Chronicle of the failed Georgian "blitzkrieg"

Now, when the leadership of our country and our army continue to do everything possible to halt the aggression (and the elimination of its consequences and measures to prevent similar tricks in the future) against our citizens, we consider it necessary to place on our website chronicling the conflict, as well as eyewitness accounts and combatants.

Chronicle of the war, borrowed from

August 12, 2008

* 10:15 Russian troops are fighting 20 kilometers south of Tskhinvali This is reported with reference to the Ossetian militia.
* 10:00 "Gazeta": Sulim Yamadayev voyuyuet together with the soldiers of his battalion in South Ossetia declared in federal search Yamadayev allegedly fighting with his colleagues in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict ...
* 9:51 In South Ossetia, left the second column with humanitarian aid from Alagir in North Ossetia early in the morning of August 12 left another column with humanitarian aid for the people of South Ossetia.
* 9:50 Abkhazia proposes to ban Georgian army have its Foreign Minister Sergei Shamba urged the international community to ban Georgian armed forces have.
* 9:49 Georgian Prime Minister gave up on Georgia's western partners again reported a mass seizure of Georgian cities and expressed disappointment over the inaction of the West.
* 9:18 For a night in Tskhinvali and its suburbs were injured 12 people 10 people were under fire from Georgian troops during cleansing of the village of Nikozi. Two civilians wounded during a mortar attack on the outskirts of Tskhinvali
* 8:29 Abkhazian army entered the upper Kodori Valley
* 7:56 The Russian military is not involved in the fighting in the Kodori Gorge This statement was made Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Sergey Shamba
* 7:51 For the first time since the beginning of the conflict in South Ossetia in Tskhinvali night passed quietly According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia Murat Jioeva, the city still somewhere heard gunshots, but "the overall situation is gradually normalizing»
* 6:04 Abkhazia launched an operation to oust Georgian troops from the Kodori Gorge, reported the Ministry of Defense of Abkhazia
* 4:34 Two missing in Georgia Russian journalist found photographs of the magazine "Expert" Vyacheslav Kochetkov and correspondent of the magazine "Russian Reporter" Igor Naydenov are in the camp of Russian peacekeepers in Tskhinvali
* 3:55 Russia did not like the resolution on South Ossetia, Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that Russia will not accept the document prepared by France
* 2:24 US allocated $ 250 thousand for humanitarian assistance to Georgia is estimated Americans who have enough money to help 10 thousand people
* 2:11 protect Americans from the website Saakashvili Russian hackers US company Tulip Systems, which serves the site of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, is an unequal struggle with the attackers site by Russian hackers. Hackers is winning.
* 1:56 The US State Department has evacuated 170 Americans from Georgia
* 1:24 George W. Bush: Russia must immediately withdraw its troops from Georgia, Russia, Bush confused Georgia and threatened Moscow worsening relations with the West.
* 1:17 in New York, began a regular meeting of the UN Security Council dedicated to the conflict in South Ossetia on the Council to submit a resolution the French Foreign Ministry, offering an immediate ceasefire, medical aid to the wounded and the withdrawal of Georgian and Russian troops from the conflict zone.
* 0:56 West has prepared a draft resolution on the conflict in South Ossetia document will be presented at the next meeting of the UN Security Council, which will begin soon in New York
* 0:51 Russian Defense Ministry denied the report about Russian troops in Poti According to the ministry, "the city briefly visited exploration, which has left him»
* 0:31 Russian troops entered the territory of Poti This Georgian television said Georgian Prime Minister Vladimir Gurgenidze. According to him, the victims in the capture of the city was not

August 11, 2008

* 22:59 Russian troops withdrew from Senaki, Russian peacekeepers have eliminated the risk of attacks on the territory of South Ossetia and peacekeeping positions with the Georgian military base
* 22:50 Russian Defense Ministry denied the statement of the Georgian authorities about the attack on Tbilisi As the representative offices, these plans has been no
* 22:35 Saakashvili assured the residents of Tbilisi According to him, until tomorrow the capital of Georgia is not in danger
* 21:54 Saakashvili announced the seizure of Georgia by Russian troops, President Saakashvili said that Russian forces control most of the country
* 21:34 Red Cross met with the captive Russian pilot According to official data of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, during the fighting in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, Russia has lost four aircraft - three Su-25 and one Tu-22
* 21:00 Rogozin: Georgia has requested NATO suitcase bandages Georgia has requested humanitarian assistance from NATO in humanitarian aid only 5-10 thousand sets of bandages for the victims of the Georgian side in the conflict in South Ossetia, said on Monday Russia's permanent representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin. According to him, the number of bandages fit in one suitcase.
* 20:25 Russian military base captured Georgian Defense Ministry in the city of Senaki Deputy Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze said that the Russian military base occupied the Georgian Defense Ministry in the city of Senaki. Russia denies this information.
* 20:25 Saakashvili pulls troops to defend Tbilisi Georgian forces pulled together to Tbilisi to defend the capital from the advancing Russian troops.
* 20:15 Georgian Security Council: Russian troops seized the town of Gori Told Security Council Secretary Kakha Lomaia Georgia. Georgian Defense Ministry and witnesses in Gori denied this information.
* 20:04 NATO will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday with Russia The Alliance has agreed to discuss with Russia the situation in the conflict zone.
* 20:02 "News": Chechen commandos would comb the woods and fight with snipers Earlier in the conflict zone were sent two companies of the Chechen battalion GRU "West" and "East».
* 19:30 South Ossetia was sent specialists from the Criminal Investigation This measure is aimed at curbing crime in the conflict zone.
* 19:30 Federation Council called for an international tribunal on South Ossetia
* 19:28 ICPO Investigators started work in South Ossetia UPC collects evidence of the mass murder of civilians by the Georgian military.
* 19:28 Russian operators provide their services free of charge to refugees from South Ossetia
* 19:07 South Ossetia deployed two companies of the battalion "East" and "West" among the forces sent peacekeeping contingent in South Ossetia - two companies stationed in Chechnya spetszana GRU battalion "East" and "West". This information is disseminated the Defense Ministry.
* 18:55 FSB: Every day in South Ossetia began to come on 2-2, 5 thousand Russians unlikely that it comes to volunteers, as they cross the border without a weapon on a common basis.
* 18:46 Saakashvili: 'Georgia lured into the war, "Georgian President made another statement.
* 18:46 Georgian helicopters strike blows on the outskirts of Tskhinvali According to the testimony correspondent Reuters, 6 helicopters hit targets in the vicinity of Tskhinvali.
* 18:39 Germany allocates one million euros to victims in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict
* 18:36 The foreign ministers of France and Finland arrived in Vladikavkaz and Tbilisi Ministers decided to mediate in the peace settlement.
* 18:24 Israeli Foreign Ministry has asked the warring parties in the conflict zone stop fire
* 18:15 Russia has reserved 10 billion rubles for the restoration of South Ossetia The amount budgeted for 2009.
* 18:15 Russian peacekeepers continue to move deep into western Georgia, almost no resistance According to eyewitnesses, security forces have left the Georgian west of the country.
* 18:00 Russian peacekeepers occupied the Georgian village of Khurcha Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili said that Russian and Abkhazian military occupied on Monday, August 11, the Georgian village of Khurcha, Zugdidi district.
* 18:00 column of refugees from Tskhinvali came under fire strafed refugees near the village of Kurta.
* 17:50 Russian troops approached the city of Senaki This information was confirmed by the Defense Ministry.
* 17:45 Russia denied Georgian Foreign Ministry statement on the detention of Georgian civilians in South Ossetia
* 17:40 US diplomats take out his family from Georgia to Armenia
* 17:40 The Georgian Foreign Ministry: Russian troops advanced 40 kilometers into Georgia confirmed information that the Russian troops are fighting in Georgia yet.
* 17:30 Tskhinvali residents decided to name a street in honor of the city in honor of the Russian peacekeepers Russians call the street where Georgian tanks were hit.
* 17:22 Georgia has counted 19 Russian aircraft shot down earlier Georgian side claimed the destruction of dozens of special forces of the GRU. Russia officially recognized the loss of 4 aircraft.
* 17:17 US State Department: G7 countries urged Russia to heed the call of the ceasefire, voiced by Saakashvili in the framework of the ceasefire agreement Georgia continues to shell South Ossetia. The Russian side insists that no offers of Tbilisi received.
* 17:10 Georgian Border Police: departure from the country of Russian citizens no one bothers
* 17:02 All patients of the Republican Hospital in Tskhinvali to North Ossetia sent to the hospital building was almost completely destroyed by Georgian artillery fire.
* 17:00 Saakashvili put on a bulletproof vest during his visit to the city of Gori, damaged by Russian bombing of the Air Force, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili appeared in public wearing a bulletproof vest.
* 16:50 Russian Defense Ministry: Statements Mikhail Saakashvili of the ceasefire in South Ossetia are not worthy Earlier doubts about the significance of the many allegations of ceasefire on the part of Tbilisi, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed.
* 16:44 The Georgian Foreign Ministry: Russian Air Force bombed the airbase in Senaki
* 16:44 Russian Foreign Ministry called numerous statements about Tbilisi ceasefire nonsense The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the constant talk about a cease-fire to the actual suspension of attacks on South Ossetia is meaningless.
* 16:44 The Federation Council will initiate a parliamentary investigation of crimes in South Ossetia The parliamentarians decided to yourself to find out what was happening on the territory of the unrecognized republic.
* 16:39 Statements by the Baltic states and Poland to South Ossetia question the timetable for their contacts with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation did not like the terms of partners.
16:39 * Russia is not interested in the presidency of Saakashvili in the Georgian Foreign Ministry said that Russia does not matter whether Saakashvili will remain in power after the war, and is not intended to offset the Georgian president from office.
* 16:30 shot down a Georgian Su-25, attacked the positions of the 58th army and South Ossetian battalion near Eredvi on the destruction of the plane told ITAR-TASS correspondent from the scene.
* Column 16:20 Ministry of Emergency Situations with humanitarian aid arrived in Tskhinvali Russian rescuers arrived in the city in spite of the shelling by Georgia.
* 16:20 RF MFA: Georgia From hundreds of Russians do not produce more than 360 Russian citizens can not leave Georgia because of the fact that they do not let out of the country.
* 16:10 Russian Foreign Ministry: In South Ossetia killed 1600 civilians in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published new data counting those killed in the conflict zone.
* 16:08 Recovery Plan will prepare South Ossetia two weeks after the end of the fighting, Minister of Regional Development Dmitry Kozak called the approximate dates of commencement of rehabilitation works on the territory of the unrecognized republic.
* 16:06 Sarkozy will visit Tbilisi and Moscow, the President of France will discuss the details of a peace settlement with the heads of Russia and Georgia
* 16:05 Ukraine decided to sign an agreement with Russia on the use of the Black Sea Fleet in armed conflicts
16:03 * Russian President invited the head of the OSCE to send a mission to South Ossetia 1
* 6:01 Baku dispersed a rally outside the Russian embassy building near the Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan brought together about 20 people.
* 15:59 Medvedev: The tactics of peace enforcement - the only possible Russian President cited the example of the failed Munich Agreement in 1938. 1
* 5:46 Putin: Russia will not leave South Ossetia and after the war, Prime Minister promised that Russian citizens will not without the aid.
* 15:46 Georgia without warning cut supplies of Russian gas to Armenia "On August 7 the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation without notice 30% cut natural gas supplies to Armenia" - say representatives of "ArmRosGazprom».
* 15:46 Georgia has resumed shelling of the South Ossetian shelling continued about 15:30, after the signing of the ceasefire agreement, Mikheil Saakashvili.
* 15:41 Merkel will not cancel visit to Russia 15 August German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to cancel a visit to Russia and intends to focus exclusively on discussing settlement of the conflict in South Ossetia.
* 15:41 The Georgian Foreign Ministry said "the mass arrests of peaceful citizens of Georgia" in South Ossetia, Georgia says the arrests on her territories uncontrolled citing "trusted source».
* 15:26 Tskhinvali drinking water supply restored Water supply restored in spite of the destruction of infrastructure of the capital of South Ossetia.
* 15:25 Kiev has promised not to help Tbilisi military equipment Ukraine promises to help Georgia only humanitarian aid.
* 15:25 Sarkozy decided to make peace between the warring parties in the conflict zone, French President arrives in Tbilisi on August 12.
* 15:24 Georgian media found in Georgian refugees from South Ossetia on Georgian territory supposedly moved in 1400 refugees from the breakaway republic. Meanwhile, in Russia from the conflict zone out of more than 30,000 refugees - Ossetians.
* 15:20 Russia will have a one-time assistance to Russians who suffered in South Ossetia The Russian government decides to provide one-time assistance to Russian citizens who suffered in the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict, as well as compensation for lost property in the amount of 50 thousand rubles.
15:13 * Georgia lost two Russian journalists Two journalists of the media holding "Expert" are missing out on the territory of Georgia. This photographer Vyacheslav Kochetkov and correspondent of the magazine "Russian Reporter" Igor Naydenov.
* 15:12 Hackers forced the Georgian Foreign Ministry to move to blog
* 15:05 "First Channel": Georgia shelled the hospital in Tskhinvali, Georgian Air Force shelled the city, artillery firing on positions of Russian peacekeepers.
* 15:01 Russian General Staff and the government of North Ossetia on Georgia's side are fighting foreign mercenaries in the hospital in Vladikavkaz are foreigners who fought on Georgia's side and injured in the fighting in South Ossetia in the last few days.
* 15:00 British Minister for Europe Jim Murphy: Countries G7 «put pressure" on Russia with the requirement to withdraw from South Ossetia
* 14:59 Medvedev asked the head of the Ministry of Interior to protect are in Russia legally foreigners
* 14:51 Medvedev called unacceptable forcible retention of Russians in Georgia
* 14:51 Saakashvili thanked Yushchenko for supporting
* 14:51 Human rights watch is called the work of Western media coverage of the conflict, "propaganda and disinformation," Human Rights Defenders for the first time in a long time, sided with Russia and complained about pro-Georgian policy of foreign publications and television channels.
* 14:49 Putin: Russia will lead a mission in South Ossetia to its logical conclusion the Prime Minister also stressed that Russia will seek "to building a working relationship with all parties to the conflict, including on the Georgian side».
* 14:49 Israeli media: the United States established a transfer of weapons to Georgia from Iraq, the United States organized a Aviamost on delivery from Jordan to Georgia weapons destined for US troops in Iraq.
* 14:43 Putin: US hinder peace in the conflict zone "is a pity that some of our partners do not help, and even try to get in the way, I mean including the redeployment of the United States for its military transport aircraft of the Georgian military contingent in Iraq is actually conflict zone ", - Putin said.
* 14:43 Russia will increase the number of troops in South Ossetia The increase in the number of troops will be a response to the transfer of Georgian soldiers from Iraq
* 14:35 Russian General Staff has promised to respond adequately to the redeployment of Georgian troops from Iraq
* 14:34 Saakashvili wrote an article about the attack on Georgia and the war between the West and the Russian aggressors
* 14:30 Russia will not throw in South Ossetia by Chechen special forces from Chechnya in South Ossetia was not carried out or planned relocation of the battalion "Vostok" and "Zapad»

August 10, 2008

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia states that the Georgian troops have withdrawn from South Ossetia
The representative of the President of Abkhazia Christian Gianni said that there are no plans to move into Georgian territory
The representative of the Abkhazian autonomous republic in exile, said that the Georgian army repulsed the attack of Russian troops
Georgia denied the fact of agreement


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