Secrets of eternal youth by Ekaterina Andreeva 20 Commandments beauty.

Leading TV program "Time" Ekaterina Andreeva - a beautiful woman. As with every beauty, she has her own secrets, thanks to which it is always on top! More than 20 years of experience in television gave Catherine a lot - she realized that even the most hard work should leave the place in life for love. For self-love! This is the key to success in all areas, if one refers to himself with love and respect, then it looks great. According to the results of the Internet poll in 1999, Ekaterina Andreeva was recognized as the most beautiful leading Russian television. Sublime woman willingly advises all, how to preserve its natural beauty and look great, how many years have you ever been. Let's listen!

1. Go to sleep in the cold and darkness
18-20 degrees - above this mark must not rise the temperature in your bedroom. Cool, fresh air, cleanliness - friends of beauty and a healthy nervous system. It is important to draw the curtains on the windows at night - darkness is needed to produce the hormone melatonin in sleep. This hormone slows the aging process, helps the body to fully recover and relax in front of a new day.

2. 8 hours of sleep
Try to go to bed early, the best - at 22:00. Sleep 8 hours each day. Perhaps this is the first remedy for wrinkles. A man who sleeps enough time, always looks flowering.

3. Wake up without undue haste
The best time to wake up - to 8 am. Get up slowly stretching in bed, slapped his head, rubbed his ears. This will allow your body to wake up. Good exercise - circular movements of the head, the right and left. By doing this 100 times before getting out of bed, you will provide a rush of blood to the brain for the entire coming day. It works flawlessly!

4. Drink water
In the morning, be sure to drink a glass of clean water, better - slightly warm. Of course, the need to monitor the quality of drinking water, drinking filtered water. Remember that the water from the tap harm your health and beauty. 2 liters of water a day - the rate that you want to be sure to drink.

5. Drink tea
I do not drink coffee, but I love tea. I have the opportunity to drink green tea the best varieties, which is stored no more than 8 months. For this purpose, at home there is even a special refrigerator tea imported from China. Coffee - a specific drink to my liver and skin, he does not fit. A more gentle option - tea, I advise him to drink it.

6. Eat porridge
Porridge in the morning - the best breakfast. Fiber, carbohydrates that slowly dissolve, vitamins - the main advantages of cereals. I prefer cereal, boiled water, I love oatmeal with fruit and nuts, buckwheat and rice.

7. Watch your diet
Still, it is better not to eat after 19:00 - then your digestive system will rest at night, and not digest excess food. Give up canned, sweet, fat, salt and flour food! Believe me, gastronomic pleasures turn into a disaster for your health and, consequently, for beauty. Many people are surprised, but I do not eat meat. Fish, vegetables, cereals, fruit - the basis of my menu so I feel comfortable and enjoy a well-coordinated work of all systems of my body.

8. Choose organic products
As little as possible of GMOs and chemicals! Whatever food you may eat, stick to the golden rule. Please note that dairy products contribute to proliferation of fungi and bacteria in the body, reduce the protective functions of the immune system. Use milk and dairy products are not so often as you used to do.

9. Cook food properly
Even the best, high-quality products can be spoiled if properly prepare them. Try not to overheat the oil in a frying pan - otherwise it will emit harmful substances. Use your pressure cooker, pots with high blood pressure, multivarka ... These devices help to preserve vitamins and useful minerals in foods.

10. Give up sugar!
Sugar can be easily replaced with honey, fructose, dried fruits. Give up on this product once and for all, you will not regret! Healthy teeth, skin, stomach, slowing aging, improving the functioning of the brain you are guaranteed. But you must use salt, but it is better to replace common salt sea.

11. Weighed
Watch your weight, and you'll never have a problem with him. I have the scales, I weigh regularly - as soon as the extra kilogram, it does not go unnoticed. At the time the measures - a diet for a few days s all right! So you will always be in good shape and does not run itself, even if the cases will be very much. Sticking to post very useful. It is a personal choice, but I keep all posts and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays.

12. Doing sports
Train as falls can! I work out in the morning and in the evening after work. Yoga, fitness, pilates and tai chi - special wellness Chinese gymnastics - my favorite. Sports teach you how to control your body and give you a truly good health. Without sports beauty impossible!

13. Walk distance
Walking - what I love. I always try to go as quickly as possible, it is a good workout for the heart. Less transport, more walking and you will be slim and forever young!

14. Take care of skin
Find the best program of facial skin care and stick to it. I do not peeling, but I go to the sauna 2 times a week, and use expensive cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation - Oxygen therapy and energy massage skin silver ailerons. I prefer natural cosmetics with minerals.

15. Stop sunbathing!
Sun exposure is very harmful for the skin. Powerful UV radiation causes the skin aging problems with the immune and even skin cancer. Why do you need it? On the beach, use sunscreen, hiding under an umbrella, forget about tanning.

16. I do not smoke, but drink wine
Quit smoking, it is hurting your appearance! Leather miraculously transformed as soon as you will forget about cigarettes. If and to drink alcohol, the only dry wine - it really is good for your health, in reasonable quantities.

17. Less use cosmetics
Bright make-up of a very old, try to use less makeup. Neat skin looks great without foundation!

18. Educate family
To be healthy and beautiful, you need to train close to a healthy lifestyle. After all, only in a good environment may be on the right path of development. Together Exercise as a family walk, drink water, eat a healthy diet! Adherents always support and inspire.

19. Work!
The work extends the life years and keeps you young. Take your time to retire!

20. Be calm
Anger, irritation, stress ... From this woman grows old and becomes ugly. My motto: "Give me, O God, peace of mind to accept the things I can not change, give strength to change the things I can, and give wisdom to not confuse one with the other!ยป

Monitor their state of mind is just as important as for the external beauty. The principles upheld by Ekaterina Andreeva in matters of beauty - a godsend for women. I was impressed by the fact that the Russian beauty has lived for more than 20 years in a happy marriage. It should take the example of someone who was able to fulfill themselves in all areas of life! Tell us about your favorite girlfriends.

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