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Paul Craig Roberts (Paul Craig Roberts) - American economist, one of the fathers of "Reaganomics," Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy (1981-82), a former editor and columnist of the "Wall Street Journal", "Business Week". Commander of the Legion of Honor (France). The well-known political journalist.

In some of my articles, I explained that the Soviet Union was a counterweight to restrain the expansion of the US government. The collapse of the Soviet Union opened the floodgates for the "neoconservative" aspirations to global hegemony of the United States. Under Putin, Russia, China and Iran are now the last obstacle to a global Pax Americana in the spirit of the neocons.
By virtue of its nuclear arsenal and military technologies Russia is the most serious obstacle to the establishment of the global hegemony of the United States. Breaking the Reagan-Gorbachev agreement, Washington pushed NATO to countries that were once part of the Soviet empire, and is now determined to join NATO to Georgia and Ukraine, part of the historical Russia.

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Washington came out of the agreement on the missile defense system and places the base missiles near Russia's borders. Modified American nuclear war doctrine envisages the possibility of applying a disarming first strike.
All this is aimed at devaluation of the Russian deterrent and as a consequence, to undermine Russia's ability to resist the will of Washington.
The Russian government (and, incidentally, and Ukraine) foolishly allowed to proliferate in the country financed from abroad, NGOs, acting as agents of Washington under the guise of "human rights", "democracy building", etc. The history of "rebellious babёshek" ("Pussy rayot") - nothing more than a public relations operation designed to put Putin and Russia in a bad light. The attacks Western media to the Olympics in Sochi - a part of a public relations campaign to ridicule and demonize Putin and Russia. Washington is firmly on the fact that Putin and Russia should look bad on all counts - diplomacy, sport, human rights violations.
US media turned to the Ministry of propaganda in the service of the government and US corporations. They help Washington to fabricate a black image of Russia. Stephen F. Cohen (Stephen F. Cohen) quite rightly called the coverage of Russia in the US media "shaft politically incendiary articles, shamelessly flouting the norms of professionalism».
As preserved from the times of the "cold war" inertia many believe the US media a free press, which can be trusted. In fact, in America there is no free press (except for sites on the Internet). In the last years of the Clinton presidency, with the permission of the government, a wide variety of media, primarily the former relatively independent, were brought under control five media conglomerates. The economic value of these giant tumors determined by a broadcasting license issued by the federal authorities. Therefore, subordinate to these mega-media companies do not dare to contradict the government on important issues. In addition, these companies are controlled not by journalists, and advertising director and former government officials who are not interested in the facts, and advertising revenue, and access to "own sources" in the government.
When prompted by the orders of Washington and the media prepared the American people for a confrontation with Russia, and try to set up Russian and other nations against Putin. Washington very much that Russia was headed by the leader of the weaker and obedient.
Many Russian inappropriate gullible. Bearing in mind the experiences of the communist regime and chaos reigned on its ruins, they naively believe that America - a paradise on earth, a model for all to follow, a great "hero westerns," you can trust and believe. This is ridiculous belief unfortunate fruits of which we are seeing now in the Ukraine (especially in its west), which destabilize the US in preparation for her capture - an important weapon in the arsenal of America to destabilize Russia.
Some Russian poluopravdyvayut Washington, claiming that anti-Russian rhetoric of the last - this is supposedly a still persisting "old stereotypes" of the Cold War. " The "old stereotypes" - phony ploy, an attempt to evade the point. Washington sharpening his knife on Russia. As Russia has stabbed, Russian and if it does not realize their fate is unenviable.
But if many Russian seems to doze in emphasis does not see the danger, the Izborsky club tried to wake them up. The weekly "Tomorrow" (February 12), the political and military experts warn Club that organized anti-government movement in the West due to the decision of the Ukrainian government not to conclude an association agreement with the EU has created a situation in the country, threatening a coup d'etat with the participation of fascist forces. Such a coup would lead to fratricidal war in the Ukraine and to the consequences, "directly affects the strategic interests of the Russian Federation".
Experts Club came to the conclusion that such a revolution, if successful, will lead to terrible consequences for Russia:
- To the loss of Sevastopol as a base for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation;
- Cleaning the pro-Russian forces in the east and south of Ukraine and the flow of refugees to the territory of the Russian Federation;
- The destruction of facilities working on the military-industrial complex of Russia, in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities;
- Strengthening of violent Ukrainization of Russian-speaking population of the country;
- The emergence of the US and NATO bases on Ukrainian territory, including Crimea, and the creation in Ukraine bases for training terrorists, designed to operate in the direction of the Caucasus, the Volga region, and possibly Siberia;
- Dissemination of technology "Ukrainian rebellion" to the major cities of Russia, especially in the national-state subjects of the Russian Federation.
Experts strategists emphasize in conclusion that "the emerging situation in Ukraine is disastrous for the future of Russia".
What should Russia do? And here the experts Club (right to assess the situation) are not up to par. They call to deploy "wide campaign on federal TV channels ... to disclose the content of the fascist coup coming," and advised the government to appeal to the Budapest Memorandum on Ukraine's sovereignty (from 05/12/1994) and to demand the convening of the meeting of States Parties to this document (Russia, Ukraine, USA and the United Kingdom) due to the threat to the sovereignty of Ukraine. In the event of failure of one of the parties to participate in the meeting, experts advise, the Government of the Russian Federation should be declared null and void the memorandum, and to enter into negotiations with Washington to resolve the situation in Ukraine, referring to the situation with the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 as a precedent.
But it is - a sand castle. Experts amuse themselves unrealistic expectations. Washington - the customer and the originator of the crisis in Ukraine, and he intends to seize the Ukraine was thus called on the above reasons, that list the experts themselves. This - the perfect plan to destabilize Russia and, in addition, is able to cross the successes of Putin's diplomacy, to prevent US military strikes on Syria and Iran.
In fact, if Washington gets its way in the Ukraine, Russia will be eliminated as an obstacle on the path to global hegemony. On board there will be only China.
I suspected that Ukraine start trouble, when Putin and Russia are engaged in the Olympics in Sochi, and hence will be caught off guard. There is no doubt that Russia is facing a threat to its very existence. What it can do in response? Whatever she chose to rely on the goodwill of Washington it should not.
Maybe Russia will prefer to operate on the script, written-off from the Americans? If she has drones, why not put them in motion to destroy the pro-American leaders of the protests? Or maybe it is empty in the case a group of special forces to destroy the agency, which operates against Russia? If the EU does not stop to support the processes of destabilization of Ukraine, Russia could finally cut European puppets of Washington on supplies of oil and gas.
Alternative scenario: the Russian army occupied the eastern Ukraine and Russia starts to prepare the political section of the country, what is the - until recently - was, after all, a part of Russia for two hundred years. Most of the residents of the eastern regions of Ukraine certainly prefer to be with Russia, not the EU. Perhaps even some of brainwashed fools of its western part, who now passionately advocated the "union with the EU," even guess that staying in a "union" promises them a perspective robbery following the example of Latvia and Greece.
I describe the least dangerous outcome fabricated by Washington and its mindless vassals in Europe crisis and do not give recommendations for Russia. Worst case its outcome - the danger of war. If Russian will sit idly by, the situation becomes unbearable for them. When the pro-US Ukraine will admit to its territory of NATO and will start pressing the Russian population, Russia will have to choose: either to attack the Ukraine with the aim of overthrowing a hostile regime, or to surrender to the Americans. The likely outcome fabrikuemoy Washington fatal strategic threat to Russia is a nuclear war.
Sitting in his office at the State Department, Victoria Nuland (the stables neocons) effortlessly select the members of the future government of Ukraine. This employee of the State Department is aware that Washington's intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine and Russia launches a chain of events that could lead to a nuclear war? President Obama and Congress to know whether the fact that the US State Department Assistant Secretary of State works, provoking Armageddon?
In this light-hearted Americans do not pay attention. They know nothing about how a bunch of maniacal neocons pushing the world towards the abyss of destruction.

News online edition of the "Information Clearing House", 15.02.2014)

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