The most famous pikaper CIS (4 photos)

Have you heard about the pick up artist, but did not meet them in real life? Do you think it's cool macho perfectly dressed, pleasant smelling stacks and stacks of girls? In fact, everything is much simpler

Warning, the most famous pikaper CIS.
Fiksin and Learn - fixin

Here's our hero

Pickups heifers

Some tips from the best pickup artist:

Girls do not like to choose for themselves platit.Luchshe cheaper places such as McDonald's. In any case, you need to limit the girl if it consciously or not exceed a budget, for example, 150 rubley.Mozhno sekonomit, ordered a minimally or not ordered at all, citing the example that you just come from the dentist. In general, standard - a cup of coffee. There are many ways to share the expense of a woman, the most simple and effective are as follows: - Girl, what do you, will not pay for your coffee? - Well, half? - Add me $ 100, please. - With you 100 rubles.

Statistics for April:

April turned out to be a hot month. I have completed 180% of the plan (100 approaches per month).

I did a 184 approach are:
 - 167 refused.
 - 11 given contact
 - 4 took a business card
 - 2 talked


About B:

The girls usually fall for me, although I want to be all that was between us was no more than a pleasant memory. My ideal relationship - meet at least the appearance of such a desire in me or the girl.
I can be an interesting conversationalist, fun to walk gently and passionately making love.
So I invite you, my dear, to meet with me. The main rule - after the first meeting you have to tell me whether you want to be with me in bed so as not to waste our time in vain.

This seems to be the new idol ...

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