YOU chose the wrong partner and a few of the reasons why you have no child

In this article karmic psychologist Elena Shubina are considered uncommon causes of childlessness. Such that we think of in the last turn, when completed tons of surveys and made many attempts to find the happiness of materinstva. Look at the problem on the other hand, offers Elena....Withtell them immediately what causes medical properties I here will not be considered. I hope you have been prudent enough to pass the examination before you can apply for help to the representatives of the helping professions. Let's talk about the reasons for non-physical properties. What are they?

This means that the pregnancy will come in time and you don't need to worry. You can try to speed things up quiet thinking about the future, about the baby, about how it would be nice if it came sooner. You can create affirmatsii (positive thought), draw a mandala, pray, but above all this should soar invisible and completely you conscious belief: "the will of God." In recognition of your humility God will soon fulfill your dream. According to my personal statistics in the category "no time" gets about 30% of seeking help.

It means to give birth from that person you extremely desirable and higher power are doing everything to prevent it. For some reasons this happens?

a) the Kind of partner finishes his existence in the earthly incarnation. The soul has reached the highest level of reincarnation and are ready to transitions to other levels of disembodied existence. As the energy structure, the family is disbanded and is no longer able to support offspring. Usually people of this kind are aware of their childlessness and internally agree with her. If the desire to have a child, however, is very high, they were willing to donation or adoption, or turn a blind eye to cheating spouses, and implemented through adopted children. Such cases may be 1-2 in a hundred, ie 1-2% of the total.

b) In the family partner has genetic abnormalities, which are predefined will be embodied in your child. In this case, pregnancy is repeatedly frustrated, the mother, there is fear to give birth to a sick child. Such signs need to listen and not to look for trouble. The solution is insemination with donor sperm. The percentages are about the same — 1-2 hundred people.

C) the partner is no karmic task of procreation. In fact, the father he may be, but the mental blocks the possibility of conception, gives you "empty seed", although it may love you and even to worry about what can't give you children. In this case, you need to work with psychology and karma partner to find out why. But there is a risk! In my memory, it happened that a woman had achieved the same from a man child, the man broke and left. The Council therefore those who create the family — discuss the children's questions in advance. If one wants children and the other does not — it is doubtful happiness in this family. On the earth lives about 20% of the people who in this incarnation to have children is not necessary, because they have completely different tasks.

g) the partner has something wrong with the subtle bodies, for example, there is an inhabitant of fine-material world, which either share his earthly task, or simply eats them. Depending on the nature of the intrusion, the conception of such men is either impossible or you give birth the essence in the human body. The situation is terrible, so the kind woman, her spiritual defenders and protectors, will be possible to prevent it.

However, in the body of a healthy woman such seed to take root is difficult — the body will reject it as a foreign body. Therefore, the entity usually born to those women who by their actions on the thin plan opened the way for them. What it can be action? The use of drugs and psychotropic substances, for example. Or the use of magic without knowing what they are doing and who to contact (from the category of, "we are here with the girls in the youth spirits called").Accommodate entities are often born from enchanted men because some part of the spell is just due to the shared bedroom. The percentage of such cases increases every year — thanks to the massive fascination with magical practices. So if you bewitch your man or have linked their life with a man who had once been enchanted, then seriously consider whether to give birth. Whom you give birth and then that child going to cope? And if you dare to, be sure to do this before diagnosis, those who see the essence in people.

In this case the reason is not that the person you are trying to give birth (it may be all well), and in the child's soul who chose another father. It is just those cases when the woman is under the influence of God knows what circumstances is decided on a random link on you... is pregnant. To termination of pregnancies particularly desirable (despite the fact that any abortion is a bad thing), because it is through these "accidents" come to the world of unusual children: free fate, high missions and unusual talents. And apply it philosophically. Leave the guilt and make the pregnancy as God's gift.

And how to deal with a regular partner.. to tell or not present.. father of the child, the child... — to these questions there is no simple answer, but you can find them by viewing the best solutions, such as Tarot card readings.

People unfamiliar with esoteric, it's hard to believe in the existence of things such as ancestral debts, or debts in past lives. However, such things are fairly common. Because the child is not just an individual, but also the energy unit sort, the carrier of knowledge and abilities that will develop and, assuming that to be implemented, you can force the race to a new level of existence.

What if the changes were predetermined, but the child was not given to be born? Or he was taking a life? Then the culprits should be kind of "life" and this debt will be passed on from generation to generation, until someone from the descendants do not return it by the birth of a child. So never try to destroy marriages, to intrude into the lives of the children who chose the couple to persuade someone to get an abortion and so on. If a couple had a baby and his soul has already progressed to implementation — it will be fate not even a single individual, but the whole family. And rod for their worth mountain!

Working with the field, I often see that the genus is in need of the birth of a child with a certain set of qualities. And also see that the current partner is not suited for this task. As a rule, life in a family is not important. Then try to gently say that maybe you should not get too excited and the children will — just not now. I foresee a question: "where can I find the right man that I should have?" Don't worry, if you took power of genus, then sooner or later they'll hook you up. The main thing is not to resist, and even a little to help them — at least to look around, not to go past someone who will look at you with interested eyes.

to be continued...

Elena Shubina, karmic psychologist

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