Common stereotypes about Russia

Ten most common in other countries stereotypes about Russia and Russian.

"Everybody drinks»

About passion of our people to the green snake, not the assimilation of genes, not on a cultural level, does not think just lazy. Meanwhile, in fact our society is gradually "sobering." Chief Narcologist country Eugene Brune notes that in 2013 the average level of alcohol consumption per capita was 13, 5 liters, which is 2, 1 liter less than in the previous year. And in 2010, according to international studies, the number of regular drinkers Russians decreased by 2 million compared to 2000.

"Everybody steals»

Karamzin attributed to the phrase: "If you want to be a word to express what is happening in Russia, it should say: steal" has not lost its relevance in the XXI century. But corruption and budget cut still not so indiscriminately and inclusive. Sociologists HSE, for example, note that the Russian market corruption based on bribes, not growing - its peak in the 2000s. Now everything is decided by informal communication or cronyism. Scientifically - corruption network. Also against the law, but still more civilized.

"Everybody wants to go»

Many of our compatriots in the hearts says: "It's time to throw!", So it seems that a little more and the indigenous population of the country all together go abroad. It's not quite true. According to a July poll VTsIOM, 85 percent of Russians claim that leave their country do not want. And Western Statistics notes that the emigration of Russians on such popular destinations as Germany, Israel and the US, in the last 5-6 years is reduced. There are also new "returnees».

"Everyone wants money»

Of course, in a market economy, the desire to make - fundamental. Russians are also very eager for money, and sometimes it seems that earnings for us - an end in itself. However, in 2012 only 52 percent of Russians (VTsIOM survey data) admitted that they would like to become rich. But the creation of a happy family and good education of children - 93 percent of the desire of our compatriots. Finding reliable friends is important for nine out of ten Russians. Consequently, the money, at least at the level of declarations - a means, not an end.

"The country has forgotten how to work»

Many sadly recalled the glorious Soviet labor time, but do it completely in vain. Already on the socialist era with her workdays jobs involving all hands and postscripts look just not worth it. According to the results of last year, GDP growth was (according to preliminary data) 1, 4 per cent growth in value added industrial output - 0, 6 percent. Proud like nothing special - the growth rate is falling, but some people are working. The number of officially unemployed Russians in 2013 was 4, 1 million people at 75, 5 million workers.

"Russia - Orthodox country»

Periodically from around the mouth of the phrase sounds: 80 percent of the population of Russia - Orthodox. In 2012, however, this assertion is refuted by sociologists Research Service, part of "Atlas of the religions of Russia" on the basis of a large-scale survey. It turned out that only 41 percent of Russians are Orthodox Christians and consider themselves Russian Orthodox Church. And only 5 percent attend church regularly, as parishioners of a particular community. For Orthodox believers follow no religion, the so-called "poor believers" (25 percent of Russians).

"Regions poor country ravaged»

Some residents of the capital (with pride) and regions (sadly) used to think that in a country anywhere except Moscow, there is no life. However, comprehensive studies of regions show that this is not true. Compiled by experts MSU rating of quality of life areas (see. "Ogonek», N 3, 2014) led not Moscow and St. Petersburg, which was going Tatarstan, Kaliningrad and Belgorod region. Rating takes into account a number of parameters - from the safety of the individual to the environment.

"We do not produce anything other than oil and gas»

At present, oil and gas revenues account for about half of budget revenues, and no doubt, Energy is the basis of the Russian economy. But we must not forget that Russia is exporting tens of millions of tons of fertilizers per year, while revenues from arms exports in 2013 amounted to 15, $ 7 billion. Develop metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobiles, going to foreign cars. Of the IT-sector can be mentioned anti-virus protection and recognition technology documents, which suppliers to the world market are Russian companies.

"We live in other people's models»

Many Russians are not satisfied that, in their opinion, our country blindly copying Western democracy or experience oriental despotism (underline). However, even a cursory look at the history it is clear that any borrowed ideas refracted through our cultural identity, mutate so that any attempt to copy the output into a "special way».

"Russia is dying»

In Russia, the death rate exceeds the birth rate since 1992. Many have a disturbing thought that over time the country simply sink into oblivion. Or inhabit migrants. But Rosstat gave hope: according to the service in 2013 for the first time in the history of the new Russia, the number of births exceeded the number of deaths. The natural growth rate of just over 20 thousand people, but the termination of an unpleasant tendency - it is a fact and the prospect to get out of the demographic peak still exists.


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