The rules of HEALTHY eating, Katsudzo Niche

Rules of healthy eating.

The most important among the rules is to abandon the harmful, stimulants, toxic substances. These include alcohol, especially taken on a regular basis. Alcohol is a deadly poison to the immune system. It destroys personality, creating the illusion of lifting force.

Only by restricting alcohol, you can recall the rules of a healthy diet. Here they are.

1. Train yourself to drink water constantly (up to 3 liters per day).

For 1.5 months every half an hour drink 30 g of water.

2. Never eat in pain, mental and physical malaise, fatigue, fever, elevated temperatures, any discomfort.

It is better to refuse food or to lie down before eating at least half an hour, but the best solution is to replace food with water.

3. Eat only when feeling hungry.

Not to confuse hunger with appetite, for 30 minutes before eating discipline yourself to drink 200 g of water.

4. Do not drink during meals.

Water leaves the stomach after 10 min. after taking, taking with them the diluted gastric juice, which inhibits digestion.

G. Shelton advises to drink water 10-15 min before meals, 30 minutes after taking fruits, and two hours after a starch meal and 4 hours after the protein. Drinking while eating leads to poor chewing of food. Liquid products — milk, juice, even water — you need to "skip" through saliva, supporting them a bit in your mouth before swallowing.

5. Do not consume cold drinks and meals.

The cold interrupts the action of enzymes. They do not stand out until the temperature of the stomach rise up to normal. The injured stomach from cold drinks and meals. Eating ice cream is to put a piece of ice in soft tissue of the stomach.

6. Do not eat too hot food and drinks.

It deprives of the energy of the stomach, impairs the tone of the tissues and weakens its ability to mechanically affect the food. The gradual weakening of the tissues of the stomach leading to thinning and perforation.

Both high and low temperature inhibit the secretion of digestive juices. The higher the functional ability of the glands of the stomach corresponds to the body temperature not exceeding 40° C.

7. Exclude from the diet foods containing purine substances and allogarage grounds (coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, extractive meat broths, including in the form of cubes, smoked) — all of these products have toxic effects and contribute to the formation of high amount of uric acid in the body.

Give up all refined foods (flour, rice, cereal, barley, poppy); from products, saturated fats, are the enemy of the cardiovascular system; refined sugar and products in which it is present.

Instead of industrial sugar is recommended to use honey, dried fruit, sweet fruit and vegetables. If in the human diet this is enough the body does not need industrial additives.

8. Eat mostly natural, raw foods — raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, seeds, fruit.

On the virtues of the natural product we have already spoken.

9. Eat simple foods, including a few types of products.

Experience has shown that when once used one kind of food, we eat less. For example, only carrots or only apples, or only turnips. We eat one or two things and well fed. But if we eat two kinds of vegetables, such as carrots and beets, we would eat twice.

Diversity — a boost to gluttony. Too many products at once complicates the process of digestion. Simple food is digested better and less load on the body. In the stomach on every product produced juice with certain enzymes. A large variety of products at one time stimulates the appetite, leading to overeating. Diversity is fine, but make a variety of foods should not at the same time.

Previously, there was mono, when a day or two ate the same thing. In certain conditions a short-term mono-diet had some merit. But for a long time to stick to it do not: it is monotonic, there are not enough component parts, necessary for all body cells. So we are talking about the fact that the most effectively to digest the food, consisting of a single component in one go, for example, in the morning — the starches in the afternoon or squirrels in the morning, potatoes in the evening — the cheese or the egg.

"We are a nation of gluttons, and our overeating is largely the result of a large number of dishes put on the table. This practice highly encourages appetite and taste sensations... we eat two to four times more than is required... We continue this practice, yet the appetite is not perverted and will not be our formidable Lord" (Shelton).

10. Start the day with juicy fruits.

Fruits contain solar energy, oxygen, vitamins, sugars in their most healthy and ready to assimilate form, pleasant to the taste. They are easily and quickly digested. But they do not have complex proteins, and most of them are low in calcium and vitamin A. the Fruit is not a universal food, and live on nothing but them, no one can. But if we add 2-3 walnuts at a time, this will significantly increase the value of fruit diet.

Fruits should eat in their natural raw and whole with the skin and seeds. It is unwise to make juices from them. Fresh fruit better than dried. But in the winter you can soak the dried fruit and use them as a first course along with the infusion.

Canned fruits are practically useless and are just sweets. They must "drink" then, as sugar and alcohol. It is best to eat fruit in a separate admission, and the lowest diversity. Three fruit at a time can satisfy the needs of any person.

11. Be sure to eat in one day at least one big serving of salad.

If you eat 3 times a day, eat 2 times green salad. Lettuce indispensable in the biological human Diet. Fruit they can not be replaced. Green leaves supply the body with complex proteins. They contain various important vitamins — A, b, C, a alkaline salts, especially iron and calcium in easily digestible form. The green substance (chlorophyll) essential for the perfect supply.

Salads have to be raw, to consist of no more than 4 vegetables, be eaten without salt, vinegar, oil, lemon juice or other seasonings. Particularly suitable for such dishes cabbage, green lettuce, celery, cucumbers, radishes, onions, tomatoes, watercress, parsley, greens radishes and turnips. Cabbage is the most nutritious product. It contains 10 times more calcium than lettuce, and is absorbed better. Onions should not be eaten in large quantities like other spicy vegetables.

12. Eat nuts and seeds as the main source of protein.

Any nuts contains enough protein; if the nut is small, it can be compensated by the proteins of green leaves. Nuts and seeds also contain rich reserves of minerals and vitamins, digestible fat and sugar.

13. Eat fats in moderation and in unheated form.

Fats (butter, vegetable oil, sour cream, etc.) inhibit digestion, especially protein digestion, thereby increasing the fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract. And this leads to congestion of the liver and kidney toxins (poisons). Fats should not be consumed along with proteins — meat, milk, fish, poultry, nuts. They are allowed bread and cereals, whose number is also better to cut. Fats should be added to foods only after cooking.

14. Boil a few from the types of products and not for very long.

This recommendation is for those who are not yet ready to completely abandon the heat treatment of food. If it is connected with diseases — ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, colon cancer, etc., that cooked food should be combined with drinking a freshly prepared juice or tea from the leaves of black currant, raspberry, rose hips, persimmon. It is useful sometimes to replace meals with juices.

To cancel the laws of Nature and of life is impossible, and their violation always leads to disaster in the form of an incurable and serious disease.

If you must take cooked (unnatural) food, health System Niches recommends following this for a cleanse, take a contrast shower or air bath, because in the presence of oxygen is not formed salt of oxalic acid. Be sure to combine cooked foods with raw vegetables (no pasta, no potatoes). While raw food should be 3 times more than boiled.

There is no doubt that an exclusively raw diet is most ideal and healthy. Who else is not ready to accept it, must be able to process the food, bringing her the least harm, and of course, stick to the rules of the System of the Niche — there are always boiled in the presence of crude (for example, 100 g boiled and 300 g raw, 150 g fish 450 g of vegetable salad 3-4 components).

15. Chew and moisten with saliva any food.

Solid or liquid food thoroughly with saliva processed as the result of chewing, once exposed to the digestive juices does not accumulate in the stomach, is easily digested, absorbed. Its undigested parts are not subject to rotting and fermentation. In addition, the body spends less of their own energy on the digestive and excretory processes.

This will allow you to reduce its volume in 1,5-2 times. The stomach can't work properly if it does not appear to be a certain amount of food, which is not only nutrient supply, but also waste after digestion. How many should we have?

System Niche strictly recommends: Breakfast to cancel completely, your food take 2 times a day — at noon and in the evening.

"Morning is the time not for intake, but for relief, writes K. Nishi. — Just this morning a well-cleaned colon. This is the time when the body cleans itself. It is foolish to fill the gut with food, when they began to destroy it. It makes their job just stagnant."

The habit of eating three times a day is widely accepted. Rather, it is dictated by social conditions than physiological needs. In the past no nation had such habits.

16. Systems of our body requires a short period of time, or "health hours".

Not everyone agrees with this, although even those whose stomach is working 2-3 hours a day on the walls of the colon accumulates from 3 to 25 kg of sediment. Therefore, the shortest and most reliable way to eliminate diseases and General improvement is the post.

17. Avoid excessive infusion of proteins.

All foods rich in protein, should be imposed only as a small Supplement to vegetables. Even better absolutely to exclude from the use of meat, eggs, mushrooms, cheese, cereals and legumes.

18. Do not take excess amount of food, as this leads to overload of the organism and its forced labor.

Violence against nature always leads to disastrous consequences.

19. Reduce the use of salt, and in cardiovascular diseases eliminate it altogether.

In table salt are only two trace elements — chlorine and sodium, as sea salt in them than 64, and all of them are necessary to human body. Such vegetables as garlic, onion, leek, horseradish, radish (roots and greens), perfectly complement the combination of all natural salts and can serve as a substitute for salt. Seaweed also can be used to prisalivaya food.

Instead of salt you can cook, gomasio: 1 part grinding sea salt is mixed with 12 parts of ground (in coffee grinder) sesame or flax seed, you get a wonderful product that enriches soups and salads (sprinkle with salt ready meals on the table).

20. Eliminate the use of harmful and useless vegetables and fruits, as well as poppy, tobacco, belladonna, nightshade, mushrooms.

Harmful fruits and berries are those that contain a lot of poisonous Savelevich reason (rhubarb, gooseberry). There are also poisonous mushrooms that are especially dangerous.

Acidic fruits are healthy, but they should not be consumed in excessive amounts. For those who have hit the liver, harmful vinegar and medicinal acid.

21. Follow the right combination of products.

It should be remembered that digestion is subject to the laws of physiology and biochemistry. When menus for healthy and sick people must take into account certain physiological limits of the digestive glands, enzymes and juices. Good digestion is possible only with the right combination of products.

G. Shelton, the Creator of the science on the proper combination products — orthotropy, gives the following recommendations.

  • Never eat a concentrated protein and a concentrated carbohydrate at one time.
This means: do not eat nuts, meat, eggs, cheese and other protein foods along with bread, cereals, potatoes, cakes, sweet fruit. At one time you should eat eggs, fish, milk, cheese, another bread, porridge, noodles (if you are unable to give them up).

  • Never eat carbohydrate and acid foods at once.
Do not eat bread, potatoes, peas, beans, bananas, dates and other carbohydrate foods with lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, cranberry, tomatoes and other acidic fruits.

  • Never eat two of concentrated protein in one meal.
Two proteins of different species and different composition require different digestive juices and different concentrations. These juices are secreted in our stomach at the same time. Therefore it is always necessary to observe the rule: one protein in one go.

  • Never eat fats with proteins.
Cream, butter, sour cream, vegetable oil should not eat meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and other proteins. Fat inhibits the action of gastric glands and inhibits the secretion of stomach juices by eating meat, eggs, nuts.

  • Do not eat acidic fruits with proteins.
Oranges, lemons, tomatoes, pineapples, cherries, Kweli plum, sour apples can not eat meat, cheese, nuts, eggs. The less complex food mixtures, the simpler our meals, the more efficient our digestion.

  • Do not eat starches and sugar in one go.
Jellies, jams, fruit butter on bread or in a reception with cereals, sugar with cereals — all this causes fermentation, and then the poisoning of the body. Usually a party with cakes, chocolates, pastries lead to vomiting, disease, especially in children and the elderly.

  • Eat only one concentrated starch in one meal.
If two types of starch (potato or porridge with bread) is used in one session, one of them is assimilation and the other remains intact in the stomach, as the cargo does not pass into the intestine, delaying the absorption of other food, causing its fermentation, increased gastric acidity, belching, etc.

  • Melon should always be eaten separately.
  • Milk is better to turn in a fermented milk product separately to take or not take at all.

Fat milk for some time prevents the allocation of gastric juice. Milk does not digest in the stomach and in the duodenum, so the presence of milk the stomach does not respond with secretion, interferes with the absorption of other food.

One of the main tasks the right combination of ingredients to prevent fermentation and decomposition of food in the intestines.

The basis of every meal should be fresh fruit or fresh vegetables. If the food is for you exclusively in its raw form is unacceptable, it needs to be raw for at least three quarters. And never forget about the right combination of products!

In salads do not add any vegetable oils or acids. Acids hinder the digestion of starch and proteins. If you write add emulsionnye fats, the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach becomes weak or absent. Fats also interfere with protein digestion. Better salads, if you must, and vegetable juices also. The juice of cabbage and other vegetables, added to food, strongly increases the secretion of gastric juice. In addition, juice markedly increase the content of enzymes.


It's interesting:

These procedures on the system, Katsudzo Niche — treat, cleanse and rejuvenate!The fact that alcohol in small doses may be useful, is a lie.

The hardest thing in the body to digest fats. Cabbage juice is almost completely opposed to the inhibitory effect of fats on gastric secretion and gastric motility. And grease even in small quantities slows down the secretion of gastric juice.

Fruit eaten along with the usual food, despite their high nutritional value, will turn all that food in the rotting mass, as the fruit in conjunction with other products easily roam. Best fruits to eat alone, and sour and sweet and sour at once, but sweet in another.

To grasp the fruit require 65-80 min. If you take them together with food, which requires for learning a few hours, the digestive process will be disrupted.


Author: Maya Gogulan


Source: Maya Gogulan


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