15 of the tea, which is known to every fan of the drink.

Tea is one of the favorite beverage of people around the world. In addition, it is very useful for health. It contains up to three hundred ingredients, including proteins, fats, more than 10 kinds of vitamins, as well as tea phenol, theine and lipid sugar. Therefore tea feeds the organism, regulates physiological processes and has a general healing effect. Tea is especially useful for middle-aged and elderly. If you can not imagine my life without this drink, prepared for you 15 facts about tea that you need to be sure to find out!

1. There are only 6 types of tea


Each variety of tea obtained by processing the same tea plant - camellia Chinese. Well, the inscription on the packaging of a "green tea" or "black tea" - it's just a recycling technology, by which received the tea product. Herbs and berries, which are added to tea, turn it into an infusion.

2. Is there caffeine in green tea?


As already mentioned, all varieties of tea prepared from the same plant, so the green tea contains not less than caffeine than black or any other. And to ensure that one tea contains more antioxidants than the other, no one can, as it depends on the quality of tea, the weather and other conditions.

3. What's more caffeine - in tea or coffee?


This is relative, because the caffeine contained in tea more, but since on one cup of tea drink we use less than coffee, in one cup of tea is obtained less than caffeine.

4. If you're worried about the caffeine content in the beverage


Perhaps you did not know, but leaf tea can be brewed again during the day. As a result, you do not just drink a morning dose of caffeine, and will receive the remainder of the caffeine in the leaves during the day.

5. Use only fresh water for brewing tea


If boiling water several times, on the walls of the kettle minerals begin to settle and form a scum. And out of the water is evaporated oxygen, which is needed for proper brewing tea.

6. Do not heat Maker


The only case where there is a need to warm tea using boiling water - this is when it is made of thick porcelain or very thick ceramic.

7. Do not pour boiling water over tea


If you do, you will burn tea leaves. Boiling water is suitable only for infusions. 65-75 ° C - this is when steam starts to appear, and vibrates a little teapot. 85-90 ° C - when the water starts to bubble.

8. Brewed tea, on the basis of the ratio: 1 teaspoon to 1 cup


Never add extra spoonful of tea. By adding it, you do not make the tea stronger, but he could lose its unique flavor.

9. While the tea is brewed, the cover must be removed


This will help to reveal the flavor is better, because the leaves are saturated with oxygen.

10. The order has a value of


If you drink tea, brewed in a teapot, pour the milk into the cup first, and only then tea. Thus, the milk is heated to the same temperature as the tea and drink will be fragrant. If you add milk last, then refrigerate the tea itself.

11. If you like a tea bag, the milk must be added to the end of


First, make tea and then add the milk, or fat from milk and tea leaves cover not brew.

12. Remove the sheet from the kettle after it is brewed


Do not throw the leaves, you can make them again later.

13. Do not wring the bag against the wall cups


So you do push-ups tannins, and tea becomes bitter.

14. Why is brewed in a teapot tea taste better?


In leaf tea wider surface of the sheet, resulting in a deep and rich flavor. Especially if you brew it in a large kettle, where the flavor is best manifested.

15. The perfect recipe for tea


Remember these facts and the rules of brewing tea to entertain their friends only perfectly prepared drink. And tell your friends about these boards!

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