How easy to memorize a lot of information

Mnemonics - a way of storing information. I will try to summarize my combination of different techniques for storing large of number of words, numbers, chess moves, and any other accurate information.

On the development of this technique will take no more than a couple of hours. It will be interesting to see the eyes of others who have just lost a couple hundred a bet with you that you do not remember 50 digits with a single reading.

I'll start with the fact that after an evening trenerovok, the first time I was able to memorize 40 numbers with the first reading, now I can not remember more than 100 digits from the first reading. And remember, most phones your friends use this method consistently.

Let's start with the first method, "Method Places" or "Method of Cicero┬╗
Suppose you need to memorize a list of 10 words. This can be done very easily using the technique places. In what way? We have a lot of walking on the street, walk, go to work, etc. memorizing the terrain, without even noticing. This will help us. We now turn to practice.

All of us have a route that we are well know and remember, such as apartments, to shop or stop. And so we take this route and mentally go through it. During a mental walk, we will arrange a list of words that we need to remember.

Take for example the list:

The first in the list of Egg and I like going out mentally from his apartment, represent a huge, fragrant egg. Try to provide as realistic as possible, using all the senses, ie, Try to imagine the smell, increase the size of objects of sensation of touch to it, and so

Then I come down and see the spilled milk, for example, to lick it off the floor cat. And so on, you can remember all the items sufficiently detailed presentation 1 and you can easily remember the entire list again mentally walking up along its route.

What to do if you want to remember for example the word "strength" or "inspired"? You must select an image that is more commonly associated with these words, such as strength of the mine is a fist in a circle, and inspiration - the image of the poet.

The second method, my revision of the method "Giordano┬╗

As I read a whole book about this method and found that the method can meet the Article 1, instead of the 90 pages of the book. The method is based on the encoding of words and numbers in the images. Let's start with the digits.

I tried to optimize the system "Giordano" under the Russian language, viz. We need to re-encode the numbers in the images, so that not even remembering the way, we could translate it into digital.

Here is an example of such coding.

Figure 14, break it down into individual digits one and four = RON glasses, so it's easy to convert all the numbers in the individual images on the first letter of numbers, with the exception of number 9, because this is the second digit, which begins with the letter D, replace it with the letter E, the second letter in the word nine. and thus the number 98 I have decomposed so dEevyat Eight = EB = Jew or EVA, is not always the first two letters can be the beginning of a word-image. Eg 77 = SemSem = CC = image of Hitler. Or 64 = = CC = ShestChetyre cat - this is probably the most complex image, images primmerno 80% under the scheme drawn up instantly.

Suffice it to 1-2 times walking through the 100 numbers and create for them a way how you can easily decode them back.

You can also store and chess moves, every cell in the moving image, for example A8 = AB = Aurora and move A8-A7 is in my view look like this: A8 = A7 = Aurora attacks AC = the pilot Asa on the plane.

How to memorize all these images?
System "Giordano" means a system of storage in the form of an image base. Example remembering a phone number 9114468187 for image-based, I took him to the owner, then you need to start on one side of the image and the images to hang on him-figures. This time I decided to go on, because my images that are more appropriate.

91 = SW = feather, pen I used to imagine in any hat, so I put it on the basis of image-hat with a large feather.
14 = RON glasses below put on the owner of the rooms are large, bright points.
46 = WL = cup, imagine that in all this he still drinks tea.
81 = IN = thief from Corman he pulls out a trifle man in black)
87 = BC = Whiskas, and at his feet eat Whiskas cute kitty.

presenting an image several times, it is stored for several months, enough time in 3-4 months to refresh the image and you will remember it for even longer.

You can also cross the encoding method "Giordano" and "Method of places", so you can remember a lot longer lists of numbers.

You just need to have the images-figures in places your mental walk.


You can also memorize and text, but it will still take more diligent Training. Try sometimes repeat your images so they will create stronger ties of neurons in the brain and the data will be stored much longer.


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