How to become a flight attendant

Yesterday was a post about how to become an ideal passenger ?, but today I will tell you about who and how to become flight attendants and any nuances from the profession.

In the USSR, the conductors received specialized secondary education and learned more than a year. It is now easier and flight attendant can be anybody from the age of 18, having a Russian or Belarusian citizenship. On the other nationality in aviation can not work according to the law - yet the work is related to the risk to national security.

The second condition - to be healthy. For this special Committees VLEK (medical-flight expert committee) examines the future of the conductor for the full program. Of course, in our corrupt society can not exclude some gaps, but it is fraught with - the case of serious illness or death occurring in the workplace is not so redkoya phenomenon. So for the most part, the Commission is serious and people unfit for honey. fly indications are not taken. Just commission checks for scars, eyelets in the ears, tattoos on exposed skin. If the tattoo is not visible when wearing uniforms - everything is in order. Some have to constantly glued solid patch. Also, there are certain standards for completeness, growth and overall physical development - need to be a bouncer, but to be able to open the door in an emergency. And in general, which apply a force in the working points are present.

If these two conditions are met, then you will be charged 80 percent. The remaining 20% ​​- language skills, general erudition, psychological stability, willingness to work with people. Experience is not important, but it is encouraged. So the interview can be found high school graduates and people over 30 with no one higher education.
If we talk about the people who come in for an interview, they are different. Many come to see the world. Someone comes by vocation - a childhood dream. Someone establish personal life (salary flight crew is more than sufficient). Someone accidentally. In any case, the one who remains in the profession can not sit still and is constantly waiting for changes. Many leave and come back because they can not work on a schedule of 5 days a week from 10 to 19.

You've got to make a remark that theoretically every flight attendant should know in advance your monthly schedule, in fact, he learns about the flight 12 hours before departure (and sometimes even less). Besides a lot of reasons, and for the most part, they are reduced to the commercial component costs AK. Bortrovodnikam damn difficult to plan your time. If not satisfied - Welcome to the land.
In general, if all the stars came together, you have been accepted. So after 3 months with a little training you receive a certificate GA flight attendant.

Teach the device in the plane of the work is related to the flight attendants, emergency and rescue procedures (fire, water rescue, survival etc), medical training, and of course the technology of passenger service.
Exams are conducted probationer flights where novoyavlennvh conductor trainee, simultaneously checking the learned skills. Worthy are final and become independent commission conductors. Unworthy can once again drive out on the trainee flying in bad cases, refuse to hire.

So ... I try to tell you about a typical day flight attendant. Or, let's touch on the month in short, for all flight plan is drawn up for the month.
In the month of flight attendant must bump no more than 80 hours of flying time. Or in the case of consent to perenalet - no more than 90 to 90 hours is the law - all over is not legal and can have serious consequences for safety (fatigue) and health (radiation, overloading, lack of oxygen and so forth) < br /> Moreover, s / n, a flight attendant directly depends on the raid. I do not fly - get a penny. So sick, Filonov not profitable from a financial point of view, and you can lose interesting flights. Plus the amount of plaque depends vacation days. No incident will relax annual rate of "only" 35 days. The incident - 70 days. Vacation healing - and refuse to take the money can not be. Leave paid and is usually divided into two parts. Plus sluzhbnye airline provides tickets, so fly to the other side of the world there and back costs less than 10 tr (fuel surcharge)

Output in theory there. But in practice - this time after the journey and before the flight. Holidays absent. When all walk on the red days on the calendar, just pay a little more. Birthday note? Well, you can try ... not a fact that can not be found in the sky, giving passengers PIROZHENKO.
Let's go back to a typical day. Theoretically flight details you need to know 12 hours before departure at least. This gives time for to sleep, freshen up and get on the flight. Depending on the type of aircraft (the higher the plane, the more it is necessary to cook) flight attendant goes to the turnout for 3-6 hours prior to departure (subject to time on the road). We are all human, and we stand in traffic jams, but late is bad, because the ruble can be punished for it, and his colleague, located in the reserve do not want to substitute.

Arriving at the location, passing a physical. If something is wrong with the pulse, blood pressure, temperature, appearance, they can be removed from the flight - nothing infecting colleagues and passengers.

Then conducted a preflight briefing. Covers Where to who the founding fathers of the commanders on what type of aircraft, flight characteristics and so forth. Allocates responsibilities between borprovodnikami. The presence of documents necessary to carry out flights, appearance, knowledge of the structure of the aircraft, rescue training, medicine. If there are gaps in knowledge and shortcomings in the appearance of a senior flight attendant and instructor can make a comment to be entered in case (minus denyuzhku and reprimand) or altogether remove the flight (reprimand, denyuzhku, vneocherdnaya check, taking tests).
Upon successful completion of the briefing, everyone should understand what he says he will do during the voyage.
We bring to the plane.

There are nuances.
We all Flyer and there have long are not allowed on the plane because ...
There are many options. Naturally passengers are not told in detail why a particular flight is delayed.
I try to collect as much as possible abstract cases.
And so ... Aircraft Aviation limited resource. Simple airplane just like the airport is huge money, so ideally, the aircraft must be kept in the air, in order to bring the maximum profit.
Naturally the plane, as well as the car passes service: before the flight after flight of kollichesvu flying hours and so forth. The details do not know, but it is very serious. No self-respecting company will not release the faulty airplane in flight. There is a serious problem, there are less serious. With kaimi you can fly (say ceiling lamp is not lit) with some absolutely can not (defective motor) In any case, each case considering the technical staff and the final decision FAC (aircraft commander). Esgo word - it is the law on board the aircraft. Those FAC if it seems that with this fault (ceiling lamp) will not successfully complete the flight, the plane did not fly until complete elimination of drawbacks.

In general, aircraft sometimes broken (and you car does not break sometimes?)
A fleet is limited and there is a situation that does not replace the plane on that and we have to fix it, delaying the flight or wait zaposnoy come aboard.
I remember my neighbor below, I like that once met, and he was all upset, arrived at the airport, and the flight was delayed for technical reasons. The airport was for the airline vnebazovym and back side had to wait about 5 hours. He psihanul and with all the family went home. Holiday ruined (Although then successfully flew to another place), nerves spent. According to him, ready to kill all of the pilots and flight attendants.
Indignation understood, but a simple question and whether he was willing to risk his family and fly to the fault plane, the response was appropriate.
The plane - the mechanism that duplicates all of zhiznenovazhnye not once. But these warnings to aircraft in the air, on land, and it is better to be safe to fly on a fully serviceable aircraft.
Do not forget about the safety of the flight.

Right now I digress a little and continue.
The second reason - the most extended ones.
Mystery & quot; flight is delayed due to the late arrival of the plane & quot ;. From what I ask (three-story mat), you arrived too late. We then (the passengers) came in 3 hours.

And so late arrival. This follows from the same resource - airplanes.
Aircraft try to fly on schedule. Of course the time is put a little more for a flight, but in general they all want to arrive on time and depart on time.
Why is it important to take off time for the crew?
It pays only for the flight time. Those times when the engine is running. All that before and after an engine is not included in the deposit and paid as salary (how many of us there is a minimum wage in Russia ?? Well it pays all salaries and flight delays. Those can be protorchat 5:00 on a plane is not taking off and get a 10 rubles and real, not kilorubley 10) No one wants to work for free.
Well, for passengers, too, it is clear that no sugar.

Now, what can cause late arrival, and as a consequence of the delay of departure and arrival.

Well, it is clear that
1. The fault plane (reviewed above)
2. The non-appearance of any of the crew members (illness, problems with documents etc) Rarely, but this situation happens. Typically delay or not, or it is minimal. Because this situation is predicted and quickly solved by razerva) But then again de global cataclysms road has not been canceled. It happens that the crew did not replace anyone.
3. Drunk / inadequate / patient (you can not make the flight in such a state) / criminal / brawler / passenger kaktory registered for the flight, passed the luggage and was not on board the aircraft. The man said zryvnom device on board, threatened the crew, breaking into the cockpit, smoke, rowdy. Heart attack, struggle, fear of flying and so forth.
Here it is necessary to clarify. All the rules of flights in GA (Civil Aviation Authority), written in blood people Razbivnaya in a plane crash. Unless the rules are, then you need to perform is always to perform, because of his non-compliance can lead to catastrophic consequences.
If a passenger has been removed from the aircraft before departure, or did not show up on a plane to fail his baggage must be removed from the aircraft. Because in the luggage may be explosive / toxic / radioactive / hazardous substances.
Someone can 100% guarantee for otsutstvueschego passenger? No one can.
Here you have a delay departure. Find baggage from 10 minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the aircraft and airport services quickness.
4. The weather conditions at the airport of departure / arrival / itinerary
Even if you call to Sochi (where the fly), and you are told that the weather is good, it does not mean that it is good for flying. Near the airport can be a lot of dangers meteuslovy who can afford and can not afford to make a successful landing ship. At best, the aircraft will go to the airport apron is hundreds of kilometers from the airport of destination. I will not talk about the worst case. So okonchatlnoe decision departure takes FAC on the basis of available data.
5. Operation of the airport to which the airline can not affect. Fit ramp, towing, aircraft cleaning, food services, security and so forth.

In general, all zederzhki departure, whatever the reason they were not caused by the bear for a lot of negativity and trouble.
I will not consider the reaction of the passengers for almost everyone felt it on myself) tend to the airport as quickly as possible to get rid of passengers promise to solve all the problems well, etc. stewardesses.
And so ... somewhere in the conventional airport Kazan some conventional passenger was drunk in cafes and missed the flight, had to remove his luggage. While he searched until removed luggage while re-do all the shipping documents took a half hour. KBC did everything I could: flying at full thrust, climbed to the 410 level (12,500 m) but arriving still lingered for an hour.

The plane just sat, and he has 30 minutes have to fly the next flight.
But it is not so simple.

We must first release the passengers. Watch the board have not been forgotten if things extraneous suspicious items. To rent all the equipment (housing, food services) toleo crew then leaves the board.
At this time the aircraft are cleaned and receive new equipment new crew. You can not imagine what kind of madhouse going by plane. All hurry, cleaning teeming, carts, bags, check all aircraft systems.
And if the plane is still changed and gave an entirely different type of aircraft, which are not the same seats, 12 business seats and not 6, and tickets have long been sold and eeipazh this replacement was not aware of the full vakhkanaliya begins.
In general, in all bystrenkomu accepted and given the willingness to fly, although good it is necessary to do everything thoroughly, but no passengers, and so nervous.

Here it should be noted that botprovodniki usually do not know the reasons for the delay of the aircraft. No they eo not reported. Just like the passengers, conductors very advance arrive on a flight, arrive at the airport, and even come to the parking lot and just missing aircraft on the fact they will know that the plane will not be long. They're coming back to the airport and sit in the dining room waiting for the arrival of the plane.
Of course conflicts happen, because it is difficult to explain the tired and angry passengers, that all is well with the aircraft that were objective reasons to delay departure. Especially when moving to the individual. Yes wires - professional, calm, reassuring. But unless you do not have a limit, after which goes smile and have become ill from this situation?
No one is justified, but the flight attendants have to very hard, because to listen to all the accumulated sometimes have to listen even than the 10-hour flight. Work so, yeah.

Here he begins flight)

And all these dirty socks, diapers and so forth, which were mentioned in the advice of the passengers from the flight attendants zabugronoy.
The passengers are different. This is a fact I think no one will dispute. Flight attendants also are different.
Despite the selection, testing and so forth are in a herd of black sheep. There's no getting around it. Pareto Principle works in any case always.
But I'm on passengers.
Of course, as in any environment-related service people have their own stereotypes and labels. Turkey and Egypt heavy flights. Here the largest percentage of people who have to prove his innocence screaming about high ticket prices and low, in their view, the service for the money. Tel - too heavy flight (no comment).
How hard to explain why you should not smoke on the plane. In all of foreign companies is very strict. Suffice word conductor and offender safety will be very big trouble. In theory, we, too, as well, but in practice it is very difficult, and "the law is not the pole ...". To bring trouble to the passenger-offender in the air must be very hard work.
Fact - the plane in the air burns from open flames for a couple of minutes. Dare?
For lovers of booze - oochen sometimes it ends badly. Delirium tremens, cardiac arrest, beatings. Alcohol in the air drunk quite differently.

Therefore, the Russian AK No alcohol on board. No culture of drinking alcohol and there is no deterrent in the form of inevitable punishment for the violation. 10 hours on a plane over the Atlantic 300 people on board and a drunken brawl on the plane at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Presented? And the police on board no weapons and no Sambo, flight attendants no. Do you want to be on this flight family?
Therefore, the board of AC input for passengers with alkagolnye intoxication is forbidden. Security guards, a senior flight attendant, FAC, without regret removes a drunken passenger albeit at the cost of flight delay, but it's small blood. Of course, each conductor for many years and has already become a psychologist modet imagine from whom you can expect trouble and a drunkard, and can be sent on board - fall asleep after takeoff.

Believe me, the conductors for their work used to everything)
People scrip went on board (literally), fires in the toilets of cigarette butts, dirt, smeared evenly over the walls of the dressing room, diapers in the seat pockets, vomit in the neighboring mountains of garbage and so forth - all this is familiar and unsettling.
Flight attendants can not and does not have the right to pick up trash, clean the sink, wash sewage. Flight attendants have health books and work with people and food. By plane, even a broom with a dustpan there to clean up something, not to mention the media sanitization. Therefore, if the toilet litter, it is closed.

And so.






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