The most famous pikaper CIS

In this post you will learn how to hook up the girl and at the same time, spend a little money.

Pickups heifers

Some tips from the best pickup artist: Girls do not like to choose for themselves platit.Luchshe cheaper places such as McDonald's. In any case, you need to limit the girl if it consciously or not exceed a budget, for example, 150 rubley.Mozhno sekonomit, ordered a minimally or not ordered at all, citing the example that you just come from the dentist. In general, standard - a cup of coffee. There are many ways to share the expense of a woman, the most simple and effective are as follows: - Girl, what do you, will not pay for your coffee? - Well, half? - Add me $ 100, please. - With you 100 rubles. Healthy male


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