Green - the ideal replacement of essential proteins, and not only

If you have not started to drink "green smoothies" (aka "green smoothies" from the English «green smoothy») - start immediately! Do not hesitate to follow a healthy fashion.

A year ago, before any raw food, a glass of "green stuff" in the morning just a couple of weeks just put me on my feet. At that time each morning, from the infinite fatigue and lack of sleep, I woke up with difficulty and with difficulty got up on his feet, like a battered, aching muscles, each, every cell of the body, strength was not quite. Two weeks later, the green smoothie I threw out caper in "cancan" rhythm, with a year-old baby in her arms. Now it's our family's favorite dish.

Beautiful and very persuasive source of information about the benefits of green - Victoria Butenko book "Green for Life". Ideas, sunken into the soul:

1.Zelen - the only kind of food that contains absolutely all the nutrients necessary for a person

. 2. To get these nutrients, it is necessary to break the strong wall of green cells (careful chewing porridge or even grinding in a blender).

3.Razdelnoe food. Green - it is a separate category of vegetable food, and the only one that can be combined with any meal (without violating the principles of "separate food»)

. 4.Istochnik protein. The greens are very rich in protein - for example, one pound (454 grams) of green leafy vegetables contain more protein than recommended in the US for daily consumption

. 5.Nezamenimye amino acids. All green plants are composed of 9 main (essential) amino acids.

6.Zelёnye plants contain protein in the form of individual amino acids, with the amino acids our bodies are easier to use than complex animal proteins (animal by the body, the same green, and for their own use and not for our).

7. In contrast to animal proteins, green proteins do not lead to cancer.

8. Fiber. Greens contains big amount of insoluble fiber, which absorbs toxins colon like a sponge. Without it, a complete cleansing of the bowel is almost impossible, if not impossible.

9. As a result, an insufficient intake of fiber is one of the main causes of premature aging of people.

10.Gomeostaz. Being the source of all essential human nutrients, herbs as well as possible nourishes the endocrine system and thus contributes to the regulation of homeostasis.

11.Gipoatsidnost. Reduced gastric acidity violates the absorption of nutrients necessary for health, which leads to disease. Regular consumption of green cocktail has a major impact recreation, normalizing the concentration of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice.

12.Hlorofill - prevention and treatment of cancer. More than 75 years ago, Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize, revealing that cancer is caused by impaired cellular respiration when cells lack oxygen. Greens rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is rich in oxygen. Numerous scientific studies show that there is hardly a disease in which it would be impossible to improve the condition with the help of chlorophyll.

The chlorophyll molecule remarkably similar to the heme molecule of human blood.

"... According to the published nutritional calculations, only one food category - green plant - contains all the nutrients necessary for a person ...

... The more I read about the nutritional properties of herbs, the stronger grew stronger my belief is that green is the most important food for humans.

... To receive the valuable nutrients from the plant cell wall must break them. And they are not easy to break. That is why the use of greens without sufficient chewing can not meet our nutritional needs. Simply put, to get the benefits, we need to chew up greenery pasty consistency ...

... While I was preparing to continue their studies at a more serious level, numerous healing properties of green cocktail became apparent to everyone who tried them: the number of people who use cocktails, has become a growing with each passing day "green wave» ...
< br> The new food category

Nutritionists ... never highlighted in green and a separate group of products, because most people do not perceive it as real food. Despite the fact that the nutritional value of carrots inches several times the nutritional value of roots, there is a deep-seated belief that green is food for rabbits, sheep and cows. This view does not allow us to add carrot tops in salads. As a result, we throw away the most nutritious part of the carrot and many other plants ... calcium in beet leaves 7 times more than in its roots, and vitamin A is greater than 192 times! Vitamin K content of the turnip leaves in 2500 (!) times greater than in the roots ...

... The majority of people would be disappointed if found on the holiday table only cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage, or even worse, a dish with greens. What is the reason that we prefer junk food, stimulating brain activity and increases the tone (sugar, caffeine, white flour products)? This is due to the fact that our body disturbed inner balance - homeostasis ...

... After a lot of surveys among people of different age, I came to the conclusion that they mostly do not agree to sit on a diet consisting of tasteless or bitter foods, for the sake of improving their health, even in cases where seriously ill. At the same time, we all understand that it is impossible to be healthy, eating only chocolate and sausage, no matter how tasty they may seem to us. From this contradiction
questions arise: What shall we eat? What we feed our children, to improve their health? ..

... It seems to me that in addressing these critical issues green smoothies can play a unique role, because they are not only very nutritious, but also extremely tasty. They like even children! ..

... Putting greens in the same category with vegetables has led to the fact that some people are afraid to use cocktails of herbs, arguing that they are based on the wrong combination of foods. They heard that the fruit can not be combined with vegetables, and mistakenly believe that it is absolutely all the vegetables contain starch, whereas starch content at any greenery is extremely small.

However, the green - it's not vegetables, furthermore, greens - the only food group that helps to digest all the other products. Green stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and it can be combined with any meal ...

... There is another profound error, arising from an incorrect identity as a green vegetable category. Unfortunately, many nutritionists and researchers are convinced that the greens are not rich in protein ...

Nevertheless, I have enough data to make the following important conclusion: the green is the main food group that most closely matches the human needs for nutrients ...


... Proteins are extremely important for the life of the body, as they participate in virtually every process that takes place within our cells. Proteins are made up of individual amino acid combinations, and they can be thought of as a very long beads, consisting of a variety of beads, strung in a variety of sequences. Among many of these beads (amino acids) 22 are essential to the human body.

It is noteworthy that our body easily produces 13 of the 22 essential amino acids. The remaining 9 can not be synthesized in the body and must be obtained from food. Therefore, these 9 amino acids are called the principal (essential or indispensable) amino acids.

By studying the nutritional value of various green vegetables, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that all green plants are composed of 9 main amino acids. Moreover, those amino acids are relatively small in some green plants, necessarily contained in excess in the other types of green. In other words, the inclusion of a variety of green plants in the diet will allow us to consume in abundance all the major amino acids.

... One pound (454 grams) of green leafy vegetables contain more protein than recommended by the US GDSKH for daily consumption. However, due to the erroneous inclusion in the category of green vegetables, many of which are not really rich in protein, many people mistakenly believe that the proteins in the little green ...

... Not knowing the abundance of easily digestible amino acids in the green, most people try to eat other foods rich in protein known. However, many are not aware of the significant differences between complex proteins existing in meat, dairy products, fish, and so on. D., And amino acids that make up the fruit, vegetables and greens especially.

It is logical to assume that the body will spend less effort on the assimilation of individual amino acids contained in the green than on the assimilation of complex protein molecules consisting of a plurality of amino acids held together in a particular sequence. This combination of amino acids formulated according to the needs of the being to whom these proteins were designed (fish, cow or chicken).

Our body metabolizes complex proteins and individual amino acids fundamentally different ...

... Think about it: these proteins were created by the cow, cow, and, among other things, from the grass. These proteins act in your body in the form of complex long molecules consisting of a plurality of amino acids. Our bodies have to work hard, Unscrambling and swapped all these strangers amino acids.

In contrast, the preparation of the most preferred green proteins for our body, as in the green leaves of proteins are in the form of free amino acids. In this case, you get all the essential amino acids your body, created from sunlight and chlorophyll. Of these new (not older than green) amino acids your body is easy to lay down your own unique DNA molecule ...

Unfortunately, most of us are accustomed to consume proteins, which are mostly found in animal products. This forces your body to work hard. That is why we feel sleepy after a meal consisting of animal food. In addition, together with animal food, our body gets a lot of unnecessary, indigestible particles, such as free radicals, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and many other toxic substances. These particles, which debris may remain in our blood for a long time, causing allergy or other health problems. Professor William A. Walker, Power Steering Department at the Harvard School of Public Health, said that ìne completely digested protein fragments are absorbed into the bloodstream. The circulation of these large molecules in the blood leads to the development of allergy and immunology rasstroystvî.

Paradoxically, the result of the use of animal protein in the main is that the chronic shortage of some key amino acids developed in many people.

As a result of the lack of certain amino acids you may develop symptoms of mental and psychological disorders, as well as a serious craving for acceptance of undesirable substances.

Let's look at the tyrosine and phenylalanine. Deficiency of these amino acids can cause depression, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, attention deficit disorder. In addition, as a result of deficiency of these amino acids can develop a craving for: a sweet, starchy, chocolate, alcohol, aspartame, marijuana, caffeine, cocaine, tobacco

. Professor Colin Campbell argues that "there is ample evidence that the so-called low-quality vegetable proteins contribute to a slow but steady synthesis of new proteins and, thus, are the healthiest type of protein." Moreover, unlike animal proteins, green proteins do not lead to cancer ...

Toxins and fiber

... The human body is designed so reasonable that most of these toxins are constantly forwarded to the excretory organs, the main one being the large intestine, which plays a role in our body sewerage.

The large intestine is filled with regular waste - feces, so toxic that we have a strong aversion causes the thought of them. It is clear that regular bowel movements is a necessary condition for health. Here to perform this important body conditions and needs in the tissue. The main purpose of eating foods rich in fiber - is cleansing the body of toxins and impurities. Without fiber complete purgation is almost impossible, if not impossible.

There are two types of fiber:. Soluble and insoluble

Soluble fiber is found in fruit pulp, in beans, peas, carrots, oats, flax seed, and especially in the seeds of chia (Salvia columbariae).

Due to its jelly-like consistency soluble fiber collects and how to stick together all the waste passing through the intestines. Certain soluble fibers, such as pectin, contained in apples, guar gum or found in oats, legumes, mango and chia seed to slow the absorption of sugar contained in our eating habits, and thus reduce the risk of diabetes. Insoluble fiber is primarily in the green, as well as in the skin of fruits, vegetables and legumes, nuts, seeds and corn husks ...

... In this case an insoluble fiber acts more efficiently any sponge, as it can keep the amount of toxins, many times greater than its own dimensions. Therefore, I call insoluble fiber "magic sponge».

... Toxins enter into our body not only by breathing, eating, drinking and through the skin. Most of us have no idea what a huge pollution comes from the dead is our own body cells. Knowing that the tiny cells, many people mistakenly conclude that the addition of the obsolete cells to the volume of waste in our body is not essential. However, according to studies, 98% of the total number of atoms in our body are replaced every year! This means that our bodies should be obliged to withdraw about 35-50 kilograms of dead cells annually. If this does not happen, the dead cells begin to decompose slowly poisoning the body more. If we do not consume enough fiber, then at some point, the accumulation of waste can exceed the speed of the body to get rid of them.

Just as well it is impossible to clean the kitchen without a sponge, the human body can not be cleared without fiber ...

... I think that inadequate intake of dietary fiber is the main cause of aging people. Take a look at any wild animal: it is difficult to guess the age of the deer, zebras and giraffes. They look the same, whether they are 2 years old or 15 years old. Only in the last few weeks before his death in wild animals begin to show signs of aging. But the age of the people are often easily can be determined with an accuracy of up to 5 years. At the same time, I saw a lot of people who look much younger than his years, because the care of the cleansing of the body.

From the world of the last century, a huge amount of research on the role of fiber in the human diet. We have clear evidence of its many healing properties. Here are some of them.

Fiber: strengthens weak heart; It lowers the level of cholesterol, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease; associating carcinogens prevents many different types of cancer; It reduces the risk of diabetes and improves the health status at the already existing diabetes; stabilizes blood sugar levels by slowing its absorption; It strengthens the immune system; supports the healthy intestine, it helps in the case of constipation and promotes regular bowel; It prevents the formation of gallstones; It supports normal intestinal flora; limits overeating and desire to lose weight; bind excess estrogen; prevents ulcers ...


... The extraordinary ability of living organisms to regenerate - it is the only force that can heal any disease. All other healing techniques invented by men, can be successful only if they are designed to help the body's natural ability to self-regulation. The human body can be healed only when the lymph, blood, hormones and other components are kept within certain optimal parameters.

The physiological process of holding the body at the appropriate level for optimal health, called homeostasis. Этот процесс необычайно сложен, полное понимание его механизма уходит далеко за пределы наших трехмерных представлений.

… Этот процесс тесно связан с эндокринной системой. Гомеостатический баланс зависит от жизнедеятельности эндокринных желез. Если железы не выделяют необходимого количества гормонов, гомеостатический баланс организма нарушается и может начаться заболевание.

… Вот почему эндокринная система нуждается во всех питательных веществах, включая витамины, аминокислоты, углеводы, основные жирные кислоты, минералы и микроэлементы. Присутствие всех этих веществ в организме является обязательным условием здоровья. Зелень для этого подходит лучше, чем любая другая пища.

Пониженная кислотность

Гипоацидность — это состояние, возникающее, когда организм не может производить адекватное количество желудочного сока. Пониженная кислотность оказывает неизбежное разрушительное воздействие на пищеварение и нарушает всасывание питательных веществ, необходимых для здоровья. Большинство минералов, включая такие важные, как железо, цинк, кальций и витамины B-комплекса (фолиевая кислота и другие), нуждаются в определенном количестве соляной кислоты, чтобы был возможен процесс их всасывания.

Отсутствие соляной кислоты ведёт к недостатку питательных веществ и, следовательно, к болезням она должна разрушать все вредные микроорганизмы, патогенные бактерии, уничтожать всех паразитов и их яйца, а также грибки, которые попадают в организм через рот.
Таким образом, если количество соляной кислоты в желудочном соке недостаточное, то сопротивляемость организма к инфекциям и паразитам снижена.

Есть много болезненных состояний, которые связаны с низкой концентрацией соляной кислоты в желудочном соке. Вот только некоторые из них: избыточный рост патогенных бактерий, хронические грибковые заболевания, паразиты, болезнь Аддисона, рассеянный склероз, артрит, астма, аутоиммунные расстройства, депрессия, дерматиты, диабет, рак желудка, экзема, метеоризм, болезни желчного пузыря, желудочные полипы, гастрит, гепатит, базедова болезнь, остеопороз, псориаз, розацеа, язвенный колит и крапивница…
… ни один человек не может быть здоров без нормальной концентрации соляной кислоты…

… Эксперимент в Роузбурге продемонстрировал, что регулярное употребление зелёных коктейлей оказывает ощутимое оздоровительное влияние, нормализуя концентрацию соляной кислоты желудочного сока. Поэтому те, кто пьет зеленый коктейль, должны ожидать: улучшенного усвоения питательных веществ; меньшей вероятности возникновения инфекций, паразитов; избавления от аллергии; общего улучшения состояния здоровья.
… увеличение энергии, исчезновение мыслей о самоубийстве, стабилизацию уровня сахара в крови, более регулярное опорожнение кишечника, исчезновение перхоти, бессонницы, полное прекращение приступов астмы, исчезновение обычных симптомов предменструального синдрома, улучшение состояния ногтей, ослабление пристрастия к кофе, повышение либидо, очищение кожи и многие другие…
… участники, которые хотели похудеть, сбросили от 2 до 4 килограммов, а те, которые хотели поправиться, смогли набрать до 1 килограмма…

Закисленность организма. Cancer. Ощелачивающее действие хлорофилла.

… Более 75 лет назад Отто Уорбург получил Нобелевскую премию, открыв, что рак вызывается ослабленным клеточным дыханием, когда клеткам не хватает кислорода. Согласно Уорбургу, недостаточное клеточное дыхание вызывает ферментацию, приводящую к понижению pH (кислотности) на уровне клетки.

Производимая в процессе ферментации молочная кислота понижает клеточный кислотно- щелочной баланс (pH) и нарушает способность ДНК и РНК контролировать деление клетки. Затем раковые клетки начинают размножаться.

Другими словами, основная причина рака – закисленность человеческого организма…

… Позднее, прочитав много книг и статей о важности баланса pH в организме, я поняла, что «плохой» холестерин, липопротеин, вырабатывается печенью, чтобы связать токсины и дезактивировать кислотные отходы определенных видов пищи, таких как жиры и животный белок…

… Мы пытаемся получить как можно больше солнечных лучей и поэтому свели к минимуму купальные костюмы. Однако лишь немногие имеют представление о жидкой форме солнечного света – хлорофилле.

Хлорофилл так же важен, как и свет солнца. Никакая жизнь на Земле невозможна без солнечного света, и никакая жизнь невозможна без хлорофилла. Хлорофилл – это жидкая солнечная энергия. Употребляя хлорофилл, мы, в буквальном смысле, купаем наши внутренние органы в солнечном свете.

Молекула хлорофилла удивительно сходна с молекулой гема человеческой крови. Хлорофилл заботится о нашем теле, как самая внимательная, любящая мать. Он исцеляет и очищает все наши органы и даже разрушает многих наших внутренних врагов, таких как патогенные бактерии, грибки, раковые клетки и другие.

Хлорофилл содержит значительное количество кислорода и, таким образом, играет важнейшую роль в поддержании аэробных бактерий. Поэтому, чем больше хлорофилла мы потребляем, тем лучше становится наша кишечная флора и общее состояние здоровья…

… Было доказано, что хлорофилл помогает предотвращать многие формы рака и атеросклероза. Многочисленные научные исследования показывают, что вряд ли существуют заболевания, при которых нельзя было бы улучшить состояние с помощью хлорофилла. Чтобы описать все целебные свойства хлорофилла, мне пришлось бы написать целую книгу. Поэтому я составила список, в котором содержатся только некоторые из многих целебных свойств.

Хлорофилл: повышает уровень гемоглобина в крови; помогает предотвратить рак; обеспечивает органы железом; ощелачивает организм; противостоит пищевым токсинам; помогает при анемии; очищает ткани кишечника; помогает очистить печень; способствует улучшению состояния при гепатите; регулирует менструальный цикл; помогает при гемофилии; улучшает образование молока; помогает заживлению ссадин и воспалений; удаляет телесные запахи; противостоит бактериям ран; очищает зубы и десны; устраняет дурной запах изо рта; излечивает больное горло; является отличным дополнением к полосканиям после оральных операций; помогает при воспалении миндалин; амортизирует язвенные ткани; смягчает болезненные геморроидальные шишки; помогает при катарах; оздоравливает сосудистую систему ног; улучшает состояние варикозных вен; уменьшает боли при воспалениях; улучшает зрение».


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