What happens in the body when taking mixed meal

From the work of a Professor at Moscow University, Sepp "Dynamics of blood circulation in the brain," I learned that the brain hemorrhage occurs usually as a result of inflammation of the ears inflammation of the ears due to diseases of the throat. The throat starts to hurt, when the kidneys do not perform their functions. Infringement of functions of kidneys and skin leads to liver disease. The beginning of all this chain of misery is the poor performance of the intestine.

Niche, Kazuzo - "Golden rules of health"


The special importance of the normal function of the GIT is that it is a huge hormonal gland, the activity of which is dependent on all hormonal organs. For example, in the ileum produces the hormone neurotensin in turn affects the brain.

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You've probably noticed that some people, razvolnovalis, a lot of it: in this case, food acts as a kind of drug. Here, in the ileum, duodenum produces the hormone serotonin, which affects our mood: it is not enough serotonin, depression, at a constant violation manic-depression (a sharp excitement gives way to apathy). Poor working membrane and cavitary digestion suffers the synthesis of b vitamins, especially folic acid, and it is the lack of the hormone insulin, which, it turns out, affects the whole chain of education of any hormones, blood, nervous and other body systems.


Conventionally, our food can be divided into three groups:

Proteins: meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, broth, mushrooms, nuts, seeds;

Carbohydrates: bread, flour products, cereals, potatoes, sugar, jam, candy, honey;

Plant food: vegetables, fruits, juices.


I should say that all of these products, except for crude that have undergone special treatment, where there is no fiber and almost all useful and have proteins and carbohydrates, but all depends on their percentage. For example, bread has carbohydrates, and proteins, as well as in meat.

In the future it will be predominantly protein or carbohydrate food, where the ingredients are in their natural equilibrium.

Carbohydrates begin to digest is already in the mouth, proteins primarily in the stomach, fats in the duodenum, and plant foods only in the large intestine.

And carbs in the stomach is also trapped relatively short-lived, because its digestion requires much less acidic gastric juice, because their molecules are more simple compared to proteins. Proteins, because of the complexity of the peptide bonds, in order to be processed by the body to end products, must first be cleaved nitrogen, that is a lot of energy, up to 60% or more, which is aggravated by thermal processing.


The separate feeding of the digestive tract operates as follows.

Thoroughly chewed and moistened with saliva profusely food creates a slightly alkaline reaction.

Then a ball of food enters the top section of the stomach, which after 15-20 minutes, the medium is changed to acid.

With the movement of food to the pyloric division of the stomach the pH gets closer to neutral.

In the duodenum food in a minimum of time through the bile and the pancreatic juice, having pronounced alkaline reaction becomes weakly alkaline, and in this form enters the small intestine.

Only in the large intestine it is again acidic.

This process is particularly active in the case, if you are up for 10-15 minutes before meal drank water and ate vegetarian food, which provides optimal conditions for activity of microorganisms in the colon and the acidic environment due to the contained organic acids. While the body is working without any tension, as the food is homogeneous, the process of its processing and assimilation passes through.

The same thing happens with protein foods.

You need to pay attention to the following circumstance. Recently noted that on the first place among women and second in men out cancer of the esophagus. One of the main reasons for this is intake of hot food and drinks, which is characteristic of the peoples of Siberia.

Some experts recommend that you eat in the following way. Initially, eat protein foods, after a short time — carbohydrate or Vice versa, considering that these foods the digestion will not interfere with each other. It is not so.

The stomach is a muscular organ, where, as in the washing machine, all mixed, and that the appropriate enzyme or gastric juice found your product, it takes time.The main thing that happens in the stomach when taking the mixed food is fermentation. Imagine a conveyor which moves a mixture of different products which require for their processing not only the specific conditions (enzymes, juices), but different time.

According to I. P. Pavlov, if the mechanism of digestion is started, is impossible to stop it, began to operate the entire complex biochemical system with enzymes, hormones, trace elements, vitamins and other substances. This enables the specific dynamic effect of food, when, after its reception is increased metabolism, which involved the entire body. The fats usually increase it slightly, or even inhibit, carbohydrates increase to 20 %, and protein foods — to 40 %. At mealtime increases food leukocytosis, that is included in the immune system, when any product that enters the body, is perceived as a foreign body.

Low carbohydrate foods, promotes fermentation, eaten together with proteins in the stomach is processed much faster and are ready to move on, but it is mixed with proteins, which only began to be processed and it is not used allocated to them acidic gastric juice. Carbohydrates, taking this protein mass with an acidic medium, comes first in the pyloric division, and then into the duodenum, irritating it. And to quickly to lower the acid content of the food needs sufficiently alkaline environment, bile and pancreatic juice.

If it happens frequently, constant tension in the pyloric part of the stomach and in the duodenum leads to disease of the mucous membrane, gastritis, periduodenit, ulcerous processes, gallstones, pancreatitis, diabetes.

Equally important is that the enzyme lipase secreted by the pancreas and designed to break down fats, acidic environment loses its activity with all the ensuing consequences. But the main trouble ahead.

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As you remember, in the duodenum received the food processing which was supposed to end in the acidic environment present in the lower intestine. Well, if some part of the protein will be excreted, but the rest is a source of decay, fermentation in the gut. After all, us eaten proteins are foreign to the body elements, they pose the risk of altering the alkaline environment of the small intestine to acid, which contributes to further decay. But the body is still trying to withdraw from the protein foods all that is possible, and in the processes of osmosis protein weight stick to the microfibers, breaking the wall and membrane digestion. Microflora on pathological changes arise dysbacterioses, constipation, teplovidenie-tive function of the intestine is not in normal mode.

Against this background, the remains of protein foods begin to rot and promote the formation of fecal stones that accumulate especially in the ascending Department of the colon. Changing the muscle tone of the intestines, it expands, violated his evacua Torno and other functions. The temperature in the intestine from putrefactive processes increases, it enhances the absorption of toxic substances. As a result of overflow, especially of the large intestine, fecal stones and inflating, there is a shift and squeezing of the abdominal, thoracic region and pelvis.

When the diaphragm moves up, drawing in the heart, lungs, in an iron grip by the liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach, urinary and reproductive system. Due to compression of vessels marked stagnation in the lower extremities, in the pelvis, in the abdomen, in the thorax, which further leads to thrombophlebitis, endarteritis, hemorrhoids, portal hypertension, that is, to disturbances in small and big circles of blood circulation, lymphedema.

It also contributes to the inflammatory process in different organs: the Appendix, genitalia, gall bladder, kidney, prostate and other organs, and then develop a pathology.

Barrier function of the intestine is disrupted, and toxins entering the blood gradually incapacitate liver, kidney, in which there is an intense formation of stones. And until the induced kishechnike order, it is useless to treat the liver, kidneys, joints and other organs.

If the doctors have forgotten that pathologists need to remind them how much in the gut, especially thick, is fecal stones according to some, up to 6 kilograms or more.

Those who have cleaned up the bowel, sometimes are surprised: from where frail body sometimes contains so much fecal stones?

How to get rid of these blockages?

Conventional medicine, for example, opposed to the bowel cleaning with enemas, believing that it violated its microflora. On the background of mixed food, as it can be seen from the above, the intestine is long gone the normal microflora, there are pathological, and it is difficult to say what is better not to touch it or clean it all and restore the normal microflora by going to a separate power supply. Of two evils we chose the purging, the more the ancients long knew it did.


Do not be afraid that the microflora is restored. Of course, if you stick to habits in the future is a mixed food, grilled, then the result would be no. But if you will take more rough plant foods, which is the basis for the development of normal microflora and the main source of organic acids that contribute to maintaining, especially in the large intestine, slightly acidic, problems with the restoration of microflora will not.

Remember that mixed food, fried, greasy predominantly protein shifts environment of the small intestine acidic, and Tolstoy — the alkaline, which favors rotting, fermentation and therefore self-poisoning organism.

The PH of the body shifts to the acid side, which contributes to various diseases, including cancer.

To restore the intestinal flora in addition to separate food, of course, after cleaning the bowel and liver, using a short or long term fasting, that is to conduct a kind of "renovation" in the body, making it clean from the inside.

What I mean by the concept of purity of body? The fact that for normal functioning of the body requires all substances of the periodic system of Mendeleev in certain ratios to each other. For example, in the body of calcium should be not less than 1 kg, etc. But this equilibrium is gradually broken due to wrong / the behavior of the person.

It is believed that one of the times for defecation per day is enough, not only people but also doctors who even bowel movements 2-3 times a week is considered the norm. But we eat three or more times. From time to time with all those detained in the body of filth he somehow manages, and then waste more delayed in the large intestine, and together with essential body substances formed in the intestine, absorbed all putrid blood products and toxic substances. Besides clogging the body contributes to poor diet, bad water, ecology, bad habits (Smoking, alcohol, drugs). And this complex machine called Man, is beginning to show first imperceptible, and then more and more significant manifestations of illness, stress, limit physical activity, etc.

The contamination can be any disease, including cancer. This is because all tissues feed on blood, and blood itself nourishes the intestine, that's why the clogged intestines through the blood poisons the whole body. That's why first we need to take care of the cleanliness in the intestine, then the liver to the treatment of the disease was effective.

Our practice of traditional healers shows that cleaning the gastrointestinal tract may replace existing treatments, but all treatments will not replace the cleaning of the intestines, joints, excretory, circulatory (drainage) systems.


So, to summarize.


The digestive tract is the place of deployment:

•All 3/4 elements of the immune system responsible for "restoring order" in the body;

•more than 20 hormones that affect the entire hormonal system;

•abdominal brain regulating all difficult work of the gastrointestinal tract and the relationship with the brain;

•more than 500 kinds of the microbes processing, synthesizing biologically active substances and destroying harmful;

•a kind of root system, from the functional state of which depends on any process occurring in the body.


The slagging of the organism is:

•preserved, refined, fried foods, meats, sweets, for processing which requires a lot of oxygen because of what the organism constantly tests oxygen starvation (for example, cancers develop only in oxygen-free environment);

•badly chewed food diluted during time or after meal with any liquid (first dish — food). The decrease in concentration of digestive juices of the stomach, a liver, a pancreas does not allow them to digest food up to the end, causing it to rot, zakislate, which is also a cause of disease.


Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract is:

•easing immune, hormonal, fermentative systems;

•replacement of normal microflora on pathological ( colitis, constipation, etc.);

change electrolytic balance (vitamins, micro - and macrocells), that leads to infringement of exchange processes (an arthritis, an osteochondrosis), blood circulation (atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, etc.);

•displacement and squeezing of all bodies chest, abdominal and pelvic regions that leads to infringement of their functioning;

•congestion in any part of the colon, which leads to pathological processes in project on it body.


If we summarize what has been said about nutrition, it is possible to draw the following conclusion.

On the basis of anatomical structure, spent liquid medium from the lower part of the body through the portal vein area on the road to collect "dirt" from the gut goes to the liver, and a smaller part — on the Vienna portal is directly to the right heart.

According dowsing, normal liver as detoxification organ, needs to filter the blood in children from 5-6 years to 97-98 %, 5-8 years 95-96 %, 8-12 years — 94-95 %, young people up to 20 years — 92-95 %, older people — 90 %. Anyway, the blood that comes from the liver, purifying the specified value, there is no danger for normal functioning of cells is not. The thing is that our experience of traditional healers suggests that these metrics exceed the norm by 3-5 times: in young children, they range from 5% to 8%, 10-15 years — up to 12-15% after 20 years — 20-25 %, and in patients aged up to 35 %.

The specified level of slagging comes first functional change and then pathological. For example, in adults, the excess of the level of slagging of 35% indicates the presence of chronic diseases, and on concepts of conventional medicine — Oncology.

Now imagine that untreated blood through the right heart, along with contaminated blood, come to portal Vienna, travels to the lungs. Of course, that in the lungs blood that is much less enriched with oxygen (if not exacerbate this condition Smoking). Then it is a relatively pure blood, if not to say "dirty", via the left ventricle is reset to the kidneys, and a part (20 %) through the carotid artery directly into the brain.

Kidneys — this second filter, working intensively, also zachekanivajut (this is why there are formed cystic formation sand, rocks), and "mud" is circulated throughout the body. Do you think if I offer you to drink water with 30-35 % of the dirt, you drink it or refuse? All cells start in such conditions to work, along the way contaminating vascular, venous network, the intercellular space and the lymphatic network, which "suffocates" from overwork (this is directly related to the lymphatic and other diseases). A large part neudenau "dirt" through the bowels and kidneys is deposited in the joints where there is free space, where the tailings are deposited uric acid education.

Poorly chewed food mixed, but still washed down any liquid, can not be recycled gastric juice secretion due to the decrease of its concentration to the microscopic world, hindering its cleavage in the duodenum the secretions of the liver and pancreas, and intestines this raw food begins to rot and in this form enters the liver, lungs, kidneys, joints, and then everywhere. It turns out that until you restore order in the digestive tract starting from oral cavity to cure the entire chain of bodies impossible, as they are interdependent from each other.

Observing the condition of patients treated in our medical center using hydrocyanate-rapii and developed methods of rehabilitation, sometimes marvel at the results: regardless of the nature of diseases purification of the organism reaches 70-80% of the previous condition that already affects overall health, the disappearance of many symptoms that early by any means to eliminate it is impossible.

Of course, data for the official medicine are empty words: what kind of dirt is in it and how to use some kind of dowsing, you can determine the degree of contamination of the body? But if we recall these figures from the medicine, that using the same hemosorption or hemodialysis, at the origin of which was your humble servant, purifying one liter of fluid, doctors have a powerful effect, and this passed through the sorbents or filters a liter again, pour in 3/4 of body weight liquid of questionable cleanliness.

It should be noted that along with "dirt", or rather, toxic substances from the blood at the molecular level is removed the nutrients. Well, on the question of what the dowsing response is not: this concept for conventional medicine simply do not yet exist, although using this method you can read any information, even regardless of distance.

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Meet with a separate supply.



As you can see, food 1st group is with food 2nd group; 3rd with 2nd; but the 1st group should not be confused with 3rd. Once you have received protein foods, carbohydrate foods can be eaten in 4-5 hours, and after carbohydrate and protein 3-4 hours. Plant foods should be eaten in 10-15 minutes before the intake of proteins or carbohydrates.

The ratio of the products must be such:

  • proteins, mainly plant, 15-20 %,
  • plant foods 50-60 %,
  • carbohydrate and 30-35 %,

With age it is necessary:

  • to limit the intake of animal proteins: meat, fish to 2-3 times and eggs to 10 PCs. per week (preferably quail 3-5 PCs);
  • from food to avoid fried foods, meats, very savoury;
  • to limit or fully exclude confectionery and bakery products from flour milling high (white varieties), refined products: sugar, candy, sodas (Coca Cola, lemonade, etc.).

As Regardsfats' it is necessary to give preference to ghee, butter. Vegetable oil only take fresh when heat-treating it loses everything that was in it.


In addition to the scheme will give you information about acid-base properties of the most frequently used products and substances, as everyone should know their "enemies" and "friends" in person.

It is known that the pH of the body varies in a narrow range of 7.4±0,15. Many researchers point out that animal food oxidizes and vegetable alkalizes the body to 80 %. Today it is conclusively proven that in a reactive environment aktiviziruyutsya any pathogenic microorganisms: fungi, bacteria, viruses, including cancer cells. Placed in an acidic environment, they continued to develop actively, and in an alkaline environment — were dying. Do you need any more proof that alkaline properties of food is your life, and the acidic disease and death? Even if you wanted to eat meat, then 50-100 g you need to eat at least 150-200 g of plant food to neutralize its negative effects on the body.

Foods with acidic properties:

Meat— 3,98-4,93; fish — 3,76-of 5.78; eggs — 6,45.

Cereals — 5,52; cheese — 5,92; white bread — 5,63; wheat bread — 4,89.

Tap water — 6,55-6,8; milk — 4,89.

Black coffee — 5,59; tea — 4,26; beer is 4.3 to 5.5.

These products, zakislenia internal environment of the body, the blood, the whole "liquid pipeline", leading to more hard work of all biochemical and energetic processes, and thus speed up the emergence of different functional first, and then pathological changes.


Products with alkaline properties:

Corn oil — 8,4; olive oil — 7,5; soybean oil -7,9; cabbage — 7,5; potatoes — 7,5; honey — 7,5; persimmon — 7,5; sprouted wheat and 7.4; carrots — 7,2; cauliflower — 7,1; beet — 7,0; banana — 7,2; melon — 7,4; watermelon — 7,0.


Animal foods predominate acidic minerals (phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, etc.) and the total lack of organic acids. In a plant food that contains a lot of organic acids, such predominate alkaline elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, etc. Feature of organic acids lies in the fact that, during the process of splitting in the body, they form weak acids with evolution of carbon dioxide and water, which, incidentally, helps to eliminate edema and alkalis, which normalize the blood pH, and hence heals the body.


Also interesting: Conditional Fasting — natural purification for the body

The easiest and VERY effective way of cleansing the body of toxins!


Nature is wisely ordered — it is 3/4 of all the products with alkaline properties, and 1/4 sour, and what should you use if you want to be healthy, which is especially important for the elderly.

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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