Russia - the birthplace of tea (3 photos)

It is for me quite unexpectedly, but first things first:

What Russian does not like tea or at least unfamiliar with the word. And with the word tea cup? You smile indulgently. Then here - cup and letter Y - chrevl. For tea and tea ceremony even a letter in the old ABC is provided.

Grapheme chrevl forms as though the cup, and represents a basic way to obtain and experience.

CHA in the northern regions of China means "young leaf". This word was used to designate tea in the IV-V century - just as when the tea began to make these the youngest leaves. Earlier born and our ABCs.

All this is certainly not born yesterday. And to give priority to the tea China and India unconditionally, there is no reason to. Somewhere in the depths of the history of the culture of our ancestors crossed, but no more.

Since ancient times in Russia possessed the technology of manufacturing tasty, healthy drink from narrow-leaved fireweed, popularly called Ivan-tea. Hence it matters and the name Ivan tea or just - Tea.

Since ancient times preserved Russian word for Russian tea.

Dictionary Dyachenko simple words overflowing with CHA. It CHA referred to the Russian language and chadorozhdeniyu and sorcery. Ivan tea assistant in men's issues and many others. He is truly healing and ritual drink.

ChAYati - wait, to hope. So much for the 'Chinese CHA ».

As we say: "Tea meet again" in the sense of hope svidetsya. People's expectations - people's expectations. On his wonder-drink hoped.

With regard to other peoples (Indians, Chinese), they simply adopted the name we drink to their botany and our translators and editors agreed with this story unless these things themselves and not made.

We were forced to forget about it, but after all Rus-Russia - the birthplace of tea!

Something from our know-how carried on by Rome, but something even in China. Derbanit story without pity. And here I'm not kidding.

History Ivan tea is mentioned in the chronicles of the XII century more.

In what was then the list of export our tea was listed under the name "Koporye tea" on the name of the village, founded by Alexander Nevsky. But the culture of tea production has a long history. Exports of Russian tea ahead of then-Russian "brand" - hemp, wax and furs. In fact, today the export of oil and gas. And this is about tea from Russia?

Koporje Fortress was founded in 1237. First mentioned in the Novgorod annals in 1240, when the German knights of the Livonian Order built in the churchyard Koporskaya wooden fortress.

In 1241 Alexander Nevsky repulsed at the castle of German knights. At the storming of the famous hero killed Gabriel Aleksic. Sofia First Chronicle narrates:

Bb same lѢto on vzvrascheniyu, pobѢdѢ of Great Alexander Yaroslavich, Toe same zimѢ paky priidosha from Zapadnyya country NѢmtsi and Chyud on Vod. And povoevasha all, a tribute to them vzlozhisha and srubisha gorod unto Koporje unto otechestvѢ Grand Duke Alexander Yaroslavich. & lt; ... & gt; The same lѢta poidee Prince Oleksandr at NѢmtsy on gorod Koporye, Sh Novgorodtsev and vzya gorod and NѢmtsy given unto Novgorod.

Koporskaya fortress is considered to be the second largest, after the Ladoga stone fortress in the north-west.


Later, in the XIX century, the plant Ivan tea came with us to the second largest exporter. Britain and Denmark have bought thousands of pounds of willow-herb. And in Prussia and France, he was smuggling. Article about it even entered the Great Encyclopedia Britannica. But England had huge colonies, including India, where regular tea was grown. But the English Puritans, who had the opportunity to compare and choose the best varieties of the world preferred to Ivan-tea.

In Russia tea liked least .... He was an integral part of the lives of our ancestors.

Dinner is clear to all, and in desperation, despair? The form of construction is the same word and meaning, as it were the opposite. But it was not always. Dinner this afternoon, when the Russian tradition is over an afternoon nap, had the same meaning and the ancient word despair. Remember the saying: "Tea drinking is not where the power. Drank tea - very weak "," Tea drinking - long live. " Poslechayny vacation also practiced.

BM Kustodiev "Moscow restaurant»

Today, Russia is unlikely to meet, although still in Soviet times, remained Tea: kolkhoz, soldiers ...

Culture of tea Russia developed independently and in parallel with the tea culture of Asia, while keeping their national tea ceremonies. Ceremonies and in Europe.

Artists drew a beautiful ceremony, but about Russian Tea silence. Why?

As the lost Russian tea

Britain, which owned vast tea plantations in India, bought each year tens of thousands of pounds Koporsky tea, preferring Indian - Russian tea!

So why, in Russia it ceased production as a profitable Koporsky tea? The fact that in the late XIX century, its popularity has proved so great that it became undermine the financial power of the East India Tea Campaign, trading in Indian tea! Campaign inflated scandal allegedly Russian mulled tea with white clay, and it is, they say, is harmful to health. So the owners of the East India Company decided to remove from the market the most powerful rival of the English - Russian tea!

The company has achieved after its been reduced purchase of Russian tea, and after the revolution in Russia in 1917 purchase of tea in Russia stopped completely! Center production of Russian tea Koporje ruined ...

After the collapse of the Russian Empire Russian tea matter is consigned to oblivion.

In southern China's English merchants took out a sheet entitled "T" from the Malay dialect of southern China - TE. With that and went around the world name. But in the northern regions of China's famous historical Russian word "tea" as čhā - «NA».

Chinese tea came to Russia in the sixteenth century, just as a gift to Ivan the Terrible. Well, compare the date of the centuries.

Now the strategic merits of the Russian Ivan tea

It begins with the history of the Slavic legends. Gods for the sins of the people spread the disease. It began sea. He responded to the pleas of the Slavs only one goddess - Globe-. Night sailed through the sky on a silver boat she dropped to the ground seeds of medicinal plants and in the morning, this place has blossomed Ivan tea ...

The peasant families in the morning on the table a huge brewed samovar with this drink. Everyone could during the day to go to the samovar, pour yourself a cup, thereby not only quench your thirst, but also to restore power. Tea allow farmers better withstand heat and work from morning to night without food. Therefore it keeps the country for the modern ear saying: "I look dine».

In the early 20th century Russian scientist, an expert on Tibetan medicine Peter Badmaev knowing the healing properties of willow-herb opened elite private clinic, a health center, a modern language, for VIP-persons, where on the basis of this plant and other herbs prepared teas and tinctures to treat diseases and overall health. His clients were the royal family, and the same Grigory Rasputin, and even the crowned heads of Europe. Badmaev himself claimed that his tincture of Ivan-tea will give him the opportunity to live up to 200 years. Popularity Koporsky tea again began to recover in Europe.

In order to permanently eliminate Koporye tea in Europe, the British decided to completely destroy the Russian tea industry. They did not run this time antireklamnuyu campaign, but simply paid VI Lenin. Badmaev, who was at that time 109 years, was declared politically unreliable and thrown in jail, his laboratory staff - were shot without trial, recipes - destroyed and production Koporsky tea is almost completely ceased. After some time Peter Badmaeva released, but the camera and torture undermined his health. Peter Badmaev soon died.

The Bolsheviks came to their senses. Realizing that the state needed to preserve the strong and healthy citizens, especially in the Red Army. Tea factory in Koporje was restored, and with him on the orders of LP Beria (!) Before the war opened a laboratory tasked with the development of drinks for the Red Army on the basis of Ivan-tea.

In 1941, the German army was advancing on all fronts. The most violent fighting was going on in a northerly direction, the Nazis were eager to Leningrad. On September attack of German tanks on Leningrad had been suspended by order of the commander of a strange group "North" General Field Marshal von Leeb - go to Koporje and destroy the object, code-named "River of Life". The order came from the destruction of Hitler.

The facility was an experimental laboratory that produced drinks at the old Russian recipe, which was based on Ivan-tea. German tanks literally demolished Koporye, treads of tanks destroyed the field Ivan tea. Superman shot everyone who was engaged in the beverage industry.

But why the German High Command postponed the assault on Leningrad and jeopardized the plan "Barbarossa"? In order to destroy the lab and lands Ivan-tea? A strange sense of order was in the unique properties possessed by Ivan-tea, as the usefulness of it ahead of all forms of food. The biochemical laboratory on the basis of a tea factory were working on the creation of a unique beverage that was supposed to increase stamina Red Army soldiers.

Thus, in Russia it has been completely lost as recipes Peter Badmaeva and recipes Koporskaya laboratory at the plant. Indirect evidence of this is the fact that senior leaders of the USSR, is very concerned about their health, instruct their Kremlin cooks to bottle cognac drink rose hips. After drinking a glass from a bottle at the reception, they quacked contentedly and poured next. Invited thought: "Our old people, health is still hoo!" If these leaders knew about Koporskaya tea and its properties, almost certainly they would replace my drink from the hips ...

There are a lot of plants, from which you can make tea, the matter is in the preparation process, the basis of which is the fermentation (fermentation), and the properties of each of the teas are determined by the plant from which it is prepared.

Ivan tea for its usefulness can only be compared with honey.

Ivan tea yields and high pollen and royal jelly, and propolis. A stems from strong fiber is obtained. And "down jacket" fireweed name is no accident: it's down to some of the villages today are stuffed mattresses and pillows.

All parts of the edible plants. Sweet rhizomes can be eaten raw, and, after drying, are prepared meal. The first sprouts are excellent on salads, to taste reminiscent of asparagus, but only the more tender and juicy. And the leaves - it is the famous, unique and fragrant Ivan tea does not contain caffeine, and purine alkaloids acids - the first polluters of the body ...

Russian people are daily using willow-herb as a traditional drink and have always been power, health, endurance, wisdom. Regular its use contributed to longevity.

This is not advertising, these are historical facts. If Beria himself to address strategic issues and issues solved beverage from Ivan-tea, of course, it is a strategic objective, not just the creation of fashionable Pepsi-kvas.

Infusion Ivan tea retains its medicinal and aromatic properties of the whole three days. While fathers regular tea - the Chinese believe that their tea after brewing after 20 minutes turns into a "poison rattlesnake." Since in the case of conventional welding after some time other than caffeine extractable begin such polyphenolic substances which block synthesis of many vitamins and enzymes in the body. Why is not recommended to brew black tea twice. This black tea is common in China for domestic consumption.

But it turns out, this lack of natural tea can be corrected if to add Ivan tea each welding at least a third of the total mixture.

Conventional teas are dried at a temperature of from 65 degrees to 85 degrees, and Ivan tea prepared by mild drying to 65 degrees with the maximum preservation of vitamins and mineral micronutrients.

The beneficial properties of willow-herb in the network lot of information.

Interestingly, the tea leaves of willow-herb does not stain the tooth enamel, and generally successfully made Ivan tea much tastier Indian or Ceylon. By property Ivan drink tea occupies an intermediate position between black and green in strength and healing. And if in this tea to add flowers, berries and dried fruits, the prices it will not!

Drinking Tea Ivan will be especially useful for women during pregnancy and lactation. Ivan tea comes to the rescue even babies while teething.

Healing properties of willow-herb is trust. Many generations of our ancestors "tested" on the drink itself.

In short the real elixir or panacea. Well done to our ancestors were, and unscrupulous people seek to write Slavs barbarians with primitive history. No wonder see England and the notorious Hitler destroyed our utmost Ivan tea.

What is the technology of preparation of Ivan-tea?

We should immediately stipulate that independent of its manufacturing requires skill and experience. It's like baking bread or cut glass. Everything seems to be clear, and it turns like a magician in the song Pugacheva. Here is the link for the sunken advertising Ivan tea.

If you try it just dry up and boil, turn the hay hay nonsense.

It is necessary to ensure that all processes in the desired mode. No wonder it was the export item, and headache rivals Russia.

And all this is a gift of mother nature, eco-friendly fortified foods. We loved the ancestors of nature and the nature of love themselves.


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