Born the youngest. How to help your elder

In a family where there is a child (or several children) born baby. There are many small details of a new life together, which should take care that this life proceeded peacefully, with love and joy.
About adaptation older child to the birth of the younger written many articles. It seems that all they recommend possible to save his older habitual mode, bring him to the care of the baby, do not send to the grandparents and ask them to do farming and younger, be prepared for setbacks. That's all fine and well, but there are many small details of a new life together, which also need to be concerned that this life proceeded peacefully, with love and joy.

So what can we do for:

To ensure the safety of

The two-year son of my friends once decided to help parents and as quickly as possible to carry the baby whimpered my mother. Of course, I could not resist. Fortunately, nothing happened, but I always remember this case, when you want a few minutes to leave the room. Better to take one of the children with them.

Engage children

It is very important to my sons were in the future, and love to communicate with each other. Most children in the early stages to help - tell you how to interact with each other.

I propose to include older kid in the game: for example, he is Allie, and leaning on the arms of a baby - happy Toto. Pretty soon you can start to roll the machine to each other or the balls, build towers, and play in a hurricane or giants. Senior likes to be a bridge under which passes the train, or trainer who shows lvёnku like crawl through a tunnel from a collapsed foam-mat, overcome obstacles and carry something in your teeth. It appears all the more reason to be proud of themselves and how adoringly follows him baby, and with his younger brother binds more and more pleasant emotions.

Do not miss the occasion to emphasize the love to the younger sister or brother. However, four months to specifically look for reasons usually no longer necessary.

Very useful pronounce that not only older all the time necessary to wait and give way. "No, Lisa, I first do the hair Masha, and then you Ponos on the handles, a little patience" - something you can always say, even if Lisa quietly babbles something his rattle. And when it starts to crawl, you will need to help Masha save her favorite zoo from utter ruin. At the same time you can tell how to act in such cases - for example, offer one of the little girl is very attractive for her toys

. If Lisa is still unhappy sister intervention often helps to recall what she was doing at the same age. Senior child is usually happy to listen to stories about themselves, and they are gradually helping him to understand that the baby and his behavior - it is a natural part of life

. Born the youngest. How to help your elder?

Pay attention to the older

In general, the advice to pay attention to the older - a common place, so focus only on a couple of details.

Often somehow lost sight of the fact that the birth of a baby gets older is much less, and would need just a little more tactile contact. I try to hug or kiss her son almost every time come up close enough for this, even for a second. In the evenings, many people like to massage, you can simply pat on the back, legs, head ... Wow often hold a variety of fighting with Dad. And feel the comfort and security-in without an adult involvement can help different nests of blankets and pillows and a hammock - we hung sling to a sports complex, but there is a nest hanging chair and industrial production

. It is important that the child was guaranteed private quality time with her mother, tied to a specific ritual (laying down for the night, morning awakening, walking ...).

In addition, a peaceful environment is very conducive to the preventive focus - joint session before the mother needs time to junior. If I lay the baby soon, I'm trying to work out intensively with the older something interesting. Each child it can be something of their own, as long as this activity was really valuable and give impetus to further creativity, then, filled with love and care, it will be able to play quietly for a while himself.


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