The aircraft, designed for unusual purposes

When you think about the aircraft, then come to mind passenger airliners, private jets and military aircraft. And what about the aircraft, where there are no people at all? The aircraft, designed for special purposes, such as saving lives, building, intelligence and espionage, as well as those that in the future to revolutionize our understanding of the travel.

Here is a selection of 8 innovative aircrafts, from old models to the most advanced. Each of them was designed to address any problems or perform certain functions, and to every principle were applied new ideas and solutions

See a selection of unusual aircraft that serve important purposes.

1. Airbus A300-600ST

Beluga - Super transport aircraft
Beluga Airbus - it is the world's largest cargo plane, designed to carry integers
Belugas length is 56, 15 meters, and carrying capacity - 47 tons, with a flight range of 900 nautical
miles. Now the lines are 5 Beluga aircraft, including the first one, which was introduced in
granted in 1995. The unique design is designed so that its front end opened, giving
the ability to upload to the world's largest cargo hold great detail.
Beluga was developed in response to the production needs by Airbus. Multinational
produces some of its planes in four European countries - France, Germany, Great Britain and
Spain. Then part of the aircraft, such as wings and fuselage, Belukha transported to a central plant
for final assembly.
Beluga transported part of the space station from Italy to the Centre for Space Studies. Kennedy
Florida by a commercial flight carrying military helicopters, tanks and even chemicals
the big picture.
Photo: Adam Berry | Bloomberg | Getty Images

2. Bombardier 415


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