3 kinds of POWER transmission of the KIND

There are three types of power transmission: a generic transmission by blood transmission from person to person and education (discipleship) in the tradition.

TRANSMISSION BY BLOOD — in our understanding of genetics. This includes the abilities, talents, but also the installation elements of ancestral memory that shape the attitude. Blood to the internal status, as of course feel entitled to a certain place in life.

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By blood we finally get one or more of the "seven forces of a kind", otherwise they are called rights. There is a right to health, money, luck, knowledge, power, and mission (service) and love. Not every family has all these rights, but one or two are present in almost all.

Force blood get everything! But to use it it is possible far not to everyone. That the power became your and useful, you have to feel and develop. More often we have done exactly the opposite. The power of the ancestors is rejected as obsolete your. One of the reasons why it happens is we confuse the quality of the force and its manifestation in the realities of the time.

For example, elderly mother lives modestly, excess ruble will not spend. The daughter, according to the character of spender, condemns her: "stingy, can not live!"although just that for the money it runs to mother. And that gives. And to dig a little deeper, in the family in the maternal line was not a single poor person. All early years work, earn, gradually acquires the good. Just the times were such that it was customary to defer to a savings account, invest in bonds, but especially and to spend it no matter what. That is, cash flow in kind albeit not strong, but stable. And the daughter of his hostility to the way of life of the mother, to her habit of looking at prices to go to the store, where the cheap and not buy extra, from generic power refused. She has the money in the sand and flow away.

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More recently, a hundred years ago, children followed the fate of their ancestors. Exceptions of course happen, but still the son of a blacksmith is likely to become a blacksmith, the son of a carpenter — a carpenter. Blood was transferred not only the future, but, as they say, reputation. "I am a blacksmith, and my father was a blacksmith, and grandfather Smith, and great-grandfather..."that was the best "guarantee of quality" and a stable "bread".

What we now have right to choose any destiny, any activity is good. But you need to understand that if you choose something completely different from what owned your ancestors on the ancestral power must not count. You will need to accumulate all by yourself, without support from above, relying only on their own strength and intuition.

POWER TRANSMISSION is the connection of skills and exercises with spirit. Usually about personal program says, in the context of traditional healing or magic. Grandma is a herbalist was chosen from among the granddaughters are smart and attentive, and started to teach, they took with them to collect herbs, showed what was happening. And dying, called to him, put his hand on his head and murmured something. After her death, the girl started to slowly repeat his grandmother's recipes, but also habits, and over the years became just like her, both in appearance and in character. In such cases, said that grandma had the spirit, and the spirit "moved".

The spirit was understood as power and as the essence of the assistant invited to help, and existing in a symbiotic relationship with members of the family many generations. Folk knowledge has kept the descriptions of the rituals of the invitation Assistant (not to scare with the "contract with the devil" and Ouija sessions!).

Not to say that all cases where the elderly taught something grandchildren, accompanied by gear, but it happens often enough. Heard many times from people, "I have a feeling that I had someone helping." Or, "I know that I'm a grandmother with the world supports me". Often behind it it is the relationship with the ancestral spirit.

The spirit of the family usually goes to one person out of a generation living with him for the rest of his days, and then goes to another. This partly explains why, as they say, "the children of geniuses nature rests." The fact that creativity can also be a spirit. Talented — no wonder they say... Many talented people in ancient times believed almost obsessed. We know the stories of people who suddenly found his gift in later years, under the influence of circumstances connected with death, with the transition…

If you have been made the transfer, you'd better take it. If handled properly and with power you probably will worsen intuition will increase skills, you will have a lot of influence over people. But if you do not accept, on the contrary, can worsen internal conflicts, depression will be the feeling that he did not live his life.

There is, however, a third way is to accept and to refuse, that is, to banish the spirit. But I would think long and hard before doing so. The fact that ancestral spirits never come in kind of randomly. It once made the choice of a senior at that time in the family of a man who was supported by many generations and served the purposes of the survival of the entire generic system. Now if you don't feel it is needed, this does not mean that it will always be. In my eyes the people have taken different decisions associated with tribal power, and I can say that the refusal had rarely been a good thing. There was a case when a woman brought home and gave grandma's icons passed to it by inheritance along with the house. The house in the same year burned. Another refused the gift of healing and she was seriously ill.

About the spirit I would also add that it can be either a companion (helper) life, or a servant, but should never be the master. Host we can allow it to become yourself, if only to show apathy. Knowing his strength, we gain power over it and can already choose how and where to send it.

And finally, the third type of inheritance is EDUCATION IN the TRADITION. All, what did we learn from the ancestors what values were instilled, and became our strength. A person becomes stronger when it follows the traditions. And weakens when drifting, reflex reaction to the events of the current day. Everything we apply will and effort, makes us stronger. And only human nature strength.

To understand what power you possess, it is enough to answer the questions:

— what are the features of my character I inherited from their ancestors?

who my ancestors were, what they became famous for?

— what are the traits of my ancestors make me respect?

— can I say "I like (my ancestor) was achieved...?

— do I feel part of the genus (family name)? Why?

— what (quality) I can make to your family? than reinforce it?

Author: Elena Shubina

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