Intestine: metaphysical causes of disease according to authoritative experts

You have bowel problems? Consider the metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, underlying) causes of bowel diseases.

Dr. N. Volkov writes: "it is Proven that about 85% of all illnesses have psychological causes. It can be assumed that the other 15% of diseases are connected with the psyche, but to establish this relationship is still in the future. Among the causes of disease, feelings and emotions is one of the main places, and physical factors – hypothermia, infection – apply again as a trigger."

Dr. A. meneghetti in his book "Psychosomatics" writes: "Illness is a language, the speech of the subject... To understand the disease, you must open the project that the subject creates in your unconscious -- Then the necessary second step, to do which the patient himself: he should change. If the person is psychologically change, disease, being abnormal course of life, will disappear."

Here is what they write about this world-famous experts in the field and authors of books on the subject.

Common bowel problems

Lise Bourbeau in her book "Your body says "Love yourself!"" writes:
The bowel begins after the duodenum and ends with the anus. It consists of the small INTESTINE, which plays a major role in the absorption of nutrients, and COLON that plays important but much less visible role. The colon completely decompose certain types of food and the remaining water is absorbed, fecal acquire their usual form. It is a reservoir for waste digestion, that is what the body already does not need.

Emotional blocks

If the problem occurs in the small INTESTINE, it is associated with human inability to learn from everyday life and to absorb what it useful. This man clings to details when necessary global approach to the situation. He often denies what is happening, if he is not satisfied with something small. About such people say that they make mountains out of molehills.

Problems with the COLON occur in a person clinging to old ideas or beliefs that he no longer needed (constipation) or too quickly rejecting ideas that could be useful to him (diarrhea). He is often confronted with major contradictions that can not digest. People of this type are usually irritated, instead of trying to see the positive side of a situation or person.

Mental lock

The problem with the intestines suggests that you have to learn to nourish yourself with good thoughts and not waste your energy on fears and doubts. You don't have to be afraid of economic insecurity. Try to have faith that in you is present the divine and that the universe cares about all living things on this planet, including you. Get rid of everything old to make way for the new.

DIVERTICULITIS is inflammation of diverticula, or small saccular protrusions of the intestinal wall. Symptoms of this inflammation are pain in the abdomen and high temperature. Can also bleeding. The disease men are more vulnerable. The symptoms of diverticulitis are very similar to the symptoms of appendicitis, so sometimes you put the wrong diagnosis.

CROHN's DISEASE, also known as ILBIT, is an inflammation of the ileum, the last section of the small intestine. The beginning of this disease can be very sharp and similar to appendicitis, but most often it begins slowly and hidden. The main symptoms of the initial stage of Crohn's disease — a permanent or intermittent diarrhea, accompanied by abdominal pain. Developing, the disease takes a chronic character and gives a lot of complications. A person who suffers with this illness should immediately get rid of obsessions and to stop feeling rejected or, on the contrary, to reject. He is very afraid of being not up to par, not to meet the expectations of those he loves.

COLITIS is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon, the longest and most important portion of the colon. Colitis is accompanied by sharp pains in the abdomen, diarrhea alternating with constipation, severe General fatigue, sometimes intermittent fever.

GASTROENTERITIS has dual metaphysical significance because it is at the same time inflammation of the stomach and small intestine. Symptoms of gastroenteritis are vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The problem is more significant, since we are talking about the defeat of two bodies, that is, about twice the number of fears.

Bodo Baginski and Caramon Naughty in his book ""Reiki" universal life energy" they write:
Inflammation of the cecum and inflammatory diseases, it shows the current existing problem that is blocking the live stream of life. Often behind this problem lies a General fear of life. Don't turn away from the events of life, look into her eyes, take her, let it flow freely.

COLIC, SPASMS of the INTESTINES: Spasms and cramps always indicate the tension that has arisen as a result of clinging to those already experienced phases of development. Came the jam, which is frantically trying to resolve. You need to learn to leave behind things that are no longer needed for your development. And the tension subsides by itself or even will not occur. So free yourself from the past, be open minded and let life flow.

QATAR COLON: Perhaps you have had a very strict order and loving parents in childhood, you experienced with them intense pressure and humiliation. So there was some fear of their own personal development, often you are only playing a role to please. Because you need a lot of heat, you instead to lead his own life, clinging to other people. Have the courage to be yourself. If you accept and love yourself, you become truly free and not be dependent on others. Then you know how much joy is in my life.

Dr. Valery V. Sinelnikov in his book "Love your disease" writes:
The INTESTINE represents the assimilation of new ideas and thoughts, and the ability to get rid of all the old and unnecessary.

According to Sergey S. Konovalov ("Energy-medicine by Konovalov. Healing emotions"):
Reasons. Layering obsolete muddled thoughts clog channels removing toxins. You swing in a viscous swamp past.
Cure. Meditation, muscle training, relaxation, working with the book.

Reasons. Immaturity, low self-esteem, a tendency to doubt.
Cure. Use the methods of neutralizing negative emotions and attract positive energy through your way of life and the book.

Louise hay in her book "Heal yourself" indicates major negative attitudes (leading to disease) and harmonizing thoughts (leading to healing) associated with the appearance and healing of bowel problems:

The fear of getting rid of all obsolete and unnecessary.
Harmonizing thoughts: I freely and easily throw off the old and happily welcome the coming of the new.

Uncertainty. Symbolizes the ability to easily part with the past.
Harmonizing thoughts: I'm part of a clear rhythm and flow of life. Everything is going according to the sacred predestination.

Spastic colitis.
The fear of something to lose. Unreliability.
Harmonizing thoughts: I don't have to be afraid of living. Life will always provide me everything I need. Everything is going well.

The mucosa of the colon.
Layering obsolete muddled thoughts clog channels removing toxins. You are marking time in a viscous swamp past.
Harmonizing thoughts: I consign the past to oblivion. I have clear thinking. I peacefully and joyfully live in the present.

Rectal bleeding (blood in stool):
The anger and frustration.
Harmonizing thoughts: I trust the process of life. In my life right and beautiful.

Dr. Luule Viilma in his book "Psychological causes of disease" says:
The small intestine (diseases): Duty to do things, whereas I would like to do a big deal.
Negative, ironic, arrogant attitude to women's work.

The colon (diseases): an Obligation to do big things, whereas I would like to do things.
The negative attitude of male labour; problems associated with unfinished business.

Rectum (problems): Evil life struggle does not lead to the desired results.
The obligation to finish the job at any cost.

Cecum, lesions of the colon: a Large number of deadlocks.

Duodenum (diseases):
Constant pain: Cruelty. The heartlessness. Anger at the collective
Ulcer bleeding, the gap 12 duodenal ulcer: Revenge against the team. The transformation of anger into a collective cruelty.
Discomfort: Distrust of others, fear, tension.
Goiter: Controversial judgments on the activities of others.

 DiarrheaLise Bourbeau in her book "Your body says "Love yourself!"" writes:

DIARRHEA is a symptom of disorder of bowel function. Diarrhea is characterized by the release of liquid or semi-liquid feces. It is often accompanied by abdominal pain similar to colic.

Emotional blocks

On the physical level diarrhea suggests that the body rejects food, unable to digest properly. About the same value it has on the emotional and mental levels: the person too hastily rejects that could be useful to him. It is difficult to absorb what was happening to him, he does not see any sense in this. Thus he deprives himself of the pleasures of life, and almost ceases to feel appreciation and gratitude.

Feeling rejected and guilt arise in his more often than the sense of gratitude. This rejection is more related to the field to have and to act, than to the sphere to be. The person who suffers from diarrhea, afraid not to have something or to do something bad, too little or too much. His hypersensitivity hurts him if he has the slightest fear, he immediately rejects the situation, instead of worrying about it and get useful experience.

Mental lock

Diarrhea helps you to understand that you're selling yourself short. You didn't think you deserved alive, what's good for you. But if you don't feel good about themselves, one can hardly expect it from others. In addition, everything that comes from others is only temporary.

In order to better illustrate these ideas, let's give an example from my own life. The first few years after I started to lecture, before going to the podium I always felt scared. I was afraid that would be not up to par, it will fail, I will be rejected by the audience, etc. Therefore, before each performance had an attack of diarrhea and I had to run to the toilet. My body ordered me to think the best of ourselves. And I had every reason to think well of yourself. But at the time I thought if I'm going to praise yourself, you will not be able to move on, to evolve. Now I know that I was wrong. Actually, I never stopped and are not going to stop looking for perfection.

Bodo Baginski and Caramon Naughty write: DIARRHEA: Often we are talking about the problems associated with fear. We will find for this reason very accurate and not very decent expressions in our language. And sometimes you want to get rid of something instead of having to take in and process. You may also not digest new impressions because too many of them — for example, during a trip to a foreign country. All impressions and experiences can give you something useful or beautiful. So open up to them without fear, consider them and accept in yourself.

Dr. Valery V. Sinelnikov in his book "Love your disease" writes:
DIARRHEA, COLITIS: IN normal conditions, our body gets from the food bolus, passing through the small intestine, all the necessary and useful. The rest passes into the colon and then deleted out.

Strong fear and anxiety definitely affect the intestines. Such people there is a sense of the unreliability of this world. They are not ready to accept events out of fear. There is even such a thing as "bear's disease" or "pee in my pants from fear." This is when it starts to disorder the bowels prior to some important event (for example, a student before an exam).

Recently to me on reception the patient came with a very unusual disease. She had diarrhea every time she left the house. While in the apartment, she felt fine. But she had somewhere to zasobiralsya as the stomach began to boil. To me, she arrived by car and immediately calmed down when I found out that I have in my office toilet.
After establishing contact with the subconscious we found that the cause of this diarrhea was hiding in fear and concern for their children.
— You know what a terrible time she said to me. — A lot of bandits and criminals. Is my girls, and they have very beautiful, to stay after school, as I can not find a place. I would sit like a sitting duck, at home, would keep children near you and anywhere not allowed. That's when I was calm.

After you create new ways of behavior through subconscious programming bubbling in the stomach ceased. A month later, the patient came to me again and said that in all that time, diarrhea was never.

Dr. Oleg G. Torsunov in his book "Communication of disease with nature" writes:
DIARRHEA. Vanity, weakness, cold attitude towards people. Fear, feeling of injustice, carelessness, not the intelligibility of everything, including food.

According to Sergey S. Konovalov ("Energy-medicine by Konovalov. Healing emotions"):
Reasons. Fear and escape from life. Timidity, confusion, desire to please, tearfulness, a little bit of noise.
Cure. To Express emotion in sound, color, meditation. The appeal to the book.

Louise hay in her book "Heal yourself" writes:
Diarrhea: Fear. Failure. Runaway.
Harmonizing thoughts: I Have absolutely no problems with absorption, assimilation and ejection. I have no disagreement with life.

Dr. Luule Viilma in his book "Psychological causes of disease" says:
Diarrhea (diarrhea): Distress associated with an acute desire to get rid of all the unpleasant situations; desire to be strong and demonstrate his power.



Lise Bourbeau in her book "Your body says "Love yourself!"" writes:
CONSTIPATION: as the function of the colon is taking out what the body already does not need, constipation suggests that people cling to the thoughts that he no longer needed. Man, the body of which is delayed feces, often hinders their willingness to say or do anything as she is afraid not to be liked or to be rude, afraid of losing someone or something.

It is also possible that this is a petty person who is too attached to the things that matter, and does not want to get rid of what it no longer needs. Constipation can occur in the case when a person feels that he is forced to give something — time, energy, or money. If he gives what he requires, it is with great displeasure and just because he didn't want to feel guilty.

From constipation may suffer a person who is inclined to dramatize some event of his past and connecting with it any idea, which can not get rid of. The stress caused by the inability to release the past, creates anxiety, dark thoughts, rage, fear, humiliation, and even envy.

Mental lock

If you suffer from constipation, then your body is telling you it is time to get rid of old beliefs that no longer go with you. Make room for new ideas and opportunities. Your body tells you that you have to release the gut, otherwise you will not be able to eat a new food. The same applies to your thoughts. You need to treat anxiety, gloomy thoughts and obsessions as a waste and in time get rid of them. Constantly holding back for fear of losing someone or something, you're only hurting yourself. Rather than try to analyze the situation and determine what you could lose if you allow yourself to say and do what you want. This approach, of course, much more useful.

Bodo Baginski and Caramon Naughty in his book ""Reiki" universal life energy" they write:
CONSTIPATION: in this case a spiritual problem impressively manifests itself on the physical plane. Constipation always deals with the problem of greed, you want to keep something, not to give, and often it is something tangible. You also find it difficult to part with old ideas, and it involves a certain degree of fear that float on the surface repressed into the unconscious experience.

So accumulate mental experience that you can't leave, and constipation shows you this on the physical level. And here the demand is very clear: to throw away! To leave behind the pettiness of the material, to leave the past, amitie presentation, write the displacement in the subconscious unloved fact. Let his life flow through you and find in himself the confidence and wealth.

Dr. Valery V. Sinelnikov in his book "Love your disease" writes:
CONSTIPATION: Delay of feces in the intestines symbolizes the unwillingness to part with outdated thoughts. You are stuck in the past. Do you believe in limitation and need, and therefore subconsciously afraid to give up something in life, because you are not sure then you can compensate for this loss.

You cling to old, painful memories of the past.

Perhaps you are afraid to end the relationship that you have nothing to give. Or fear of losing a job that you don't like. Or willing to part with things that have become useless.

Throw away all unnecessary things and prepare the room for the new. And say aloud: "I get rid of the old and clearing the way for the new!"

Sometimes constipation reflects the avarice and greed for money.

I remember one interesting case. To me came a woman of about thirty. Since school years she was suffering from severe constipation. Laxatives did not help. Enema she did rarely, only in extreme cases. Using the method of subconscious programming she got rid of one old and useless beliefs. And the next day the bowels began to work normally.

According to Sergey S. Konovalov ("Energy-medicine by Konovalov. Healing emotions"):
Reasons. Constipation evidence of excess of accumulated feelings, perceptions and experiences that a person can not or does not want to leave, to make room for the new. Reluctance to part with outdated thoughts, life, past, sarcastic attitude to the present is expressed in stubbornness and suppressed resentment.

Cure. Exercise, proper nutrition. Drink more water, bathe. Meditation, muscle training, relaxation, working with the book.

Louise hay in her book "Heal yourself" writes:
Constipation: the Reluctance to part with outdated thoughts. Be steeped in the past. Sometimes in sarcasm.
Harmonizing the thoughts-as letting go of the past in me comes new, fresh life. The flow of life, I passed through himself.

Anatoly Nekrasov in his book "1000 and one way to be yourself," writes:
Constipation – a person may be clinging to the past. Also it says that it is time to pay attention to your Body. People usually do not pay decent attention to cleanse your body – think a lot about what to enter, and to bring it like he can.

Constipation signal that you need to regularly review the storage of your consciousness and cleanse away old misconceptions and perceptions. Everything flows, everything changes and we must boldly enter into their new life, clearing a spot for it from the old.

Constipation in children suggests that in the relationship of parents, in their worldview lacks the necessary dynamics, they live the old ideas, past achievements.

Need to find those standards which have long been demanding a revision. Time moves, and the person is standing or moving slower than the General flow.

Dr. Luule Viilma in his book "Psychological causes of disease" says:
Constipation: Skuperdyaystve, greed. Shame for the results of their work.



Lise Bourbeau in her book "Your body says "Love yourself!"" writes:
GASES ACCUMULATION: Sometimes in the stomach and intestines accumulates too many gases, causing pain, belching, bloating, colic, and even convulsions local.

Emotional blocks

Gases are formed due to swallowing air while talking or eating. The accumulation of gases means that the person is worried, worried about the fact that he was afraid to lose something or to be in a quandary. This anxiety gradually accumulates and begins to seek a way out.

Mental lock

Flatulence tells you that you worry too much. Your fear to lose something or to be in a difficult position has no reasonable basis. Think about what you already have, instead of worrying about the future. Relax, don't try to cling to the accumulated.

Bodo Baginski and Caramon Naughty:
BLISTERING: this is usually the problem lies when a person is unwilling or unable to swallow, however, doesn't want to admit it and therefore depicts the swallowing process, swallowing air. Or you swallowed too much of what you don't digest, and you now bursting. Only take inside what you are willing to admit and that you will be able to digest it. Embrace what you are and know your boundaries. Tell me once, "No." Then you can again internally to relax and life is again freely flow through you.

Dr. Valery V. Sinelnikov in his book "Love your disease" writes:
BLOATING usually occurs when a person eats too "heavy" food or many different foods.
— You know, doctor, ' says one patient, — after reading your book I began to carefully observe his condition and noticed one peculiarity. As soon as I got in life occurs for many different events, especially those that it's hard for me to digest, are immediately available gases and swells the stomach.

Best remedy for flatulence — peace of mind and consistency. Set goals. Actively shape event and act. But don't take on too much. Do not spray. Treat life easier.

According to Sergey S. Konovalov ("Energy-medicine by Konovalov. Healing emotions"):
Reasons. Restraint, fear, unfulfilled ideas.

Louise hay in her book "Heal yourself" writes:
Flatulence: Restraint. Fear. Unrealized ideas.
Harmonizing thoughts: I relax and allow life to flow easily and freely in me.

Dr. Luule Viilma in his book "Psychological causes of disease" says:
Gases (accumulation): the Desire to change the other person's thoughts.

In the book of astrogor's "Confession sores" in a very entertaining way all the sores of the body tell yourself about yourself.

Here is what says about themselves flatulence:
I have a Bunch and only sing soulful songs in which the distinctive mood. Unfortunately, this person's mood is somehow always negative, unhappy, irritable. And when the critical mass of feelings accumulated in his body, then nothing can prevent to break me out...

I'm harmless, from me no one has died, but I have a destructive power that can terminally spoil your reputation. Or rather, man himself spoils its image, and I only bring it up, filling the smell and sense. My stench is a characteristic of your human qualities...

Often my songs are your unspoken thoughts and feelings. You always nag your dissatisfaction, but because the rumbling in your stomach, and all the rumbling is accompanied by an abundance of winds...

I love the pop of your troubles that you suppress. I want to help you, because you know what they say: "Speak, don't keep it inside — it becomes easier"...

The more you show of discontent — continued the Bunch, the more effort and energy is wasted. Nature abhors a vacuum. The vacuum is filled by me, your Fart, the stench of your soul...

It all depends on the strength and quality of your dissatisfaction and indignation of life. A large amount of gas is produced by the deficiency of enzymes that degrade some of the sugars. And enzymes these in abundance only in the person, which is sweet to the soul, who knows how to enjoy, love and have optimistic look at life. Otherwise, except for the flatulence, I can cause continuous belching...

The gastrointestinal tract digests food, but if your brain, soul and spirit do not digest someone or something, part of the food you eat, cannot digest, food is decomposed, but not out of the intestines. Any decay starts to rot and give off gas. The more discontent and irritation at the man, and even flavored mate, the more it vzryvoobrazno and smelly gases...

It is also known that excessive quantities of gas are sometimes highlighted in children first year of life with spastic abdominal pain. Karmically it indicates that the child does not like those methods and techniques, which surrounded his parents, and his education and development will require parents to greater costs of mental strength...



Lise Bourbeau in her book "Your body says "Love yourself!"" writes:
The ANUS is the final hole of the alimentary canal.

Emotional blocks

As the anus is the end point, on a metaphysical level, it represents the end of the ideas, relationships, or any other process. If you feel pain in this place, it means that you feel guilt in connection with the desire to stop. This desire is so great that you literally can't sit still. Itching indicates unsatisfied desire to stop or end something. Bleeding has the same meaning as the abscess, but this also added loss of taste to life associated with anger and frustration.

Mental lock

Should not be so much to cling to the past; allow yourself to end something old, to open to something new, but do it with joy, love and harmony with each other. You also have to realize that I can make my own decisions, without advice and support from other people. Talk to your quiet inner voice that makes you doubt yourself. Tell him that from this moment you can take care of themselves and make decisions, as ready to face the consequences.

Dr. Valery V. Sinelnikov in his book "Love your disease" writes:
ANUS, RECTUM Symbolize the ability to get rid of the accumulated problems, emotions, resentment.

HEMORRHOIDS, ABSCESS, FISTULA, FRACTURES: problems with the anus and rectum indicate that you're having trouble getting rid of old and unnecessary in your life. "Release" comes hard and painful. You experience anger, rage, fear, sense of guilt about some past events. Your feelings are burdened with unpleasant emotions. You literally experience a "pain of loss".

I remember one interesting case. I was treated a man, who daily frequent urge to clear the bowel, but from the anus out a small amount of mucus and gas. It was hard to restrain these urges, and he suffered greatly from this, as they were literally "attached" to the toilet.

I noticed that the problems with the anus and intestine are connected with a biased attitude to many things in life. In addition, his speech was often replete with phrases such as "to hell with it all", "to Shove up their ass".

Getting rid of the old should be easy, pleasant and painless. Train yourself to think that your body leaves only what you do not need. And in your life. You spend only what hinders and restrains your self-development. Do not cling to the old.

Once I came to accept the patient with inflammation of the rectum. When we asked the subconscious mind to learn the cause of the disease, he received this response: "You stayed too long in one place. You need to find a new job, to change relationships in the family."

Louise hay in her book "Heal yourself" writes:
Anus (anus) (also see "hemorrhoids")
Inability to get rid of the accumulated problems, grievances and emotions.

Harmonizing thoughts: I nice and easy to get rid of everything that is not necessary in life.

Anus: abscess (abscess)
Anger at what you want to get rid of.

Harmonizing thoughts: Deliverance is perfectly safe. My body leaving only what my life is no longer necessary.

Anus: itching
Guilt for the past.

Harmonizing thoughts: I'm happy to forgive myself. I enjoy the freedom.

Anus: pain.
A sense of guilt. The desire of punishment.

Harmonizing thoughts: it's over. I choose love and approve of myself and all I do now.

Anus: fistula.
Incomplete disposal of waste. The reluctance to part with the debris of the past.

Harmonizing thoughts: I'm happy to part with the past. I enjoy the freedom.

Dr. Luule Viilma in his book "Psychological causes of disease" says:
The anus:
– itching: the Temptation of a sense of duty
crack: Own merciless coercion.


Intestinal ulcer

Lise Bourbeau in her book "Your body says "Love yourself!"" writes:
DUODENAL ULCER occurs about four times more often than gastric ulcer, and usually develops as a result of hypersecretion of gastric juice that enters the duodenum from the stomach. The patient is so focused on some issues that literally eats his own flesh. He is easily irritated, feels simultaneously outrage and helplessness. He ought to Express what he feels, and to try to embrace who he is, aware of the complexity of this process.

Bodo Baginski and Caramon Naughty in his book ""Reiki" universal life energy" they write:
DUODENAL ULCER: If you constantly drive inside your aggressiveness, then inside there is tension, tightness, fear, and pressure. They begin to devour you. How best to deal with his aggressiveness? You can either survive it — but do it only if you are not going to cause harm to other people. Or you can carefully examine it, to let it happen in you consciously, not appreciating her and not condemning. Then you will see that one day, your aggressiveness will eat itself gradually disappear and the symptoms on the physical level.

 Bowel cancer

Dr. Luule Viilma in his book "Psychological causes of disease" says:
Rectal cancer: Bitterness. Disappointment. Fear to hear critical feedback about the result. Contempt for his work.
Colon cancer: Bitterness. Disappointment.

Sergey N. Lazarev in his books "Diagnostics of karma" (books 1-12) and "the man of the future" writes about the factthat the main cause of all diseases is a deficiency, or lack of love in the human soul. When a person puts something above the love of God (and God, as the Bible says, is Love), it is the attainment of divine love is directed to something else. To what is (wrongly) considered more important in life: money, fame, wealth, power, pleasure, sex, relationships, ability, order, morality, knowledge and many other material and spiritual values...

But it's not a goal but only a means to the attainment of the divine (true) love, love for God, love like God. And where there is no (true) love in the soul, as feedback from the Universe, come disease, problems and other troubles. It is necessary for a person to think, realised I didn't go up, thinks, says and does something wrong and began to mend, was on the right Path!

There are many nuances, how the disease manifests itself in our body. More about this practical concept can be learned from books, seminars, and video seminars of Sergei Nikolaevich Lazarev.


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