Eat to live. Part 2

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My own path to the power supply system was going through personal revelation and frustration. The current version was fixed 5 months ago, after I returned from vacation, but the effect is so obvious that I decided to share it now. Maybe someone my approach will also be close.

This is the second part of the material. Read from the beginning: Eat to live. Part 1

2 weeks in Montenegro were held under the banner of cleansing retreat. It was decided eat only vegetables and fruits for 10 days and nothing more. Plus drink water, of course.

I knew I was unlikely to ever return to the raw food diet itself, far too much sectarianism in the power system (at least it was in my practical sense), but the fact that the unloading fruit days can carry enormous favor, I do not doubt at all.

The calculation was correct, the body happily responded to this approach. I returned to town a completely different person, which starts the 90-days a week, will run every day and do many more things, but first and foremost, I was faced by a question of food. I wanted to keep the lightness and freshness, which gave me a cleansing retreat on a regular basis, but not by switching to a raw food diet, which I wasn't ready.

At that time I already ate a lot of fruit, trying to keep your diet clean from chemicals, preservatives and junk food, but something was missing. Something wasn't right. In the afternoon I was still sleepy, mood and tone "jumped" from super happy to tangible declines and fatigue, which are regularly something seized.

Justified by the fact that I work a lot and it is normal that "as little as possible", and indeed, there is nothing wrong to eat cake when you're sad, or to drink wine when you're stressed or just when you met up with a friend to chat.

Fortunately, I understood one thing – if I will continue in the same spirit, all I get is the same result. Nothing will change. Is that brand of wine and a cake. And I needed other changes. Real. I continued to believe in what you can be easy and clear for the entire day, not wanting to sleep after eating, lots to do and not get tired, keep a very high pace moving forward, look good and in General, to realize their full potential in all spheres of life.

I knew that you should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but do not understand how to do so, to combine them with the main meal, be satisfied and not to create unrest in the stomach, which instantly arise when the wrong use of fruits.

The decision came. I literally had an Epiphany.

A response to my many inquiries into the world of personal healing was the next approach to nutrition:

The first half of the day – only fruits, the second half of the day – main meal + vegetables.Most importantly, there is a lot of fruit, but always before the main meal.And the funny thing, after the fact, when it switched to the new regime, I came across a full description of this approach to diet Tony Robbins. Has become easier, so at least someone can justify "why it works".

Fruit give a burst of energy, good mood, cheerfulness, freshness and time easy to digest, whereas the food balances and fully saturates, but also easy to digest, if her not to interfere.

In order to repair itself and recharge the internal battery of the body is essential to rest from the digestion process.

That's the whole recipe, thanks to which I got rid of Jora, taste loss (this is when it seems to be eaten, and anything else you want), daytime sleepiness and mood swings (which I was obsessed in the period from 15.00-17.00 day), lost weight (7 pounds in 3 months) and most importantly, calm down. Realized that it was my balance. But it's worth it.

The crux of the matter is that fruit we should eat. They can act as a full meal.

Today my diet looks like this:

Breakfast (after sport) – fruit (slightly);

12.00 – fruit (fill);

14.00 – fruit (fill, but only if hungry);

16.00 – fruit (fill);

18.00 – staple food: cereals/grains/legumes/fish (rare) + vegetables and herbs.

And I can easily skip any of the meals a day (fruit) and will not even notice it especially. I try not to eat anything several hours before bedtime. Except maybe tea and some sweetness, like dates or dried fruit candies, or even a salad if I go somewhere and before go to bed, but I try not to abuse this opportunity. It's not the daily rate.

So, in order.

Immutable rules healthy supply 1. Asking questions of healthy nutrition, it is necessary to understand that there two equally important components: 1) you're not eating and 2) what you eat.

Not all people understand how little just give up on the hazards. It is very important that you end up eating every day. To abandon animal protein is not enough, if the Foundation of your diet is fried foods or starchy foods. Even so-called healthy vegetables or tofu.

Personal illustration.

What I don't eat or drink:

— The meat.

When people ask me what's the reason for my refusal, whether this is due to the fact that I feel sorry for animals, I answer honestly: "Animals do not mind, plants are as alive as animals, but there is still something wrong. I don't eat meat because I feel sorry for myself."

Even if not to emphasize the question of the quality of the meat that is sold in our stores is a product that a very long time to digest. Moreover, this process is at the expense of our vitality, this fact is personally enough for me to meat never to return. Although animals too, to be honest, but it didn't come immediately, and was the basis of my transition.

— Fast food, snacks, chips, sugar water.

It's called capacious word "threshod". Literally "garbage". The lowest form of food, so to speak, which causes the state to indoctrinate and full of stupefying.

— Semi-finished products and all kinds of canned food (all banks).

I learned to read labels and it helps.

— Roast.

At home I keep the oil (even salads) and especially don't fry. Everything is prepared only on the water or in the oven. Moreover, fried is bad, so it still is one of the main stimulants of food addiction.

Milk – all types.

With milk, I got even once and have no regrets. Thank you Asia, for pictures where people don't even know what a "quark", the word they have in the lexicon (!), but the bones are all intact and calcium is enough.

— Flour (especially yeast), artificial sweet.

By leaps and bounds I have made a point. Again, this is the strongest hook on which is firmly seated a huge number of people, and I was no exception. This infection is the cause of the accumulation of mucus in the body and all sorts of fungi, in General, rare stuff.

— Onion, garlic.

It is a natural antibiotics, which adversely affect the microflora of a healthy person. Also exciting taste of the food, they lead to overeating.


Do not drink since July, not going back again. This is a real breakthrough to be clear since the morning without any doping.

— Alcohol

Also closed this topic. In my 20s I had a beer at work at least once a week (everybody was drinking, there was such a ritual), cognac on gornoliznie (I'm terrified of now is writing) and a Martini at the club. 26 I knew all kinds of cocktails, and in 28 years began to understand wines and champagne. This "experience" and the "knowledge" gave me nothing, apart from a fleeting conditional joy, which inevitably gives way to the morning devastation. All cardinal changes began exactly when I decided not to.

Everything about restrictions: I have a right to make an exception in any aspect. If I end up in the Himalayas or any other situation where no other food but bread or meat I eat it and I will have fun, but (!) and this is a very important aspect – I don't do indulgences in everyday life. Do not eat means eat. Moreover, much of the above I no longer want, such as meat or coffee, not to mention processed foods or fast food.

What I eat:

— Fresh fruit (every day!) – just fruit. No salads or, God forbid, yoghurt dressings.

Again about the fruit – they should be a full meal. Not dessert, not a snack but a full meal. If it's lunch, then I eat a pound of grapes at a time. Fill.

— Fresh vegetables and greens (every day!) again without oil, high soy sauce. The issue of vegetable oil, including cold-pressed olive, I have studied thoroughly. In a nutshell – we need such oil is not needed. Without it much easier and more powerful. Furthermore, I experiment with oil on the raw food diet, when I thought it should have. I'll never forget the greetings from of your liver, when I was seized in the night. Since I clearly learned that oil personally, I don't need. And found that a large amount of evidence in the sources (although, I admit, and a lot of opposing views – but I made my choice and happy with the current results).

I quietly eat the food with the oil somewhere in the cafe if I'm not home (I don't have any goals to break away from society), but in his usual diet, I refused to salad dressings and began to eat much smaller portions than before.

- Legumes/grains/cereals, cooked at home the most simple way without oil and seasonings. Only with soy sauce. My favorites are rice, buckwheat and red lentils.

Fish, steamed without oil, no more than once a week.

At the time of this writing I have not eaten fish for like a month, but I won't call myself a vegetarian as long as you make a decision to switch completely to this type of food.

For me it is very important not to slide again in a stupid vegetarianism, and go only when I'm ready to eat the mind: that is, when the diet will be dominated by fresh fruits and vegetables and I will safely eat without animal protein, not thinking about food. So I'll wait the natural course of events that this decision came from deep within, as well as with meat once many years ago. Although the bells on this subject so very loud lately.

2. Breakfast only after exercise, dinner 3 hours before sleep at least

About Breakfast written very much, again, read Bragg. The point is that in the morning our body is in the active stage of purification and he doesn't need to interfere, the more dense food. The tradition of heavy morning feasts is rooted in the peasant life, only modern man does not consider that his ancestor had time to dawn the garden to plow and good to osmocote, then to treat yourself to a mess, God forbid, butter.

Again, as a child I never wanted to eat Breakfast, and then I used to, so much so that coffee could not start your day. Now I remember with a shudder, as today it is nothing for me to not have Breakfast until 12.00 hours, and if you want to 14.00. I even do not feel hunger.

In other words, immediately Wake up is good. At least an hour after waking up, when you washed, did exercises and gave myself up.

I usually eat Breakfast in 3 hours. If I got up at 6.30, the first food will be about 10. After all the morning rituals, including Jogging and swimming.

3. Fruit is a food that cannot be mixed with other foods

Fruit is the best food that you can only afford to come up, but they should be able to eat. If you mix fruit with cooked foods, eating too heavy food that does not have time to digest, then you simply will not understand what is their strength, feeling only the inflation and fermentation.

Fruits are a source of natural sugar, which completely covers the need for "something sweet." That is enough fruits a day saved me from daytime sleepiness, desire coffee, and General dissatisfaction in eating when on a full stomach still something I want.

The crux of the matter is that fruit we should eat. They can act as a full meal. But for this they must have a lot (in traditional thinking).The main change that helped me to find balance in nutrition is:

the first half of the day — fruit, afternoon main meal.

About the fact that in the winter, no fruit even do not want to listen. It's December, in the presence of fresh tangerines with a taste of the New year, amazing different varieties of persimmons, until now, the Sultana grapes of this vintage in good quality, bananas, apples and much more.

Declare that summer in Moscow a selection of fresh fruit, more and better than in tropical Asia. I say this only as the man who, first, have something to compare from a practical point of view, and secondly, who eats fruit every day in large quantity. Here is a small list: cherries, peaches, plums of different varieties, nectarines, watermelons, melons (different and delicious!), figs, bananas, grapes, berries, oranges, apples and so on and so forth. Plus just fabulous tomatoes in season. The whole list is much longer, and some plums — dozen varieties. Not to mention a variety of grapes.

4. The principle of food combining: proteins and carbohydrates do not mix

Roughly speaking, the rice and fish have to eat separately. The essence of better digestion, lack of fermentation and other things. We're back to the fact that when the body is able to quickly digest eaten, he is resting and recovering, but if we prevent compound products, you are in a constant process of digestion. Hence, less energy, lethargy, tiredness, out of the blue.

Practically it looks so: rice + vegetables or fish + vegetables or legumes + vegetables. And vegetables preferably fresh. But bread with meat or pasta with seafood – all healthy diet is not.

5. Moderate portion sizes. Breaks between meals.

Sometimes I think serving sizes in restaurants is not made with the purpose to please us, they say, look, what we're being generous, and this is on the level of technology. Maybe they have specially in the marketing plan written is to provide large portions, so that the stomachs are stretched, to want more is there to come to us again to a major food is always ordered dessert.

There should be less. Our strength is restored when the body is not digesting food. Hooked on food, the average person chews constantly. Hence the conclusion – you control your portions and between meals.

6. Food you cannot drink

You need to drink before meals (1 hour) or after (2 hours), otherwise the liquid will interfere with the natural gastric juice in its work. Again for details to the original sources, I'm talking only about the essence.

In this story I was again amazed by the restaurants and their desire to increase average check. You understand that permanent peresprashivaniya the waiter "What will you drink?" is not that other, as a guide for maximum monetization of your order, but served it all with sauce "eat dry not good."

I quite often just order food, drinks and literally kicking in some places from this issue, which sounds many times. But it creates a strong feeling that it should be: food + drink + dessert.

By the way, you may be thinking about soups.

Soups in the Russian sense, where everything inside ponameshano floating in the broth – it's bad for the same reason – it is hard to digest. Only soups are not as critical.

In fact – I don't eat soups at all, with rare exceptions, when it's soup. (But not bread, crackers and other attributes.)

By the way, the theme of meat broth and the relevant distant from me, but still. Did you know that in Thailand, for example, when making a soup with meat, make sure to do it in a different broth than that in which the meat is cooked? Please note! There's a lot of open kitchens – this picture always in mind. Oh, this toxic stew, the broth from the bones...There is something stands very harmful, and the broth is quickly digested, the liver does not have time to filter. So there is this liquid is not necessary.


The Foundation of my diet is fresh fruit. It's literally 70% of my entire meal. Dense food I eat once a day and grains/cereals/legumes or fish with fresh vegetables and herbs.

But it is important, how and when to eat that food most easily digested. My finding was a diet on the principle of the day — only fruits, afternoon main meal. It allows me to feel the vigor and satiety the whole day, not to overeat, and to keep the body and mind in clarity.

What else gives me such an approach to nutrition is the absence of fanaticism or of any separation from society, which is important to me after all the experimentation with your life. My friends eat what I want, and some people are not even aware that I have some rules about food. I can knight of what to eat for yourself at any restaurant (although I prefer to schedule meetings in tested vegetarian cafe), can also easily make an exception for any of the items and not crumble. I know I eat well, because that's my current choice based on my own practice, and not some dogmatic necessity for happiness.

Author: Olesya Novikova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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