Drevneruskogo Cap – deep images of drop caps

Twenty four million nine hundred fifty one thousand five hundred fifty eight


— AZ (a). God living on Earth sotwares. But there are other depth images: the primordial, the source, the one, the only, man. The image could change if a different way of narrating, had a different structural significance. Below these two images interacted, they had to coordinate with each other. Why were images of reading, and between the matching images. Now we have protogenia and consonants. But when they say the vowels in modern man there is no question – what do they say? If the letters are consonants, consonant with what? In the letter, as in the Runes, each subsequent effect on the previous one, so the rune word were read one way, and the way its structural values that were read in reverse order. So here, the images of different kind, but the essence is the same. The primordial, the source is also a movement, a direction to this image.

— The gods (b), later replaced by beeches. The letters have no numerical values because there are many Gods. The image of the letters - many, a superior form that dominates something. Shortened form of writing "B" (dominant, larger). For example — constellation B. dipper. Once there is more, then there is something less. These forms laid down in our ancestral memory and understand them can anyone, no matter where he lived. Because it all comes from a single proto-language.

— Lead (in). A lot certain (prevalence) collected together; certainty; orientation; the link between the two systems (between past and future, between light and dark, between the emission and absorption, etc.), i.e. it is a relationship. "Veda" is wisdom, knowledge is the whole range of ALL — colors, smells, tastes, sensations. A numeric value of 2 corresponds to number of related systems. Only the present moment, it as not.

— Glagoli (g). The movement, a discharge direction. When a person has spoken, he directs his thoughts to someone or something, i.e. the transmission of information is carried out as follows: emitter (mouth) — stream of audio information (speech, Glagoleva) receiver (ears). At the same time the verb implied the Trinity — send audio form, shaped form and a hidden (secret) form, i.e. thoughts. Therefore, the numeric value 3. If the person just says, he's talking, but not speak.

— Good (d). Acquisition; accumulation; mnozina; sozdannoi; located on something; moreover, that is; superior (superior form) anything. At the same time "Good" means completeness and harmony created; growing form. "Good" meant also "exaltation, uplift, prosperity". Compare – "D" is the integrity of the (three side and one on something) and full development (harmony) of a person: body — soul - spirit - conscience, that is, here and there four-element structure. Therefore, a numeric value is 4.
YES! - when we have something prevails over the original (divine), it is always affirmative (approved) form. And we in this case say: YES! (i.e. "Good" + "AZ"), prevailing over the original, it is (prevalence) have already appeared. Change the images in some places.
AD - good is not dominant over the original. The original (source) is under dominance. HELL, as opposed to Divine is human. The opposite structure.

— Is (e). The form of existence of Being (to be); being in this reality; being in the manifested state; what is the scope and perception, visual and sensual.

— Am (ye). Variety, diversity, multidimensionality, megastructures, discussion and reasoning, in relation to a specific point of discussion (a point can be ALL).
The use of different letters, like the same sounding words, gives different images:
Ate - AM via (ate, ate, ate, stovali) — i.e., the acceptance of diverse forms of energy.
Just through THERE — existential (pregnacare) form; the fact that pre-started (say, barely started, barely reached), i.e. it is not a perfect form at the level of being.

— Life (W). This means not only life, but the existence of life forms; relationship sets; conversion(pre-education, the original creation) and transformation(changing something); nucleation and growth; the achievement of a certain limit beyond which there is a new Path to the new limit (evolution, mutation). Life is multifaceted, diverse, and diversity may not have a numeric form.

— Zelo (dz). Not only means very, super, much, but ito that is beyond our understanding; beyond our consciousness and imagination; the fact that we still don't know and what we do not yet know. In other words, all outside the framework of perception. It is, however, interrelated, arises (exists), but for the understanding thereof is necessary to rise above ourselves today, i.e. to develop.

— Land (s). The universal structure, multi-dimensional form: what is included in a certain system as an integral part; what lives in contact, in contact, in the planet.

— Others (). Union, Union, unity, harmony, balance. All paths converged at one point, and they are harmonious. Way OTHERS: balance (harmonious) life of life.

— Igei (s). The true life of being harmonizes with the Universe. Vertical line — the connection of heaven and earth; the point above. Therefore, the image shows the connection with the highest, the most high (original) point.
The world we create a thought structure, ie it is the universe itself. The WORLD+I(WORLD) — Universes (United worlds).
"i" in Latin – a small universe, that is, people. Therefore, still in English, which is based on the Latin, I — Y. If you take starokadomskii of the book, it says Jesus, then rewrote Such modern spelling of Jesus. Ie he attributed a divine origin, although in the same book he said that he is the son of man.

— Init (). With two points or with a line at the top that points to the limitations of space - the harmony of our true approved and created, i.e., already given in a certain order.
The word
(the wisdom in making a single decision) in this case characterized it communal forms of existence of our ancestors who from time immemorial lived in a community, the world.

— Herve (Gah). Unknown, but manifested. This letter is always found in the so-called udivitelnyiy (now the exclamation mark) and was used for the expression denote something wonderful, but at the same time, and strange; that was not determined by some characteristic feature, but this way it was impossible to describe.

— Kako (K). Merging three-dimensional (j) a person (a) 'edinyaet it with another light structure (K), i.e. defining as "it is he."

— People (l). Graphic image of the letters is composed of three components — human, which limits a portion of the space; the relationship between heavenly and earthly (human) and the world, which is inhabited by living beings. Taken together, this letter L (ye people).
If "kako" is the volume, here's a contact volumes, because every person that restricts a certain part (volume) of space. Ie some separate parts together into some kind of something, completed the likeness of the one.

— Myslete (m). Man (man) lives in the outside world, but at the same time, and in his inner world (thinking), i.e., there is access to a new level. In the chart of letters, sort of connected the two "orientation": L+L=M. as a result of this relationship, the image of the letters MYSLETE: thought, to think, to think, to ask (for support).

— Our (n). Mineralizirovannye thought - the embodied image, self-existing. Ie, we would have added yet another embodiment (sphere) to the previous one.Our that which exists in us; with us; within us; not outside of our perception. Based on this image, the word NOT is not fully formed structure, within our own world, not outside its boundary. The idea is, but we cannot touch it. It is beyond being, but within us. Therefore, if the child is told NO, he can't hear, what's inside you, he does not perceive. Don't go — he perceives — go. T e this form is not the perception that exists by itself.
Oblivion - not our existence; beyond the sphere of our being; there is no (absent); someone else's existence outside of our sphere (circle).
Net - alien form of being (not) located in one of the elements (water) for the creation of the case (b). The net, as we know, is not a natural part of the aquatic environment. He is Not a Water and thrown in an alien environment for him to catch fish.

It (the debt.). Someone, something, something being in a particular state, separated from the earth, but for us is already manifested. IT is not the form of our inner world, but who have some connection with us.

— Chambers (p). The interference of one world to another world always causes a conflict situation. And how the two scales, these worlds are trying to come to equilibrium. But if these bowls are back, the original balance is no longer needed. We'll get the REST. These struts (p) for two interconnected worlds (JCE) is given in the state of stable equilibrium (s), i.e., when all movement ceases, pressure.
The dead man is the one who is at rest, not moving. The ashes - the one that got away from primordial and became separated from him.
When a person knows (knows) and acts according to this knowledge, not directly from him, it is Behavior, i.e., follow his leading.

— Recycled materials (R). Talking, speaking, speech. But here, unlike glagoleniya, there is a hard (power), a clear form of presentation of verbal information. Speech - to divide, to differentiate the conventional antagonistic concepts (true — not true; grain — tares, falsehood — lie), breed them in different directions.

— there is sharing that clearly defines the shape that defines the concepts of uniformity, structure, form.
DIALECT - the distinction between (R) wisdom of two spheres (PSBs) Glagoleva (g).

is not our speech, but similar in primordial with China (YAT), and she already was (i) manifested. Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish and so forth is dialect drevneruskogo language.

— Word ©. When they say something in the process that creates the sound (vibration) structure, which contains podnesu form (information) and carrier (carrier). This structure is the transmission of audio information, as we know, emanuelsson, where "C" is the connecting form; "L" — guide from one sphere to another, the combined wisdom of the PSBS. We have no system, and the dual structure of the two spheres, ie is a vibration penetrating into various areas of the world. Therefore, the word we asiainternetservice idea (the idea embodied in vibration), which gave the coexistence. Therefore, "from the song words can not erase" — will remove the vibration and it will not be a song.

Firmly (t). The Trinity in our world of Reality and another two areas (the worlds rules and Navi). The concept of "firmly" means approval; determination; a certain structure, a certain limited space, Reveal and Navi.
The graphics of the letters T, I, — a basis (the relationship of earth and heaven) that overlapped the middle Kingdom (–), and delimited edges (||), defined a framework defined by areas in which all of this has a certain instruction. Therefore, if we consider any phenomenon, event, displayed in the word where is "firmly", it gives a measure of approval.

— UK (y). Form that defines an interaction with someone or something (to simplify the form) because any interaction (trying to understand and accept another point of view) inevitably leads to simplification. Imagine: there is some structure, and "Uch" indicates a figurative interaction, where the one or the other involved in this structuring.
Freak - a person who is under the protection of the family ("freak" is the first — born, beautiful in Belarusian).
Decree - at the beginning (source) of something (letters read by the images: uky+AZ). To about VIII century letter "wky" was not clean (phonetic) pronunciation of "I" and diptongo — "Uwe" (wisdom), if it was under stress. And therefore — "" if you were unstressed.

Oak (OA). If the image "wky", "near something", "OUK" - a form with its foundations, structure, content (on) just before something (wky).
RUS - ricoma (R) u (y) word © is created (b). This interpretation does not convey a true image, because it lacks substance and content. The Latins wrote Ruthenia (rosania), so there were Ruthenians. But there were Pomeranian ROS, the ROS of God, Chervonaya Rus Silver Russia, White Russia, Small ROS.

— ricoma (p) the particular form (OUK) word © is created (b). Or Vice versa — existing (ü) the word © of some form (OUK) recom (R). I.e. there is a determination about the presence of the integral structure with its foundations, concepts. Or, to put it simply, we are talking about the people (community) speaking the same language, one word (speech). By the way, let's not forget that in different areas of our ancestors pronounced the diphthong "OU" is different: the Rus, ROS, rous, but the writing was
i.e. through "OUK".
What is the writing of words — is the meaning of the image: how Oknitsa (what image send), and Respond (what you get:
) told in the old days. Later steel and AKAT and ukat.
Is now a lot simpler interpretations that the word Rus comes from the fact that in this area lived a blond (Rus) people. But this word was written through the "Uch" blonde (blond head) and the sovereign form through "OUK" -

Firth (f, TV.). Letter "Fert" refers to the disclosure of the underlying values of the sense, giving the opportunity to "get to the bottom". Image — the importance of the fact that has a specific meaning, to stand forth (hands at side). When the definition of the letters was connected to the structure definition is the definition of interaction:
Fu - structural form defining the specifics. "Ugh, Russian spirit smells".
Fi - nothing representing a structure, beingness. "FIE, what a Bimbo".
Fact - the open and understood by fact (f) incident recorded event (act).
Fig - an empty path. Still talking SHISH to you, the cross of the fingers, the road to nowhere.

— Hier (x). The intersection of the defining values (x), celestial and terrestrial interconnect structure (Yat) for utterance (p) and in temporal extent (b). Well - the gathering of celestial and terrestrial forces in a harmonic form.
Praise is Val (collected in one completeness) and that all the intersection (x), from the earth to the sky-reaching (a).
Chlieb (via YAT) — associate, assemble earthly and heavenly power (energy).
Hula - reflected (distorted, false, human) information.
Ha - binding earth and heaven, and the Gods who lived on earth (positive energy building).

— From (from). In the chart the letters "ot" we see the merging of two structures: "om" — W "firmly" — T a certain.

(VETO) — a wise abutment. When we received the original structure of the stable, then always write
(REPLY). When the structure was outside the veto, that was
the primordial. Therefore, the image of the "OT" meant the structure emanating from a point.

— Qi (C). System definition (C), of mutually binding earth and heaven (Yat), limited by limit. The image – goal, purpose (specific objectives).

Shut up - striving to the limit; to something nearby.
Therefore - something to aspire to with the definition of specifics.
Chicken - the one who appeared from the films (eggs).

— Cerul (CH). Hell (BLK), follower () people (l) creative (s). The image - distinction of certain orders. Scarlet, devil, devilry, i.e. that which is outside perception. We don't perceive because our perception is limited to a single field, which itself has a higher limit.
Cury - the boundary sentinel (h) inhabited territory (ur) sotvaras (b), i.e. kummir Chura — guards of the Frontier. But when I say: Chur, Chur me! without "er", it has appeal to a protection force and Ancestors for protection.
To avoid (something)- to be closed by a protective force, not a synonym of "afraid", as it is now I think. Pure (gold) — outside the normal spectrum of the yellow metal, i.e. red.
Black - below, the unknown, not reflecting.
The devil is signified living outside of perception, since there is approved. Karamzin has corrected this spelling.

— thinking in time, conjure celestial and terrestrial forces.

— a wise man ("brow").

Child - beauty (CH) God's (a) good (d) add (o), i.e., created good by the Gods and manifested in a new form.

Sha (W). Beyond certain boundaries, certain images of perception; a certain breadth (square) structure.
Prank - people beyond a certain level of behavior.
Shaky - a condition not fit into a certain space.
The connecting rod (bear) — dropped out of the defined limits of behavior.
Shaman - the person operating the space.
Bump - changed the structure in space (takamalirawo tree).
Our - what we do not know, but it knows the Gods (ancestors).
Balloon - a certain limited space.

— Shta (u). The space enclosed by some boundary, limit; a protective form.

The forest - specific measures (cha) limit (schA).
Shield - a protective form; made for the protection of the dense material.
Sorrel - protective (medications) functions of forest plants.
Koschei - the Association (ka) protective (u) forms of life (e), connected (s) with something unknown, i.e., who unites us to unknown form of life, being.
Comuni - finding about the stored knowledge (uny).
Comuni false information, which is used for the protection of his interests.

— Er (CD.). Hardness in the concept of approval of some action occurring at a certain control (implementing necessary actions — sotvaras) .
PASTY - Complete Purification of their Own Bodies sotwares.
Kriky (shout) — short, quick action.

— Ery (s). Many, multiple action, multiple structure; created away from a particular place; connection.
Some photos of other people, not relatives, from other genera. The word Inye, interpreted as the set (s) unknown (n) set (s) shown (e). In other words, many created by someone unknown that appeared unfamiliar, alien.

— Eph (e cu.). Created, established, existing, natural (life, God-given: in the Genus); furthermore, the natural structure after certain initials meant not only the execution, but the continuation of an action a certain value.
Holy (Naga) — created by Naga (naked). But people fundamentally do not want to wear clothing, and continues to exist in a purely natural form, called a beggar.
Goals (naked) — meant not only the concept of "naked", but complete inactivity, parasitism (golydba).
Bony to go anywhere. The stench is an unpleasant feeling (as a continuation). Won talked about unpleasant people (won have come and gone).
Any (now: it) — man (man) exists. They (they) — came men whom we know.

(Ohe) — the coming of the women whom we know.

Enti - those about which we have heard.
Om – created and the existing vibration. The name of the river.

— Yat (s). Divine communication; interaction of celestial and terrestrial bodies.

- a certain (in) interaction of celestial and terrestrial structures (ive) to delimit (p) initial (a); Veda RA (abbrev.) — light Wisdom.
(North) — this is faith.

— Yun (on). Graphics letters: sphere (circle) and the outside is in contact (connected) with it. Contact; the relationship of tangent; touching, with a certain relation to something to the whole, or outside a certain range of things (knowledge, attitudes, traditions) .
Young (young) — similar, but not yet included in a certain circle (circle of adults).
Vynyl (youngster) — are in the process of learning wisdom.
The vyun (eel) is the one who is twisted, but is not a part of the whole.
God's fool - fallen outside the circle, having a relationship, but living in their structure (not that kind). Freak - someone who is an integral part of the kind and endowed with his power. Remember the proverb — "every family has its black sheep", i.e. in any family there are always first-born child (firstborn). Further, because of the phonetic similarity of words an elementary substitution of concepts: beauty (freak) turned into its antipode, and the outcast (fool) began to be revered as saints.
Yula - that rotated out of our environment was our top.
To play up - behave podobashe to strangers, not our way.
Nimble - beyond certain rules (of engagement).

— Tsar (a cu., I). The homogeneous structure. The relationship of the heavenly (i) and the earth (a), but the relationship is very subtle (contact), where each exists by itself, although this is the concept of the same kind.

(yard) — a structure in which the width of the created (concluded) in some form. Proverb – "every merit in your yard", i.e. each determines what his relationship with his family, traditions, culture. This relationship depends again on the person.

(core) — one structure integrates (ia) good (d) light (RA). Earlier these words denote concepts: arms, gut, bosom, bosom.

something of the earth have violated the integrity (the relationship). Earlier "plague" called wounds, cuts, wounds, suffering, trouble, misfortune, as well as the person who inflicted pain on another.

— Edo (s). Touch to the whole, but it received only a part.

(iegd) — when the structure is touched to the whole.

(jedenascie) — that they touch; the relationship between living on earth and heaven level.
ADENOSIE - unity on earthly level (human relationship).

— Om (about). Lights; the creation; the continuation of the movement and existence outside of matter, we know before the end of this structure or not.
Ктw? Чтw? - the process of development, which will continue after we get answers to the questions.
Кwca - what (K) limited visually, but the continued (w) said © ancestors (a). The coastal spit. We don't see it fully, but it exists and under water.
Braid - what onaya (certain, specific). Maiden scythe.
Cysa (braid) is a tool for cutting grass (Lithuanian). mower, Caesar Cooper. Previously, 85% of the words were accented on the first syllable.

— Eny (e nose.). He; structure that defines the upward (outgoing in the heights).

(ezyk) — the people, the tribe (the General concept).

(esice) is the representative of our people, the tribe.

outcast from our kind (esice no).

— representative of the existing alien people.

— (technic) created by unknown person (Yazici, no).
All these terms are binding to the earth (existential) life. And does not explain whether the people with divine wisdom or not. Simply States that they live (exist) on earth.
God honors the people will
added the link of heaven and earth.

— Ode (mu, Yu). Divine, inherited (word of mouth); correctness, rightness, intimacy, harmony. Desno right.
The phonetic sound of the letters "od": e-quick bow. Previously — EY sound (Yu). Therefore, the word of mouth phonetically pronounce as eusta (yusta).

— gives some rules specific events. And all this, as it is a divine birth abutment, i.e., rules that have evolved over many generations. Hence justice.

(yuzyk) — narrow, poor.

— stupid, foolish.

The image shows the letters — all that we perceive around you — this will be the "ode".

— ETA (e cu.). Graphics: the connection, the relationship of letters, IGAI and ANY, i.e. added the connection of earth and heaven to the structure defining the image. If
— General definition of people,
— honor traditions and Gods, related to us according to certain criteria (our people). We've been there. About other people we may not know but its all we know. Therefore, the image of "ETA": the knowledge (pointing to form).

(edro) — speedy, quick. Vigorous — fast acting.

(Edie) — go to the next track (with the conductor). But
— go for the unknown who or what.

— OTA (cu.). The rejection of anything unknown, but the existing (unknown, interrogative form).

(aduge) — where from?

(adieu) — where, where, which way (tell me specifically where to go?)?

— Ksi (COP). Spirit, come (v), evolving on earth, passing all the stages (S), and goes on (~). This letter was spelled out anywhere, where there was a definition of spirituality, definition of the power of the spirit. He defined this structure, the image. Spirit is the refuge of all (life, light, purity etc.). Everything connected with the spirit, the spirituality, determined the letter "ksi". It is a figurative value remained to our time.
There is a Greek term: xenophobia - fear of spirits. Our ancestors were not afraid of the spirits that can be seen from the examples.

(OKS) — think of your spirit (not to soil it).

(Xenia) — the spirit that lives in being, which we know. Ksen — spiritual shepherd in Poland.

(legka) — carrying the spirit of the Lega.

(Alexa) — o(n) lay – the spirit of God.

Psi (PS). Graphics: I () + V (connection of two structures) = (the triune form of: spirit-soul-conscience). The image of the soul and all that belongs to the mental plan, order, forms. Psychology — the science of the soul. Kennel from the word PES (PES).

(pseudo) — not belonging to your soul.

— FITA (f..). The unity of the spirit, merging, nature. This form is met when there was a Union, contact, penetration of one into the other.
In Latin FITA — Ph. And note that alkaline balance - Ph. Phantom, ephemeral was written through the fit.
Fajno - beautiful on a soul level.

— Izhitsa (th, u, Yu). The movement of the fruit, harmonious distribution.

(hypostasis) — the essence, nature, nature.

The truth – ground truth, Stina - a universal truth.

— IZH (y). Reflect the characteristics of the movement time (the measure of time) .

(Mir)- the smallest particle of time, which was used by our ancestors. Phonetically it sounds short, concise: "Mir" because highpressures as "short" (s). And at the same time it divides, measures, gives the notion of spaciousness, vzaimoraschetyi. In addition, this letter was used to show the structures of the antipode (white-black, time space). Note that even the font style of the letters reflect the principle of the mirror reflection: d+E. Therefore, our world (being) — a structure measured, large (e) — "macrocosm". And the other, opposite, small (d) — "microcosm". This structure is marked as if the time and combination.
Sweet and sensual appeal to the loved one (wife).

short — term (unconscious) appeal to another woman. This form applies to a particular person only for a certain period of time. "Honey, let me go", "my Dear, write on the ticket" "my Dear, where you're going!". Before evil may not personservice, i.e. the same word can carry both positive and negative sense. published

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