People's response to recent events

Due to the recent events

In the room the head of Western states. All are silent in confusion and look at the door. Because she can hear thumping and muffled cries.
Yes, but ... not good somehow it happened ... someone says.
All deployed to Bush.
-What Are hatched? I'm the one that came up with all this ?! Still shouting - "Come on Michael jokes!". And now I am extremely! Joked called.
The heads of government turned away. In the corner of sweating trembling Yushchenko. Bush (irritably):
Well, as you mudoёb who pulled the tongue ?!
-Trohi Wanted money.
The door opens and crawls into the room crying Saakashvili, covered in blood and with his pants down. All rush to it.
-Well? Alive?
-Terpi Cossack.
-Don't Stsy! For one beaten - two not give broken! - I shouted Sarkozy and looked at Yushchenko.
-Zhiv, And thank God! Do not Cry. Wipe the snot. You Jag! Or is there? ..
Saakashvili, rubbed the blood in the face cap:
Putin became even listen ne! Once naked with a tambourine.
But Medvedev, who vaasche ... herded me into a corner and ... and ... -otvodya eyes. - And released ...
Merkel (sarcastically):
-In The corner - that's nothing! You could drive to the Kremlin. There they would have you still not be ... um ... let go.
Saakashvili, sobbing and pulling pants:
-Vah! I cried a prearranged signal: "Pamagite!" And ne ve helped ...
Bush (indignantly):

Why not help? On the whole democratic world screaming about what those bastards did to you. Thunderstorms every way. Look, look, Victor of you already got into a fight. And we were on the lookout. But you know these barbarians.
-Teper Know.
Yushchenko closed his eyes and hunched his shoulders. Saakashvili, holding out his hands in prayer.
-Pamagite Hatya to materialno!
Bush puts it in the hands of a jar of Vaseline.
-What Can - always help!
Suddenly, above the door and the light comes into the room looks Putin. All rise.
 - All PREVED! Well, who's there next?
Bush Yushchenko:
-Your Turn.
Merkel (sarcastically):
-Schas It in the fairway you will clean the Sevastopol bay!
Saakashvili, holding Vaseline Yushchenko:
-Derzhi Godfather. Tebe more necessary.
Yushchenko staggered out the door. Merkel sings in a low voice: "Mishka, Mishka where your smile, full of enthusiasm and fire." Saakashvili sobs. Sarkozy (looking thoughtfully at the door):
I wonder, and who is next?
And Bush looked at ...


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