10 unusual designer watches (Part 2)

Watches have long been transformed from a utilitarian object into a stylish accessory, and that they did not bother to wear, designers are constantly delight us with new approaches to the visualization of time.
Another collection of the most interesting hours with unusual design solutions.


1. Opening Ziiiro «Mercury Black / Ocean»
The concept of hours of Mercury is the lack of the usual dials, numbers, and other distracting elements according to the designer. Despite its original look and rather minimalistic design, determine the time on the clock ZIIIRO Mercury is a snap. As if directed to infinity two "arrows" as if hypnotizing smoothly and slowly circling over the surface, leaving a nice trail. Time is easy to read thanks to the endings of curved lines, where one serves as the minute hand, and the other - clockwise.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/ziiiro/
Price: 6500 rubles

2. Watches Nava Design «Ora Lattea»
"Nothing makes sense except reading time", decided the designer Denis Guisone, creating the clock, and remove all the excess with the dial. Watches «Ora Lattea», or "Hour of the Galaxy" in Italian, do not randomly called this model causes some cosmic associations. Indeed dial in the form of three points is very similar to our solar system. Large and small dots indicating the hours and minutes respectively rotate around a fixed center, also marked with a black dot as the planets revolve around the sun.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/nava/
Price: 5300 rubles

3. Watch Mr. Jones «The Accurate»
Watches «Mr. Jones The Accurate »seem the most depressive one clock in the world, and drugim- incredibly powerful incentive for future achievements. The difference between these clocks is that the hour hand is in the form of the word "Remember" and minutnaya- in the form of the phrase "You will die." Looking at the mirror surface hours from their owner leaves no doubt about who sent this message, which is why we expect that their owner will be more responsible attitude to time and (hopefully) will be more usefully spend it.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/mr-jones/the-accurate /
Price: 6800 rubles.

4. Hours 666 Barcelona «John»
Sometimes it seems that the Spanish designers of the company's 666 Barcelona sold your soul to the devil for access to the inexhaustible source of ideas for the development of new models of watches. Perfectly confirms this line under the name John. This watch used several innovative solutions, but the most striking is definitely the bracelet. However, to call a narrow leather belt bracelet more than a meter in length is quite difficult if you rely on the classic idea of ​​a wristwatch. Equip watch this tape several times the wrist, which is a bit complicated procedure, but adds to your unique image.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/666-barcelona/
Price: 5000 rubles

5. Watch Phosphor «Digital Hour»
Phosphor Digital Hour designed for those looking for a watch, perfectly combining high style with the latest technology. The clock display with a curved surface made of electronic paper using electronic ink E ink. Tech filling interface allows you to change from one hour to another, depending on the wishes of their owner. Information about the current time can be represented in the form of analog and digital, and pressing a button will move from the traditional white background to a stylish black.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/phosphor/
Price: 5750 rubles

6. Watch Projects «Reveal»
With Reveal clock time is always in the "present" - the model shows only the current time, and the past and future values ​​are hidden from the owner. The watch case and strap perfectly combined with dial concentric disks, so watch has a stylish and harmonious appearance. If you are this person, but do not forget about the past and think about the future, then the clock for you.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/projects/
Price: 4200 rubles

7. Watch Void «V02»
Although digital displays are increasingly replacing the classic arrows, looking at the clock face Void inevitably arise association with the automobile instrument panel. The principle of operation hours VOID V02 is simple - mechanical hand passes through the dial and have a view diameters, not radii. Half of each arrow red, half - white, which allows to navigate and understand the scale of what color must be used at a given time. Watches are available in five colors of metal of different color with a variety of surface grinding, hours set Japanese quartz movement.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/void/
Price: 6200 rubles

8. Watch LIP «Mythic»
Watch Mythic series from the company LIP - one of the most successful in terms of style and ergonomics of examples of non-traditional organization of the dial. Here, along the arrows move the disk with three digital clocks, minutes and seconds. To know the exact time, to look into trapped in the bottom of the window numbers. Moreover, if the hours and seconds are numbered conventionally ranges 1-12 and 1-60, then after 30 minutes are counted in the opposite direction (-25, -15, -5).
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/lip/
Price: 8300 rubles

9. Watch Autodromo «Vallelunga Chronograph»
Vallelunga Chronograph Black Dial - the most "racing" watch model of the entire line Autodromo least thanks to the "red zone" on the dial - just like a race car on the tachometer. This watch amazing organically combined futuristic design in a minimalist style and a romantic spirit of the era of loud engines and exciting races in which the protagonists were the legendary Italian car. If all this is in your heart a flurry of emotions, the Vallelunga Chronograph Black Dial - definitely designed for you!
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/autodromo/
Cost: 18,000 rubles

10. Watch Daniel Wellington «Vallelunga Chronograph»
Daniel Wellington watches can be considered a benchmark of style "preppy". The men's collection has more than 10 different variants of the NATO straps and several variations of the dial. Strict laconic lines, bright, but does not cause the color. Originality combined with aesthetic usability - these are just first impressions of Daniel Wellington watches. Daniel Wellington watches are suitable for any occasion. Regardless of whether you will attend the social events, play tennis or enjoy a sunny day at the beach club - Daniel Wellington wonderful companion. And yet - with interchangeable straps NATO, you will have different hours for each day of the week.
Sold here: www.tictactoy.ru/catalog/autodromo/
Price: 7700 rubles



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