that it should come to me, then I become nervous, I was literally all annoying. I am moving around the room. When I'm with him, I feel calm, and before he came to me just scared to see him.
He, for some reason I just introduced your boyfriend: shaven-headed freak in a leather collar with studs and bull terrier tattooed on his chest. One eye from your boy replaced by bio-implant red and parched brain stem through the hole in the skull. In his left hand he has a rotating circular saw, and instead of right - barbed hook. Nothing sweet: can endure - slyubitsya ... Aliens letter: Oops!

Mom caught us

My mother caught me in bed with my boyfriend. My mother was very upset, he shouted at us and drove my beloved home. Now she does not want to hear about it, although I treated him very well. How can they reconcile and mend relations with her mother?
Strange you have a mother, Luba ... She then, would be more like it if she caught you in bed with a strange young man? Or with some fat, bald guy in a pink hat with rabbit-like ears and hands cuffed behind his back with handcuffs. Count up, comes to you in the room mother and a donut in the leather collar with studs licking your shiny black high-heeled boots and screams every time you stab him semihvostnoy whip. Incidentally, this idea can make a similar performance and mom herself immediately run to put up with your boyfriend. And then she spread a bed for you, handing a box of condoms and go to sleep to the girlfriend.

My secrets are disclosed

What should I do?


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