Diamonds, rubies, and others.

It's about the biggest minerals - diamonds, rubies, and others.
Not only natural, but also grown.
Let's start with the most popular, but in the end you will see rare minerals, which perhaps you have never heard of.

Emerald "Mogul»

September 28, 2001 in London, one of the largest world auctions Christie's for $ 2, 2 million was sold to one of the largest emeralds - the famous "Mogul».

On the sides of this precious stone weighing 217 carats 8 and 10 cm high five lines engraved Muslim prayers and oriental pattern in the form of flowers. On the four sides of the "Mogul" made projections in order to secure the stone on clothes or turban.

It is believed that the "Mogul" was brought to India by the Spanish conquistadors in the XVII century. "Mogul" belonged to the Mughal dynasty and was cut during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb, in the middle of XVII - beginning of XVIII century.

Weight 217, 80 carats. I originally belonged to the emperors of the Mughal dynasty. Faceted was between 1658 and 1707. during the reign of Emperor Aurang-Zeb. On one side is engraved prayers, on the other - ornaments of flowers.

Name bought one of the most beautiful and large emeralds are still kept secret.

BIGGEST yellow diamond "TIFFANY & quot;

Weight was cut to 287, 42 carats. Mined in South Africa in 1878 and bought by a New York jeweler Charles Tiffani.Na faceted stones sits inlaid with rubies, white and yellow diamonds bird of gold and platinum. Decoration of the history was put on only twice, including once Audrey Hepburn when she starred in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's & quot ;.

BIGGEST white diamond "Cullinan & quot; ("Star of Africa & quot;)

The largest faceted diamond in the world His initial weight was 3,026 carats, size 100x65x50 mm. Was found by accident in 1905 in South Africa and, according to experts, is a splinter even larger crystal, which was never found. In 1907, the Transvaal government gave it to King Edward VII. In 1908, it was split into several pieces, of which produced nine large diamonds, 96 small and one piece in 69 carat 5 left untreated. His "fragments & quot; stored in the Tower (London). "Cullinan-1 & quot; built into the scepter of King Edward VII. "Cullinan-H & quot; inserted into the crown of the British Empire.


Does not yet have names, but most likely will be called "The King of rubies & quot ;. Weight of 440 carats. Found in Greenland. Stone has a complete structure. This means that it does not need to be sawed into several parts, and can only be pridatemu perfectly round shape. Who are engaged in Canadian jewelers. After finishing work ruby ​​weighs 380 carats.

Rubin, being one of the gems are very fond of jewelers, and its rich red color goes well with the color of gold.

Translated from the Latin word «ruber» translated as "red." Only in 1800 it was found that ruby ​​and sapphire are a variety of corundum. Prior to this, called ruby ​​and red spinel and garnet (all three minerals also called carbuncles). The color of rubies varies on different fields and within the same field, so the judge on the ruby ​​hue of its origin is not possible. Most valuable rubies are "colored pigeon blood" - pure red with a slight purple tinge. Coloring is often distributed unevenly spots or stripes. Rough stones have a dull or gloss zhirnovat but faceted ruby ​​sparkles almost like a diamond.

By its hardness second only to diamond ruby ​​(diamond), although 140 times softer it. In ruby ​​frequent inclusion. They do not constitute defects in the stone, on the contrary - talk about its natural origin.

Large rubies are rarer than comparable with him vlichine diamonds. The largest gem quality ruby ​​found in Burma, weighed 400 carats. The most beautiful world famous rubies are "Edward Rubin" weighing 167 carats. It is stored in the British Museum of Natural History. Star-shaped ruby ​​"Riva" - 138, 7 carats, which is in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Star-shaped ruby ​​"De Long" - 100 carats. It is stored in the American Museum of Natural History in New York.


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