Saakashvili rushed to the "black gold"

The true cause of the aggression of Georgia - Abkhaz oil
In preparation for a military invasion of Abkhazia, Georgian President Saakashvili set himself the task of not only the "territorial integrity" of his country, he was afraid of losing the location of overseas owners, aimed his pragmatic look at the oil fields of the Abkhazian shelf.

According to conservative estimates, the oil reserves in the Black Sea shelf the country is about 200 million tons.

Now it seems that the most terrible nightmares Mikhail Saakashvili may become a reality. Development of rich oil deposits in the country already recognized Russia is ready to begin.

What is Russia's intention to produce oil in Abkhazia priority for the leadership of the republic, "Thy DAY" confirmed Foreign Minister Sergey Shamba.

 - Subject to develop oil in Abkhazia exists since 1997. To her showing interest in different companies - both Russian and Western. Now, due to the recognition of the new status of the republic, the interest is activated. Of course, the priority here in Russia, which recognized the independence of Abkhazia. Other countries in fact not yet done so, - he said.

If you trace the history of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, emerges a clear parallel - once Abkhazia voiced their intention to proceed with the development of oil fields, it interferes with the official Tbilisi, winning the right to the natural wealth of the republic weapons and tanks.

The right to develop oil fields in the Black Sea Georgian Georgian authorities handed over the US in 1998. Then, and it turned out that the strategic plans of the American oil giants also includes the Abkhazian coast. In the sea near Ochamchira 7 - 10 miles from the coast found a decent stocks of raw materials. In addition, the oil fields are located in the eastern part of the country, near the main resorts of Abkhazia - Gagra and Pitsunda. The main object of interest of American oil corporations - the Black Sea shelf at the port of Ochamchira. However, last year Abkhazia adopted its own development plan and how to use the subsoil. In fact, at the same time Georgia declared Abkhazia oil war, the main "sponsor" which became the United States.

The first Russian company expressed its wish to do oil production in Abkhazia became LUKOIL, which even presented to the authorities of Abkhazia detailed design exploration and production of "black gold". However, due to the uncertain political status of the unrecognized republic then to specific agreements is not reached. Now, after the official recognition of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Abkhazia's independence, we can say that it has moved forward.

In the early summer of plans to build a gas pipeline and exploration work on the territory of Abkhazia declared "Gazprom", which immediately caused hysterical Mikhail Saakashvili. After all, guarantee financial assistance from the American sponsors are precisely the Georgian oil. It is not surprising that the Georgian president literally "freaking out" and launched into a deadly military adventure.

However, still in the arsenal of Adjara Saakashvili remains oil, which is claimed by the US company Anadarko Petroleum. But it so happened that Adjara will their plans for their own bowels, and the Georgian president to pay with the West would have nothing. Is that your own head. Or any other part of the body.

Irina Ivanova


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