What is in store for Russia?

Predictions 1996 clairvoyant Valerie Kol'tsova

"By 2009, mature powerful global economic crisis - the crisis will shake America is stronger than the Great Depression, the dollar will depreciate and will turn into a useless piece of paper, and its place in the world for oil trade will take the Russian ruble, which then become a single global currency, as the euro as the American dollar collapsed, too, did not pay off ... In the period from 2010 to the end of 2012 a huge tsunami wave will cover the New York and all the cities of the East Coast of the United States. In America begins hysterical terrible panic, people will be evacuated and relocated to other cities ... And since then begin a gradual but inevitable flooding water of the oceans lands of North America and Western Europe ... In this period of economic crisis and natural disasters in the United States will rule the "black "The president and at the same time on the background to devalue the dollar and the economic crisis in the US will occur not just riots, but very real uprising and truly revolutionary developments ...»

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American clairvoyant Denton Brink

"Keep an eye on Russia - which way Russia will go in the same way after it goes the rest of the world»

American clairvoyant Jane Dixon

Natural disasters of the early 21st century, and they are all caused by global disaster is the least affected by Russia, and it is even less affected by Russian Siberia. In Russia, will open the possibility of rapid and powerful development. Hopes of Peace and its revival is coming from Russia.

Predictions Italian clairvoyant Mavis

Russia has a very interesting future that absolutely nobody in the world expects from Russia.
It will initiate the degeneration of Russian around the world. And no one is how deep are these changes throughout the vast world, is caused by Russia. In Russia will revive even the deepest province appear and grow a lot of new cities on the very periphery of ... Russia will reach a uniquely high level of development, which is not now, and even at that time there will be no one, even the most developed countries in the world ... and then for Russia potyanutsyai all other countries ... The former current path of development of Western civilization, the Earth will soon replace the new one and it is the Russian way.

Predictions of the French clairvoyant and astrologer Maria Duval

Against the backdrop of a global depression, Russia is waiting only a bright future and the Russians prepared for an enviable fate - that Russia was the first get out of the crisis, strong will to his feet, will get a strong army to continue its development and will even lend money to many countries in Europe ... By 2014, Russia will the richest power and standard of living of the average Russian has reached the current very high standard of living of the average European, and all citizens of Russia will be about the same wealth, but for the acquisition of its power will have to pay a certain price - Russia will have someone to fight. All mankind is on the threshold of a new birth of the world in which we are waiting for new inventions, including a cure for old age of 140 years, increasing life expectancy and a key role in all these discoveries and inventions will play it and that Russian scientists Russian researchers.

Prophecy soothsayer Max Heindel

"The highest Initiate appears publicly at the end of the present age, this happens when a sufficiently large number of ordinary citizens committed themselves wish to voluntarily submit to such a Leader. That's what will prepare the ground for the emergence of a new race, and all the current race and nation will cease to exist ... It is because of the Slavs happen new nations of the earth ... Humanity will form one spiritual brotherhood ... The main factor that will propel the Slavic race is much higher than their present status, will be the music, it will allow the music even in the absence of proper intelligence, mentally rise much above the level of harmony ... »

Vanga predicted in 1996

"The new man under the sign of the new doctrine will appear in Russia, and he will rule Rus life ... The new doctrine will come from Russia - this is the most ancient and most true doctrine - spread throughout the world and the day will come when all the religions of the world will disappear and be replaced a new philosophical doctrine Fire Bible.
Russia - the progenitor of all Slavic countries, and those that have separated from her, will soon come back to it in a new way. In Russia will return in a new form of socialism in Russia are large collective and cooperative farms, and again restored the former Soviet Union, but the Union has a new one. Russia will grow and grow, no one can stop Russia, there is no force that could break Russia. Russia will sweep away everything in its path, and not only continue, but will become the sole undivided "mistress of the world", and even America in 2030-ies recognize the superiority of Russia. Russia will again become strong and mighty of this empire, and will once again be called by the old name of ancient Rus.

The clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted:

"I do not have time to even finish the 20th century, both in the USSR will come the collapse of communism, but Russia, freed from communism are not waiting for progress, and very difficult crisis. However, after 2010 the former Soviet Union will be reborn, but reborn in a new form. It will be headed by Russian rebuild civilization of the Earth and the center of this revival of the world will be Siberia. Through the rest of the world in Russia will come the hope of a just and lasting peace.
Everyone will live for your neighbor. And this principle of life was born precisely in Russia, but before it crystallizes, many years will pass. However, it will give Russia the world that hope. The new leader of Russia for many years is unknown, but one suddenly enters into power. This will happen through the power of their brand new unique technologies, which more than no one is to oppose him. And then he will take all the Russian supreme power in their hands and no one can resist him. Subsequently, he will become ruler of the world, becomes law, carrying the light and prosperity of all beings on the planet ... His intelligence allows him to master all the technologies on which the whole race of people dreamed of throughout its existence, it will create a unique new car, which will allow him and his colleagues become fantastically strong and powerful almost like gods, and his intelligence will allow him to become his companions practically immortal ... The rest of the people will call and himself, and even his descendants living for 600 years, not only as Gods ... He, his descendants, his associates will not be lacking in anything - no fresh water, no food, no clothes, no energy, no weapons, for reliable protection of all these benefits, at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos , poverty, famine and even cannibalism. ... God will be with him ... He will revive the religion of monotheism and create a culture based on right and justice. He and his new race will create a worldwide centers of a new culture and new technological civilization ... His house, and the house of his new race will be on the south of Siberia ... »

Prediction Paracelsus

There is one nation that Herodotus called Hyperboreans - the progenitors of all peoples and all terrestrial civilization - arias, which means "noble". The current name of the indigenous people of this ancient land - Muscovy. Hyperborea in its turbulent history of the future will know a lot - and the terrible decline of a great variety of all kinds of disasters and powerful great flowering of the great variety of all kinds of goods, which will come at the beginning of the 21st century, ie, before 2040.
Prophecy 1930 St. Theophan of Poltava

"It will happen what no one expects Russia rise from the dead and the world will be surprised ... Togo orthodoxy that has been in Russia before, will not be, but true faith, not only revive but also triumph ...»

The ancient prophecy of monk Abel Russia's future

"In the distant future, Russia will rule the Chosen One of God, and his name trikratno destined in the history of Orthodox Russia, and on his head a blessing of God ... But his name will be hidden until the time ... Great when it will be Russia, it will return to the origins of the ancient life of their own, a great destined to Russia ... »
Predictions Rano Nero monk in the 14th century

"In the Nordic countries Hyperborea - Russia will have a new universal religion of fire and light ... Religion of the Sun (fire and light) in the 21st century knows the victorious march and support herself she will gain in the Nordic Hyperboreans, where it will be revealed in his new capacity as" < br />


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