Georgia holds Russians

The law enforcement bodies of Georgia closed to citizens of the Russian Federation access to border areas

Russian tourists were held hostage in Georgia. According to witnesses, local police detained Russian citizens on the outskirts of towns, and after checking the documents returned to the place of departure. The South Ossetian authorities have already dubbed the situation as "the policy of state banditry" and promised to take "adequate measures", and accused Tbilisi of new bombing of the unrecognized republic.

Georgian law enforcement officials do not release the Russian tourists to the country, reports RIA "Novosti" citing eyewitnesses.

"If one hair falls from the head of the Russians, even the president of Georgia does not forget that in South Ossetia, many prisoners" According to them, the majority of Russian citizens, who arrived in Georgia on business, a family or on vacation, were practically taken hostage.

Local police stopped them at the exits of the settlements, and after checking the documents returned to the place of departure. The roads in the direction of Sarpi border crossing points on the border with Turkey and Sadakhlo on the border with Armenia for the citizens of the Russian Federation were closed, and the Russians are not allowed in the country's capital.

It should be noted that Russian tourists began to hastily leave the territory of Georgia on August 9, but direct way home was cut off, since the day Russia-Georgia air communication was interrupted. The Russians could get home or in transit through Yerevan, Kiev and Istanbul (air traffic between Russia and Georgia terminated), or by ferry to Sochi.

At the same time representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its concern about the fate of the Russians.

"Someone is there now resting, someone is working, - said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. - The Georgian authorities should take care of their safety, do not let them move freely ».

New news about the actions of the Georgian side provoked extreme concern of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"This information will be discussed in international organizations", - quotes "Interfax" the words of the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In turn, the president of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity, has promised that if the Georgian side does not stop arbitrarily hold Russian tourists, the authorities of the unrecognized republic will be forced to play by the rules, according to which today enters Tbilisi.

"I just read on the Web site that the citizens of the Russian Federation located in Georgia, hold, - he said on the TV channel" Vesti-24 ". - I believe that this policy of state banditry, and I would like to appeal to the president of Georgia, if a single hair falls from the head of the citizens of the Russian Federation, he let them not forget that here in South Ossetia, a lot of prisoners of war, we can act appropriately " .

Kokoity said that the representatives of the South Ossetian side did not intend to speak "the language of ultimatums," as the situation is "already worse than ever," and "the sooner the Georgian authorities" will allow Russian citizens to leave the territory of Georgia, the better for Georgia. "< br />
"If something civilized there is in Georgia or any civilized forces in Georgia, I do beg to unite and do not allow large-scale tragedies," - said the leader of South Ossetia, adding that his country intends to apply to all international organizations to " recognition of the genocide of the Ossetian people ».

Recall that the situation in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict escalated on the night of August 8 when Georgian troops invaded South Ossetia and shelled its capital, Tskhinvali. Russian peacekeepers came to help the Ossetians, but Western politicians accused Russia of disproportionate use of force.

On the third day of fighting under the control of Russian peacekeepers was a big part of Tskhinvali, and Georgia announced the withdrawal of troops from the city.

However, on Monday, August 11, the commander of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces (JPKF) in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, General Marat Kulakhmetov said that last night the capital of the breakaway republic back under fire from the Georgian side.

"In some places the responsibility of peacekeepers last night continued active confrontation. Especially in the south. One of the peacekeeping posts even bombed Georgian air force. Fortunately, no casualties, "- he said Kulahmetov.

According to the commander, the main task of the peacekeepers today, August 11, is to provide a safe exit from Tskhinvali to North Ossetia side columns with the victims and the remaining civilians.

At the same time, he said, he has no "absolute guarantee" that the Georgian side to refrain from attacks on these columns.

The reaction of the Georgian side on this matter is not yet known.

Photo: Reuters
Text: Natalia Jamnické


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