Products that trigger kidney stones

In addition to reducing the use of salt is necessary to pay attention to the food we choose. Some foods are high in salt and can provoke the appearance of kidney stones.

Perhaps you've never thought about it, but if you have kidney stones, must be serious about their nutrition. In your situation, proper nutrition is vital.

After all the food you choose, you can help to cure kidney stones. There are also products, because of which your condition may get worse.

This article will help you take a fresh look at this issue.

What you should know about kidney stones

Before we will go about the products that should be avoided if you suffer from kidney stones, we would like to elaborate on what is a disease.

Such stones are formed from microscopic particles representing crystals. Most people in the urine, such particles do not appear. But in each organism has its own nuances.

In most cases, the stones are formed from oxalate and kaltsiya.Imenno such stones are found in humans in 75% of cases.

Treatment of each patient is assigned individually as it depends on the substances that form kidney stones. Also important is the size of the stones and the frequency with which they appear in the patient.

What are the signs and symptoms are talking about the formation of kidney stones?

Pain in the lower back, in the upper quadrant, as well as the sides
Intense pain for 20-60 minutes
Pain spreading to the abdomen and groin
Blood in the urine
Dark urine with bad smell
Pain during urination
The relentless desire to urinate. At the same time, when you go to the bathroom, stands just a few drops of urine.
Cold sweat
High temperature (in case of infection)

Kidney stones and nutrition

Correctly chosen diet can be enough to prevent the formation of new stones. Most likely, your doctor will recommend you to limit salt intake.

In addition to salt should be avoided foods containing substances such as:


Proteins If kidney stones are formed from calcium, should be excluded from the diet of salt. This applies not only salt alone, but products with a high content of the substance. Thus it is necessary to minimize and calcium intake.

It is also worth bearing in mind that in this case, kidney stones can trigger the development of such diseases and problems such as osteoporosis and bone loss.

If the originators of the formation of stones are oxalates, you need to reduce the use of products containing these substances. These include:

Green salads, spinach
Wheat flour

Beer Brewer's yeast

It was also proved that the abuse of sugar can also be a critical factor in the development of the disease. This is because sugar assimilation process gives calcium, magnesium and other minerals occurring in the human body.

It should be treated with caution and fizzy drinks and juices from the supermarkets. Typically, on their labels indicate that different beverages small energy value. In fact, they contain large amounts of sugar. Therefore, they can not be attributed to the amount of liquid that you want to drink during the day.

Regardless of the type of rock, it is recommended to increase fluid intake. This will help you avoid the appearance of new stones, and is no longer available will increase in size.

The amount of fluid required for our body depends on many factors. These include:

Physical activity Human
The presence of other diseases (completeness, diabetes, high cholesterol)

A less concentrated or more dilute urine reduces the risk of stone formation. The only way to achieve this - drink more water

. In addition to the usual water it is recommended to drink herbal teas and natural teas and fresh juices.

On the other hand, it is very important to pay attention to the amount of protein consumed. These results of various studies indicate that animal proteins are harmful to the health of people who are likely to have kidney stones.

Of course, it is not talking about what needs to be mandatory to become a vegetarian. Not at all. But it is recommended to think about how many times a week do you consume products such as:

Eggs and dairy products are also a source of animal belka.Postaraysya to minimize the use of foods high in milk, cheese and butter.

And what about vitamins? Some of them are going to be good for you, while others - harm. There are also vitamins that do not affect the formation of kidney stones:

Vitamin B (niacin, riboflavin and thiamine): there are no data on these vitamins contraindications for patients suffering from kidney stones. Do not forget that vitamin B2 gives urine a yellowish color.

This can cause errors in the analysis of the color of urine during an attack.

Vitamin C: citrus and other fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of this vitamin. It protects our body against colds and flu and boosts our immunity. But while vitamin C can cause kidney stones.

If you suffer from kidney stones, you need to reduce the consumption of foods high in vitamin C.


The use of salt, perhaps, should be given special attention. We have already talked about the role of salt in the formation of kidney stones. Do not underestimate the value of this product during the development of this unpleasant disease. Question salt intake is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Do not forget that when we eat a lot of salt, our kidneys have to work two or even three times as much. The load on these organs is greatly increased.

When the doctor tells us about the need to limit the use of salt, we remove the salt shaker from the table and cease to salt dishes.

But what about the food that already contains a large amount of this substance? But such products filled the shelves of supermarkets and markets.

It should be borne in mind that these products can greatly harm your health:

Instant soups
Bouillon cubes
Meat products and sausages
Fast food
Sodium bicarbonate
Flour for frying

As we have said, it is necessary to pay great attention to products that you choose, and their ingredients.

It is possible that the culprit of kidney stones is to drink you food, and you do not even know it.


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