Saakashvili wanted to flee to America

In the midst of the military conflict with Russia, Mikhail Saakashvili, it is so afraid of rumors that the "Russian tanks are already coming to Tbilisi" that asked Americans to urgently send him a plane.
According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the story told in the pages of yesterday "Evening Tbilisi" political analyst Ramaz Klimiashvili which, in turn, learned it from a source in the office of the Georgian president.

The expert said that the only Russian-language newspaper Georgia that, "information from the office of the president and government, the United States responded to the request of Mikheil Saakashvili to send him a plane when there was a threat of capture Tbilisi by Russian troops." When this became known, he added Klimiashvili, in the ranks of the Georgian opposition started to panic, because if the President fled, the country could plunge into chaos. The fact that information about the next "feat" Saakashvili voiced man, who was not suspected of sympathizing with the Russian army, only the evidence in favor of its authenticity. However, the "heroism" of the Georgian leader in the so-called "five-day war" has composed whole legend - the reasons for them, Saakashvili gave a lot.

The footage distributed worldwide CNN, the president of Georgia, inspecting the day Gori saw something in the sky somewhere quickly dashed. And Saakashvili's personal guard - people perfectly prepared physically - had to work hard to catch up with his patron. Then they piled it down, shut it down their bodies and body armor. A few minutes later, understand the situation, Saakashvili plunged into the presidential jeep and quickly ducked out of Gori.

Suffice it to mention just bypassed all the world's TV screens shots of the "race" of the Georgian leadership, which he did in Gori when the sound of gunfire was scared to death of Georgian as howitzers (or, in another version, not howitzers, and do not understand why). But this is, in fact, is not important, the main thing is how smartly took to his heels Chief of the Georgian army, which is still two or three days ago, gave orders to erase from the earth Tskhinvali - with all of its children, the elderly and women. The "firm" run Saakashvili so impressed, for example, Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Chechnya could not resist the comment: "Yesterday I saw a fragment on TV, as commander in chief of Georgia heard the sound of aircraft (according to one version, Saakashvili was frightened allegedly flew over the Gori aircraft), I escaped, left all. It was hard to catch up! He had to send to the Olympics, so he was on the run, he is very good sprinter. " And this man, Kadyrov lamented that "do not have enough personal courage to look at the aircraft," continues to command the Armed Forces of Georgia.

But back to the story of how the Americans were ready to evacuate from Tbilisi his faithful - even cowardly - protege. Actually, not even to the most of the story, and to the consequences, which led Georgia to the South Ossetian adventure of Saakashvili. According to Ramaz Klimiashvili, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", without the support of the United States, Saakashvili would not have dared to large-scale hostilities. Let us add that Klimiashvili is not the only person who takes this view, and not only in Georgia and Russia, but also throughout the world.

"Do the Americans did not know that Russia will take in response to what they were doing in Kosovo? - Writes Klimiashvili. - But I do not rule out that Bush is more interested in Russia's reaction is: whether it is ready to play the likeness of the Kosovo option? .. Russia had to act decisively to not look helpless in the eyes of the Caucasian population ».

The results of the war, unlike many of his colleagues, Klimiashvili estimates as hopeless. "I do not rule out that the August events in the country will be assessed as an even greater disaster than the loss of Abkhazia, Georgia, in 1993, - the analyst believes. - We do not realize what we're dealing with ... If this case involved the United States, all the blame for what happened lies on their conscience. "


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