Choose one of the jewels - and you can see into the future!

Recently we told you about the most expensive gems in the world. Today we talk about the precious stones, but in a slightly different way. Since ancient times, people were attracted to something shiny and beautiful. First, decorations made from mollusk shells, bones and other things. Later they began to use precious stones. But the latter is considered the most mascots instead of ornaments. They were a long time in the ground and absorbed energy, which later spread to humans.

So, today we have a test. You need to look at the picture below, select one of the stones, and read the result. No need to guess the stones, just choose the one that is most liked.

And now know the results:
1. Pearl

Pearl choose good and open people with a rich inner world. We know that pearls are not considered to be a jewel, but its beauty is fascinating people for centuries. If you choose the pearls, then you know how to weigh his words and never loses his temper. Pearls long growing from a grain of sand, keeping the various processes. This means that if a fate was ill-disposed to you, then you, like a pearl, all perenesesh. Soon your life will turn into something fascinating. It will pay for all the burdens and costs.

2. Ruby

Rubin - a stone of emotional or even explosive people. You affect all who surround you. It was once thought that if you throw in the water ruby, it boils. You have a fiery heart, which is full of optimism. You're a good support to their loved ones and friends. Ruby, like you, gives people the power. Inside you hide the source of life energy, revealing that you will always achieve victory.

3. Brilliant

If you choose a diamond, the honest and kind you find difficult. Your decision is not in doubt. For you are ready to go the crowds. Diamonds are very strong, so you have a purposeful and persistent people. A quality diamond is striking in its purity. Accordingly, you are not able to lie and always willing to help. Do not be afraid to make decisions, remember that people are willing to follow you, and in the end you sure bringest them to the light.

4. Blue Topaz

Soul chose blue topaz? Well, you're very calm, like a quiet life. People of this type - the opposite of those who chose a ruby. Can you tame the passions and conflicts. I know that you will necessarily ever have to use your gift peacemaker. So I am ready for it.

5. Peridot

This is a very mysterious and rare stone. In ancient times, people believed that it is able to stop the epidemic. You too can protect people using their internal energy, so they are drawn to you. Peridot chose people born with excellent prospects. If you get an interesting and attractive offer, you will certainly agree. It will change your life!

6. Aquamarine

By aquamarine stretches soul travelers and adventurers. Once considered an aquamarine stone supernatural forces and beloved jewel mermaids. Sailors believed that this stone can protect the voice of the sirens. Perhaps lately you're a little bored, but your raging spirit will inevitably lead you to new adventures.

7. Tanzanite

If you choose tanzanite, then you are able to rely on their feelings. In difficult situations, you switch off the logic and are guided by their instincts. This is a very rare stone, who is credited with medicinal properties. He can lift the mood and out of depression. You are also helping people to stay on the positive. Perhaps you used to rely on logic, but now your soul tells you what is to trust your feelings, and very soon you will see for yourself.

8. Citrine

Citrine attracts the attention of creative people. Do you love to make discoveries, to communicate with new people and learn about new developments. You can not imagine your life without a team. You always have a lot of ideas. Citrine turns negative thinking to positive, so if you release it the energy that you are not afraid of any troubles.

9. Pink tourmaline

Can you sympathize with, you gentle and kind soul, because you chose pink tourmaline. Yet in 1876 the company "Tiffany" was first used in the stone industry decoration. It has been observed that it is able to keep a charged particles when rubbed. This means that you are sensitive to others. By the way, you have a very well developed tactile sensations in your hands lies the greatest strength, perhaps even healing. This option pushes you to new achievements. Do not wait for signs of destiny. Act itself!

10. Amethyst

Inside those who prefer amethyst, there is a huge amount of energy. This is a very noble people. They radiate calmness, restraint and wisdom. If you choose amethyst, the more often you are sobering (word amethyst means "sober"), calms everyone around him. But it only means that now you need to relax a little and have some fun.

The stones can tell a lot about you. Perhaps even something that you yourself never notice. We hope you have learned about yourself something new. Tell me about the article to your friends, they will also be interested to read.

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