Stars - people who by the very nature designed to wear jewelry. Firstly, they can afford. Secondly, their star status suggests the most expensive and the best. Diamonds, emeralds, pearls. Shining diamonds mixed with shining stars and everything becomes unrecognizable magical. On the relation of the stars to the magic of jewelry under the cut.

If a movie star - gods, the diamonds - it rocks the gods. Precious stones - not just decoration. They are also considered talismans and living substances, possessing its own and character. How many legends walk the rocks and the characters as strange stories going on with them! Not surprisingly, the stars love for jewelry continues unabated. Beonse, Katherine Heigl, Cate Blanchett, Fergie, Megan Fox, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna - all of them are partial to jewelry, as in the old days.


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