Israel's war against Georgia and Russia

How many people - so many opinions. (The conflict in South Ossetia)

Russian citizens (at least) Sergei Kovalyov and Yelena Bonner:

Under the pretext of protecting Russian citizens Russia started aggression against Georgia, the statement said Kovalev, Received Internet edition of "The Edge of Ru". Kovalev calls to exclude Russia from the "big eight", to introduce anti-Russian sanctions at the UN, OSCE and PACE.

According to human rights activist, Russia has lost the moral right to peacekeeping in Abkhazia and South Ossetia when bypassing the Georgian leadership openly moved closer to the authorities of self-proclaimed entities. In a statement Kovalev notes that the landing of the Russian territory is now being bombed, not even a part of South Ossetia.

Human rights activist Elena Bonner, in turn, called on the UN to urgently stop the Russian peacekeeping mandate. She said EM that never again a country neighboring the conflict zone should not receive a mandate for peacekeeping. This country, as the Bonner inevitably becomes a party to the conflict, and often provokes its strengthening. " Bonner calls on NATO or the United Nations enter into the conflict zone its peacekeeping forces.

Thanks for the information, "Echo of Moscow"

Russian citizens, who died in Georgian shelling of Tskhinvali by August 8 and 9, of their human rights, the right to life and security is obviously not interested in the well-known human rights defenders. The fact of the destruction of an entire city! in peacetime, the Georgian army is absolutely not interesting from the point of view of the law, although in this respect there is a bunch of legally impeccable international agreements, and even the courts are, for example, in The Hague. Our fellow citizens, human rights activists, however, prefer to talk about abstract moral law of Russia, rather than to clarify what specific rights of Russian citizens have been violated, and that it relies.

That's from Germany suggest our defenders:

The Georgian leadership violated the rights of citizens in South Ossetia, said today the Minister of State in the German Foreign Ministry Gernot Erler in an interview with broadcaster NDR.

As noted by a senior German diplomat unleashed the military conflict in the Caucasus violates the truce in 1992, the observance of which is controlled by foreign troops. Gernot Erler stressed that sympathetic to Moscow's reaction to the events in South Ossetia, since this region, although formally belongs to Georgia, Russia is economically supported. However, what is happening is a senseless war that is not completely solve the problem of South Ossetia, says Minister of State in the German Foreign Ministry. // ITAR-TASS

A native of Bobruisk (Byelorussia), a citizen of Israel and Canada (at least), living in Canada Leo Gunin, who could be called the Israeli Solzhenitsyn for his book "The Gulag of Palestine" wrote:


Dear readers and colleagues (writers, journalists)! Please do not tear out chunks of the material, not to steal information, and refer to me when quoting, copying or retelling the text.

My silence over the events in the Caucasus is not in a hurry to declare cowardice. Those that closely follow my journalism and journalistic creativity, time and again asked me to speak about Georgia.

Today, when the countries of the Caucasus region and Russia reached a military and patriotic fervor, to make it (to speak) even harder than before.

The public all over the world, and especially - Russia - is in deep misconceptions about who is fighting in the Caucasus and for whose interests.

While on the USA and the aggressive foreign policy of the state can be nothing good to say, the main aggressor in the Caucasus today still is not Russia, not Georgia or the United States and other country.

Russian readers is interesting to know that here in Canada, the media did not report on the war in the Caucasus. The biggest Canadian newspapers either keep silent or give messages in two rows on the last page, from which one can hardly understand something. Canadian television events in South Ossetia in newscasts do not illuminate.

This is done in order to wait for input in the unrecognized republic of the Russian military contingent, and then, without informing Canadian man in the street that it was preceded by an attack by the Georgian side, the planned and purposeful destruction of Georgian military forces of peaceful Ossetian population and Russian peacekeepers, the barbaric bombardment of Ossetian villages and their destruction by the Israeli model treacherous outbreak of hostilities on the opening day of the Beijing Olympics - to announce the Russian attack on Georgia, and to events as the invasion of "Russian barbarians".

The Russian government should regard this vile propaganda trick is completely controlled by the media of the dictatorial regime of the Canadian Harper - and other countries that follow the same line as the start of an undeclared war, and to withdraw their ambassadors from Russia.

Remembering the historical events that followed the collapse of the USSR, and thinking back to the provocative abolition of the former Georgian president Shevardnadze, the autonomy of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, we can not regard it as either stupid to the point of idiocy, or as deliberate gross provocation, already planned by the same forces, that conceived and carried out something like that in Kosovo-Metohija.

Georgian gang of criminals and thugs were then formed even before the announcement of the abolition of autonomy and funded mainly from the funds of the Israeli and British intelligence. The aim of the London and Tel Aviv was then fomenting ethnic conflict in the volatile region, "modeled on the Kosovo".

Today many argue about whether the choice of Russian politicians. If they supported Georgia instead of unrecognized republics, Georgia would become a Caucasian Kosovo and NATO forces her away to South Ossetia and Abkhazia "forever" with Israel and the United States quickly recognized the independence of break-away lands, bring in NATO troops.

Still, the principle is the principle. After all, the Russian media then hushed breadth of this humanitarian tragedy. No political gambit can not and should not replace the firmness of ideological foundations.

Russia supported when only one side of the conflict, thereby committing an unforgivable mistake. The vast majority of the Georgian population (including the Georgian minority in Ossetia and Abkhazia) knew almost nothing about the origins of the events of the provocative sorties formed from the debris of the Georgian society gangs, and to pay for the vile politicians play with their lives and property. Where was Russia, where tens of thousands of any innocent Georgians from Abkhazia, Ajaria and South Ossetia were killed and others driven from their homeland. Their ancestors hundreds of years have lived here side by side with Ossetians, Abkhazians Adzharians or having full right to consider the land their own. Thousands of families have lost all their property and their homes, they have taken away home, land, and all that is in the house. They were destroyed or confiscated hundreds of objects of the Georgian public property, such as community centers, clubs, schools, churches. These ethnic cleansing, expropriation and expulsion of a hair's breadth reminiscent of what was happening in Kosovo-Metohija, and if you stick to at least some of the principles: do not make a distinction between the events - and the events in Kosovo.

Where was Russia, when Georgia civil war broke out, and the beautiful, unique city of Tbilisi has undergone ruin and destruction? At the Shota Rustaveli Avenue was fighting in historical buildings gaping holes from shells: a Russian look indifferently at the slaughterhouse.

As a result, he came to power a protege (actually - governor) of Israel, a man with a Jewish mentality, criminal and sadistic, American citizen Mikheil Saakashvili. Georgia has become a second Palestine, where extrajudicial destroyed all opponents of the Israeli regime (the puppet of the Saakashvili government), which is carried out the shooting of the opposition to the dictator leaders. The rest cowardly opposition: that surrogates actually accountable to the Israeli governor.

The whole style of Saakashvili, his nefarious practices, its lack of principle or with incomparable audacity, unprecedented lies that he constantly uses: all this even for a politician rolls. Even by the standards of political Saakashvili - finished bastard. And most importantly: the Georgian style dictatorship - twin brother style Israeli leaders. Political acceptance and thinking of the Georgian dictator tracing from Israel.

Is it coincidence the beginning of military operations of Georgia coincided with a brutal act of terrorism in Sochi, where the bomb exploded on the beach two people literally torn to pieces and injured dozens. In the circumstances of this explosion, available in print, it can be concluded that the terrorists came from the sea (the Georgian military boat? Israeli submarine?), And because the perpetrators never found, or what some accuse scapegoats. This act of terrorism Russia made it clear what funds are available to those who do not wish the Russian intervention in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. Ideologically, as well as the style of execution explosion in Sochi - the handiwork of the Israeli special forces, and is consistent with the manner in which Israel deals with the activists of the liberation movement in the occupied territories.

Georgian tanks and bulldozers today utyuzhat home Ossetian villages with under their rubble of men: just as it is done by the Israeli occupation authorities in the territory captured by Israel in Palestine. Georgians shelled the Ossetian hospitals, schools, universities, ambulances, not allowing to help the wounded: just as it is done by the Israelis in the occupied territories of them.

Georgia started the war on the opening day of the International Olympic Games in Beijing, ignoring the principle of millennial Eurasian cease any hostility during the Games. Is Georgia, a Christian country, does not respect the ancient and Christian values ​​that are treasured for thousands of years and cherished? No, treacherous attack on Ossetia was the opening day of the Olympics, rather typical for the other, for the Jewish civilization, with its vicious hatred of all things European. Israeli protege Saakashvili - the enemy of the Georgian people, who betrayed the Christian civilization, a rabid dog chain global Jewish hegemony.

Today, when all the smart Georgians were imprisoned, shoot oprichniki Saakashvili, or fled the country, stupid Georgians go into battle, not understanding that military means their right to live in the land of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will not return, that there is no compensation for the victims of ethnic cleansing (Wire in early 1990) will not be, and that the war in the Caucasus is the surest means to awaken the volcano.

But not only Nazi-militarist ideology and arrogance imported to Georgia from Israel. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in Georgia, opened hundreds of representatives of Israel, its institutions, new synagogues, Jewish schools and clubs; Trade between Georgia and Israel has occupied a central place in the trade turnover of the country; Israeli companies and offices in Tbilisi at every step; Georgia comes almost at the first place on the pilgrimage of Israeli tourists; Israeli companies have penetrated the inner Georgian market; Israeli court or owned Israeli company ships under the flags of other countries in dozens, if not hundreds, ply the waters of the Black Sea coast of Georgia; Armenian and Azerbaijani media reported that in Georgia are seen as Israeli warships; Georgia izrailkie accredited journalists and war correspondents. And the worst: Israeli commandos and intelligence received and participated in actions against the hangman of the Georgian opposition, executions and torture of anti-Georgian saakashvilievskih dissidents.

The war against Russia of contiguous conducted by Israel have a long and includes Israeli intelligence operations. First spy on South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as well as North Ossetia and other border areas in the Russian Federation, was conducted with the help of Israeli spy satellites and other Israeli equipment, with a constant transfer to the Georgian side (ie the Israeli puppets) collected intelligence. In recent years, espionage against the unrecognized republics and Russia was conducted with the help of Israeli drone spy flights carried out and are carried out not only on South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but also over the territory of the Russian Federation.

Spicy detail the work of Israeli drones spy: the information coming from them, coded, and decoding and processing involved not Georgians, and the Israeli side, thus violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Georgian breakaway republics and Russia.

Georgia has become a classic of the Israeli colony that enjoys a privileged status as long as it does not fulfill its Israeli problems, and then the colonial Israeli regime in Georgia will inevitably be enhanced, becoming even more repressive than the Israeli occupation regime of Saakashvili, the format.

Israel initially denied the presence of its drones in the Caucasus, and then recognize only the fact of the sale of Israeli drones of Georgia, but not their operation where the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

I will not cite my own sources of information, much more knowledgeable than conventional media, but that resource news message -, who first spoke of the promise of Israel, at the request of Russia, will no longer sell the Georgian unmanned aircraft, and then adds:

"Although the first attempts to sell arms to Georgia were recorded in 1991, shortly after independence, the real breakthrough of Israeli weapons to the Georgian market occurred after the coming to power of President Mikhail Saakashvili (...). Supplies of weapons to Georgia are carried out without public lighting, so as not to irritate Russia, but in that time, Israel had become, along with Ukraine, the largest supplier of the Georgian Ministry of Defense ".

"Among other things, supplied to Georgia UAV machines Tavor, ammunition, military electronics, separating fuel tanks for aircraft, rocket-l'oeil aircraft against air defense systems".

"A major figure on the export of arms to Georgia is a former Minister Roni Milo, who, along with his brother Shlomo Milo, formerly headed the group" defense industry "(TAAS) is the official representative of TAAS and" Elba ". They put weapons to Georgia by $ 200 million, including 5 UAV Hermes. However, the largest transaction, the delivery of 200 Merkava tanks in the amount of half a billion dollars, fell through because of the ban the Ministry of Defence ".

Those who do not understand what Israel is, and think that it is a country like any other, it is necessary to explain that Israel does not recognize virtually any international treaty rules and principles, this gangster foothold in the Holy Land, which serves the interests of the global Jewish elite. None agreement with Israel and its allies can not believe a word of Israeli politicians, none of their promises or assurances.

The fact that Israel has no words, is the immediate application of the Georgian authorities:

"Official Tbilisi describes gossip reports of the embargo on arms supplies to Israel to Georgia," Interfax ".

"Georgian State Minister for Reintegration Temur Yakobashvili denied reports imposed by Israel against Georgia arms embargo. "The conversation is gossip that appeared in the Israeli press, that is determined by internal political squabbles in the country, which is nothing new for the fight kopromatami" - said the Minister of State on Tuesday at a briefing in Tbilisi ".

"It is reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia" has already had contact with their (Israeli) colleagues and talk about blocking any flow of arms is not. " "This is the classification for the supply of various types of weapons, which involves the delivery of one type of weapons quickly, and the other - with the performance of certain formalities," - said Yakobashvili "(which itself is a Jew (approx. Our).

"Note also that the person involved in the Israeli media posts - Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni - is one of the candidates for the post of Prime Minister. Ehud Olmert has promised to step down in September ".

Moscow did not understand that in Israel everything, including the Prime Minister, such as pathological liars, Saakashvili and understand only one language: the language of force.

March 18, the Abkhaz authorities have stated that shot down over Abkhazia drone Elbit (serial number 551).


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