The technique of "Black cube": the elimination of complicated problems in life

The technique of "Black cube" (decision in difficult situations)

You have a difficult situation? Happen. In life we anything not insured. And there are cases which fell on the soul of a granite slab and it seems that nothing is able to move. But it's not. There is an ancient and very effective method of elimination of difficult life problems — tech "Black box".

Human nature has a hidden resource which he forgets almost immediately after birth. And the name of this resource — the subconscious. It was not always, our ancestors knew about this wonderful resource and knew how to use it. They were able to hear your subconscious, therefore, acted in accordance with the requirements of the heart and soul coming from all everyday factors. Let's turn to the experience of our great-great-forefathers and will do the same. Therefore, if you have a complicated problem, and you don't see the solutions — use this equipment, disengage the subconscious, which will help you solve the problem.

Proceed directly to the ancient technique of "Black cube":

The subconscious mind most strongly opens its doors during sleep, so the technique should be carried out before bedtime. When a person sleeps, his subconscious is awake and very active to the fullest. The main thing to hear and decipher the messages. Any auto-suggestion, techniques and auto-trainings should be conducted before bedtime, then you will get effective result.

The technique should be carried out in solitude, away from the noise. Turn off the television, radio and player. Out of the room, away from the sounds of the washing machine or dishwasher, fridge and dripping water from the tap. Lie down comfortably, although however, can take any the most comfortable position for you. Close your eyes. Try to remove all thoughts and listen to the silence. Focus on the silence. Start to distinguish between noise and the power of the waves. Slowly reclaim space from the noise and fill the space with positive thoughts. No need to go around the problem. Set it to the side. Think positive, even in the most difficult situations, there is something good to think about. It does not touch the segment of the problem, but rather to lie in a completely different plane. Fired? Think that now you have more time to spend with her daughter. And you have such good! In a word — find for yourself what will make you happy. Thus, you will set up a wave of soul and subconscious. The brain begins to disconnect, to go into the veil, and the mind searches.


On the verge of a complete shutdown you must explicitly submit the black cube. Draw all of the faces, surface quality, dimensions. The cube rotates in front of your eyes (considering the fact that they have closed) showing all edge and corners. Now imagine that inside the cube sharpened your problem. Mentally take a polyhedron into their own hands. It is fully enclosed, all facets of real estate, "the door," no, but it resembles a black abyss. Fiddle with it, caress with your fingers, palpate and try to fold (or unfold) the puzzle. This cube exists and he has a solution. Just as long as you this puzzle can not be solved, but there is a solution and it's inside. It's like a Rubik's cube.

Spin, twirl, take a good look at the faces, look different one face from another, feel with fingertips corners. Do not think about the problem, and think only about how to open a polyhedron, because the problem lies inside it. Working with a cube and trying to find a solution to the puzzle, you will knock into the subconscious. So collect the puzzle long enough. Let them knock on the door of the subconscious is strong, demanding and monotonous. Knock and you will open!

Do not expect that after one session will come to a decision. You do not forget that we are not talking about trifling business, but about a serious and difficult problem. Swoop not resolved. Keep on knocking in the subconscious. From night to night do this technique and then one fine morning, you clearly understand that you have solved the puzzle cube you have already succumbed and opened at night. What you will discover is the right decision, like it or not. Inside the cube will lie the most acceptable decision in your life. Sometimes you will be able to hear the subconscious is not what I wanted. For example, that a particular person need to let go and not look for the tools in his hold. Do not argue with the subconscious. That's just silly.

Remember that the subconscious mind never rushed. It and it alone knows when the time came to open the door for you, i.e. your desire to get the right answers. If you learn to contact your subconscious and impute it to daily practice, you will be able to radically change your life for the better. Then you will be able to "converse" with the subconscious mind not only before bedtime, but at any time of day and in any position. People who this technique go hand in hand, even driving a car, standing in traffic, close your eyes for a few seconds (slightly longer than a normal blink) to access their subconscious mind, i.e. the internal world and get answers.

Knock — subconscious house awaits you in the "guests" with the prepared pie filling of answers. Be happy!published


Author: Victoria Stellmach

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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