Pay and repent

In recent years, I began to notice how the liberal community korezhit phrase "spiritual buckles" and everything connected with it. The fact that our fifth column has long been a well-established global mission of Russia, which can be formulated in two words: "Pay and repent." Russia and the Russians are to blame. Fundamentally guilty before the rest of the "civilized" world. We should be ashamed. Guilt complex nation consistently cultivated handshake domestic and foreign media.

In order to overcome the guilt, some psychologists advise to describe everything on paper. I will try to enumerate a list of sins Russia. I will start from afar.

1. Russian to blame for the crimes of Stalinism, though suffered from Stalinism most.

2. The Russian defeated the fascist Europe almost without the help of allies. About 80% of Wehrmacht soldiers were killed on the Soviet front. This can not be forgiven.

3. The Russian dropped nuclear bombs on the civilian population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yes, exactly formulated modern history books.

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4. "Katyn 1" and "Katyn 2" without a difference ... staged a Russian.

5. Russia brazenly has a lot of oil and gas, which hindered economic development. If the oil to pass into safe hands, the economy is diversifying rapidly and bloom.

6. Russia rude to defend national interests. For that we all should be ashamed.

7. In Russia, there is no democracy, that follows directly from the previous two paragraphs.

8. Russia - Empire, which in itself is evil.

9. Russia - a prison of peoples, enslaved floor Eurasia. The nations should get together with the freedom of the territories they inhabit.

10. Russia - a third world country that is a subject of shame.

11. Russian arms supplies in large quantities. Almost everyone who buys it - dictators and murderers. Russian weapons uncompetitive and outdated.

12. Russia delivers nuclear warheads rusty totalitarian regimes and terrorists. Construction of nuclear power plants - a cover.

13. Russian disproportionate response to Georgia's aggression, almost like a 41st Hitler.

14. Russia unfairly received many medals at the Universiade in Kazan and it should be ashamed.

15. Russia unfairly won the right to host the Olympics and she spends a lot of money. Olympic torch goes out constantly. We should be very ashamed.

16. The Russian police are too numerous corrupt and should be disbanded.

17. The Russian army is too big, unfit for action, and should be dissolved.

18. legitimately elected Russian president to be overthrown. It's a shame that it supports about 60% of the population that is cattle.

19. In Russia do not like gay people, which is a shame.

20. Russians should be ashamed for every drunken tourist, leaped into the pool abroad, because no one else does that.

21. The Russian Orthodox Church is, and Islam - the bulwark of obscurantism and darkness.

22. Russia is about to fall apart, from day to day. Any attempt to resist it only prolongs the suffering that lasted over a thousand years.

23. Russia poisons their existence ecology of the planet, such as for oil in the Arctic.

24. Russia blatantly require to pay for the oil and gas market prices.

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