The subconscious mind: instructions for use

Is not the answer.

— No, is the answer. It's just not what you want to hear.


It often happens that a person tormented by a question the answer to which in no way comes and this causes a feeling of "podesheveli", "unresolved", and generally weighs strongly spoils life.

Conversations with your best friend, with relatives, with parents closer to what is important and necessary, on the contrary, diverse views of family and friends are confusing, impose restrictions and inability to hear your own inner voice.

Passes day after day, the matter remains unresolved and no less relevant. And it so happens that the decision must be taken very quickly, information for adoption more than enough, but always afraid to lose, if you choose one of the options. It always seems that the other choice would be probably better if know the answer.

People are often faced with life choices or with unresolved issues, weigh the pros and cons and still in doubt about the answer.

How all the same to get answers to their questions out of thin air?

Art by Adam Martinakis

We all know that the human mind is divided into conscious and unconscious part. According to scientists, ninety percent of our behavior, our lifestyle, our reactions, beliefs, decision-making, the formation of intent due to unconscious part, not controlled by consciousness, consciousness is not clear, not visible to the consciousness.

The subconscious is the area of the human psyche that is responsible for storing and processing incoming information, orientation in the external world, unconditioned reflexes, as well as for intuition, for the storage of information about the Kind, of experienced emotions and feelings. In fact, the subconscious mind is a huge database that stores everything that has happened in a person's life, starting from the moment of conception to the present day, as well as stores and processes information Kind.

The unconscious mind constantly receives from outside various kinds of information that correlates with the already existing, and, in General, the answers to the questions that tormented man is already in his subconscious, you just need to talk to your subconscious and print the answer on a conscious level.

Of course, there are techniques of asking questions to your subconscious and therefore the Universe and receive answers.

Every technique can be used as necessary, although the results of applying the techniques mixed.

So, for yourself of equipment:


1. The question on the paper.

This technique can be used in two versions, an Express method, or as a continuous experiment.

Its essence is that the question is written on paper. Next, get answers from the subconscious.

With the Express method:

It is necessary to allocate an hour or two of time, so that no one interfered, was not extraneous sounds. Take a notebook and write the questions. Focus on it and mentally ask the subconscious to give the answer to this question.

Record what comes from the subconscient, then there are actually the answers until they run out. Not to analyze, not read, not stop and try not to write sentences or some book phrases. Write as is. As soon as writing becomes nothing, need to put the knob and switch to something else.

Reread. Here you can see different words, like related in meaning, the name of feelings and emotions, just scattered words. For example, I met the words: "Jacket", "Winter", "Fish", "Boat", "Sad", "Never" in response to a specific question.

Leave them at least a day in this book, come back after a while and you will see the answer to your question.

Pros: cost-effective time, a high effect for Express questions

Cons: possible incorrect interpretation when multiple, the meaning of words you don't want to sense.

Long experiment:

This method is more effective in the long experiment duration must be at least 14 days, and it is better that it was 21 days or a month

So, do the same thing, write the question on the paper below, write five answers to this question, the ones that come to mind.

The next day repeat, read the question and write five choices and so on until the end of the experiment. The previous answers are not read.

At the end of the allotted time, reread your question and reread all the answers. I think you will see that the answer to your question is found.

This method is good when you need to make a fundamental decision, which does not want to be taken for different reasons. For example, the decision to change the partner, work, moving to another town or in the question of how to find their job.

Forcing the subconscious mind to seek an answer for a long time, as if you digested all the possible scenarios, only bypassing the conscious mind, and get the most secure answer to your question. Under safety there is a view that this decision will be most sustainable for you in this awareness, that is the best in this time and in the circumstances.

Pros: high performance, environmentally friendly

Cons: takes a long time, not effective for "quick" questions


2. Question personally the subconscious

The essence of the technique is that to ask a question to the subconscious person. Actually wrote about it a lot Sinelnikov V. V. in his books, if you wish this technique to find the primary source.

But briefly, I will outline the technical sense. For answers to your questions subconscious mentally ask questions. Adopted by through an alarm system, you can get the answer to any question.

This technique is usually performed before going to sleep, and it is desirable that you will not touch for at least half an hour. So, you go to sleep and imagine how can look your interlocutor. And even better to directly contact their counterparts and ask them to seem. The image can be anything. Your subconscious mind will appear before you and you can even ask them to call your name.

Next, you need to negotiate with him about how it will be to signal the answers "Yes" and "No." This can be a visual image, body sensation, sound signals or any other signs that the subconscious mind responds to you. Agree with him, what signal will answer "Yes" and some "No."

Next, ask your question and "hear" the answer. It may be that nothing happens, no signals, no. It means your subconscious is not ready to respond to your question.

Ask your subconscious until, until you feel that the answer is found. It can happen the first time, and maybe you will hear the answer in a week or two. But in any case, the response you will get. It is hard to recognize the answers to uncertain questions or open-ended questions.

If you ask to move you to another city, then the answer here can be "Yes" or "No". But if you ask "what is my purpose?" then the answer is you will still get, but it will be hard to interpret and even understand what subliminal meant. However, the answers Yes-no obtained in this way from the subconscious was spot on.

Pros: high performance, environmentally friendly

Cons: the opportunity to get answers to closed-ended questions, such as "to Go or not?" "To change jobs or not?". Difficult the interpretation of answers to open-ended questions or vague.

3. The pendulum

The technique is as follows. Take string and tie to one end of the load. Button, bead, shark's tooth, eyes of the dragon is not important, we need the goods, which would allow the thread to be in the upright position. The thread should not be longer than your forearm.

Next, take a sheet of paper, put it on the table, put his elbow on the table, it is desirable that brush into something rested, and was motionless. Next, ask the question the answer to which is, you know, like "I'm a woman?". Look, in what direction will move the pendulum. It needs to swing to a sufficient amplitude that you found just exactly the direction.

Accordingly, if you are a woman, then this direction will be the answer is "Yes". Then ask the question you know the answer, and the answer is "No". For women, you can ask the question "I am a man?". The pendulum will start to deflect the trajectory corresponding to the answer "No." Then in the same way we find out the answer "don't know".

Once you've installed an alarm system, ask the Universe about what you are interested in.

In response, the pendulum will start to wobble and you will see the answer.

At the time, I've been working with this technique, all the time fearing that I'm breathing on the pendulum or the hand is shaking, and it wobbles like something is wrong. In the future, I am convinced that it is not, but this technique I have not caught. I once asked the same question obsessively, several times a day and always the pendulum showed the answer "Yes" to him. But in reality, that moment never came. Perhaps I was really nervous, or really wanted to answer "Yes", which created noise and "shot down" so the pendulum, as if forcing him to move in my desired direction.

But, nevertheless, this technique is quite simple to use, and gives answers to closed type questions.

Advantages: the technique is simple to use, does not require much preparation or time

Cons: the reliability of the answers might be distorted if you are in balance, and you really want any response; closed-type questions


4. Question "in the pocket"

The technique is simple but requires care. You ask a question the Universe and how would you put it "in the pocket". Go with him to work, for a walk or to the store, do chores, sleep, read, walk for fitness, in General, lead a daily life.

The issue is you "in the pocket", did you remember that and try to fix the signs that the universe sends. This can be billboards by some advertising, a song, maybe a movie, something that will give you the answer to your question. No need to specially seek out these signs, because you risk to distort the response of the Universe. But keep your eyes and ears open is necessary.

The answer, as always, comes, but here the important role played by your attentiveness and the ability to customize the desired actual

Pros: simplicity

Cons: possible misinterpretation, distortion characters


5. Questions in a dream

For me this technique was the most complex and ambiguous, but, nevertheless, she has a right to exist.

Before going to bed to prepare paper and pen and put it close to the bed so you don't have to get up to write down the answers. Ask the night questions. You need to clearly articulate it, not to ask leading questions, vague and questions for fun.

Write it down on paper before I go to sleep, then give yourself this. You Wake up and REMEMBER the answers that will come to your question night. If you Wake up at night, then you need to quickly record everything that goes on prepared paper and to sleep on. In the morning, read the answer to your question.


Do NOT treat your neighbor

The MYSTERY of co-optation


Unfortunately, this technique I have caused a lot of difficulties due to the fact that I often Wake up at night. Therefore, all recorded as responses to their questions, more like nonsense, and nonsense than actual answers. I'm not familiar with this technique, but I know that this method is very effective and provides excellent results.

Pros: good results after workouts

Cons: the technique is complex, unclear answers to questions.

Of course, I've not described all the techniques of asking questions of the universe and receive answers, but if you apply the above techniques together, then no question will remain unanswered.published

P. S. I Want to leave you with a quote

Don't ask yourself too many questions. This syndrome centipedes. At the centipede was asked in which order it moves the feet, and she could no longer walk .— Roman Polanski





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