Legendary "crust"

I think almost all of the readers who live in Moscow or come there on business, but at least once visited the markets, which is popularly called "crust", "Savela" and "Mitiok." Once there blossomed magnificently (and in some places still blooms) trade in the most unusual products. Often, among them there are instances of not very pure pedigree, however, contrary to popular belief, they ruled the ball a long and short.

Many legends goes around the pavilions and palatochek on such markets. Like, lomyat prices, earn on cars and apartments, robbing an honest people. Buy for pennies and sell for rubles, there are no guarantees, but also rude to customers. In general - pretty successful people work there.

For information on what is going on today, "crust", I collect for a long time. Having bypassed a lot of points on the market and speaking with a fair number of people, I was (I think) still found "the very man," ability to tell how things really - unvarnished and smoke screens. On condition of anonymity (we assume that my name is Ivan counterparts, although this is a blatant lie), I received the most honest answers to their questions.

Please bear in mind that the point of view of the seller - it's just a point of view of the seller and nothing more. Immediately it should be noted that if this conversation will seem more interesting - or want to clarify some points - I am happy to continue communication with (ironically) interesting people, traded on the Moscow market.

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Of course, I'm a little ennobled it Ivan, but tried to keep the style of presentation. I hope you'll have to imagine that a man who has been, by and large, are not the most pleasant job, where lots and lots of surprises, but for some reason it is not very pleasant. And that in the minds of Ivan has been some transformation is largely to blame, and we are with you.

Ilya Tarakanov: Right off the bat - the question: why are the prices? After all, a man comes and sees - it's expensive.

Ivan: Why expensive something? For example, in the same "The Messenger" machine costs 30 thousand, but I have it exhibited for 20. If a thing is not new - it can be and 15. Admit it: half price - this is not at all expensive. Again, is that a phone or laptop in the ideal state, not a fly sitting - then the price of 20 thousand rubles, it is not bad.

In general, prices in my pavilion formed depending on demand. If we deal with the way thing - and it will cost closer to the new, the same 20, and even 25 thousand rubles, because it is, as they say, "the ideal." If no demand for the commodity is not, in principle, the price tag may be at least 5 thousand rubles. The purchase - when I bring something - everything is exactly the same. If somebody comes to me to sell something, and I know that the product unmarketable, then a lot of money for it will not give. And if the thing is running and elsewhere have offered him a good price - it is cheap it does not give a person, it is clear

And I'll tell you this: most people who say that the market is "so expensive", usually look either old (rare) models, or feel that everything is stolen, and stolen the thieves give for free, well, I have to cheat 500 rubles and sell. I do not know, unfortunately or fortunately, but it is not so.

Ilya Tarakanov: I know from experience that in the markets for the same phones usually give ridiculous money - and on the Internet to sell something can be profitable as well, and with the purchase. Conditionally - because I'm selling the phone for 5 thousand rubles, and the market offer two. Go on display unit has seven thousand. Hence the question - why are prices.

Ivan: It happens, I agree. This is your problem. In fact, in this situation, we must blame only himself. The conclusion is simple - go, look. Here, for example, recently brought a neighbor Sony PSP - and sold only a thousand rubles. We have here - as in any market: there is a conversation between the seller and the buyer, there is a trade. I have this "piespishku", for example, I made it a three-ruble note. You know, little children do not come down and decided to give the neighbor. So if you give a little - this is, again, your problem not passed all without proezdil all, I did not want to sell more expensive. In fact - his own enemy.

Often people is the wrong approach. They bring the thing and say, "How much you give?" There is, in my experience, about 90% of the total weight. We have a client called the "traveling salesman". Think about it, that's how me this question - "How much do you give?" - Answer to the buyer? We also did not purchase. A man came to me to offer their goods, and he is the seller, should interest me.

Here is an example. Recently came to me a real nigger and unlike many walkers did not resent me, and surrounded the mat for greed and began to advertise your product wisely. Now I have, they say, supernoutbuk, he's great, look. All this in a mixture of broken English and Russian. First he had a kind of theatrical advertising campaign, then began to negotiate, motivate. The laptop was not very massive, at first did not want to take it all - but he threw a little bit, and we agreed. I speak as a buyer and behave as any man in the supermarket when stale goods given for super price. Everyone thinks: "Um, is cheap, it is necessary to take - suddenly come in handy?" And buy. So do I.

I clarify once again: in fact, the person who comes to me - it is the seller, and I - just a buyer. And it is believed that this mountain I-sellers have to do everything - to evaluate the device, to the highest bidder, and (if they like it as I did) I deign to accept the money. Sometimes this position by coming to the market to sell something leads to the fact that cell phones have taken a very, very cheap. Personally, I just can not talk to these people, and someone might buy for a penny. Simple advice to the person who wants to sell expensive items on the market - it is necessary to see the prices on the Internet, to start negotiating with some amount of interest to the buyer - such as me. I sometimes do not bargain, if I see that man came savvy.

Also, if you want to sell something - you need to start to determine the price, and this requires knowledge of the market. There are running phones, and there is unmarketable - the same LG and Motorola. Personally, I'll take even almost new machine a dull mark only 50% of his shop prices. But running the model - it is Nokia, Sony Ericsson, some Samsung, iPhone of all kinds, they can take more. By the way, the new models (regardless of manufacturer) is expensive too, no one will - is going too fast loss of value, people do not want to take risks.

There is a nuance with exchanges. Sometimes people want to do everything in one place - to sell the unit, pay and take other, more expensive. The approach is fundamentally wrong: it is better to sell in one place and buy in another. After all, you want more than to win for themselves. I am personally interested in, God forbid, a third of those phones that bring me - the rest I buy as garbage. For example, I can buy rare and expensive model, and elsewhere will buy the same phone for a couple of hundred rubles. There are those intermediaries who buy these rare machines, and I have sold considerably more expensive. Those StarTac 85, StarTac 130, Sony Z1, Sony Z5 - so, without thinking.

By the way, about the price online. It is not always possible to verify the normal thing when you meet a person somewhere in the metro. Some tricks and kidalovo there is much more in my opinion. Well, for example, that you knew - Today brought a laptop, I can see that he repaired and opened the seal - and Operating System is not installed. On the Internet, people ushlyh too short, believe me.

Ilya Tarakanov: What about the warranty?

Ivan: What is the logic in the army. If you have lost something, not someone else to blame there, that you have stolen a thing. It's your fault: overlooked, do not go there to clean, do not put in place. Sometimes, buyers say, "You should have checked before selling the phone." But think, when you're buying a car - you're it checked. In fact, not much difference between the machine and a telephone, and this and that - the goods. Sam, of course, check the unit - but I do not X-ray. Sometimes people feel that they have been cheated and slipped illiquid. It's much easier. I check the basic functions - the transmitter and receiver, sometimes on a special stand. Cameras and charging can also check all secondary functions but I can not see physically - they became too much.

So in a situation where a person comes and says that he has something does not work - and the blame lies with the purchaser. If something active you use (function) - checks all at once upon purchase. Moreover, if you buy a used machine - and buy for less.

In addition, if we talk about guarantees, let's first try to understand what it is. This is usually the factory warranty, that is - on the factory marriage. If a dealer takes over such issues - it is their doing. But if something happened because of the buyer - then it is his problem. And for the things that were in use, should immediately negotiate, what guarantees does the seller in each case. You see, the trust does not work, there must be some kind of paper. Typically, the terms set forth in this piece of paper, a small - about a week. Sometimes it does not give a guarantee. Someone makes a free diagnostics, and repairs already made by the customer.

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Our conversation was interrupted by a man who visited the pavilion age 30.

- Tell me, Qtek S200 you at what price?

- S200? Five thousand. In excellent condition.

- With the box, right? Or so?

- Well, if you need a box - I'll try to find somewhere lying. That's the way I'll give you a set.

- And the players have?

- There are only iPods.

- IPads, huh?

- IPods.

- IPods ... (Pause 10 seconds) How many iPods?

- Well, there are about seven or eight thousand. There are small. I do not know what you have to do the player. There are small, they are here, such as key chains. Three eight seems to be worth it. There are four gigabytes. Voice control him. Generally, where the Sony must be ... And, here. The same four gigabytes. I just do not know for how much you want. Here is the Sony worth two thousand.

- Thank you, I'm still like, think about it.

So, when to buy is not a new thing - it can be hidden defects; it - the cat in the bag. In addition, the primary function of the phone - make and receive calls, and even in the court of dissatisfied customers were denied on the grounds that the complaints were just extras.

But do not think that here the game is extremely one-sided. And the seller can deceive, but in the end he risks his money. Personally, I try not to lay the price of such devices to other products on the shelf. "The dead" are sold for parts or something animated.

Ilya Tarakanov: Speaking of profits, the legends say that it reaches hundreds of percent. Like all really?

Ivan: In the past, when the phones are often bought, and a lot, profit was 100-500 rubles per unit. Therefore, cheap cell phones have been selling more profitable, in terms of percentage. Who we are less likely to buy, and life - in all respects - has risen. Therefore, the margin rose to 1.2 thousand rubles. On some machines, of course, smaller. On average, I try to cheat at least 10%.

Ilya Tarakanov: What are the days of driving?

Ivan: A few years ago it was stable Saturday and Sunday, the situation is now worse. Once our market has been the most profitable for the company, which owns areas here. After certain events there is no such trade, there is a lot of money. In March, for example, sales in general almost did not have.

Ilya Tarakanov: On the question of money, what they go?

Ivan: Let me explain the situation. The rent for the hall on the ground floor - 150 thousand rubles per month. It is 25-30 square meters. There are halls for 200-300 thousand rubles a month, if they are very "running." The farther away from the entrance - the cheaper, say, 50 thousand per month for 15 meters on the second floor.

There are other "pleasant" things - for the cash register in a year must pay about 20 thousand rubles. If there is no salaried employees - losing days ride to the tax office. If the seller to plant - to put his salary. And the money that identifies an individual entrepreneur, 60% give the state, and only 40% of the employee receives on his hands - so white wages we've got almost nowhere. In addition, if you have hired the seller - the other starting wrapping: medknizhka (though it is worth relatively sane money), health and safety, fire safety training every year (about 5-6 thousand rubles) to read their employees, and the money taken from me, though I have no one works. Plus - training at the box office, and - every year. This is the institute you learn once and then it is believed that for a year time to forget the buttons to press on the cash register.

If you look at wages, the lowest rate on the market - 30 thousand per month, and it's not even the Muscovites and visitors. There are various options - for example, a few people take off one pavilion. It happens that the pavilions partly pass on sublease - so trite to survive. There are people who work completely legal - and there is a pavilion where the five of us sitting without cash.

Ilya Tarakanov: How then to "beat" the money? And where is the excess profits?

Ivan: who visited used vehicles have to sell at a minimum. About five halls on the first floor of the trade recovered machines, refurbished, under the guise of new - there is big money. That is magically from some service vehicles bought for 5000 rubles, and sold twice as expensive. Slightly cheaper are frayed, which no longer sell as new. You can bring ref'y from China - for example, buy a couple hundred dollars for the Nokia 8800 Arte Sapphire, and then sell for a thousand. There are also many "gray" machines, informal, or take customs. But the super-profits to effectively offset the high rents.

By and large, the recent sellers are not feed themselves, and the landlord. So what about any super-profits can not speak, and the market is gradually emptied. Position landlord is clear: there is a desire to make money quickly, about some development question. The rent has never decreased, and during the crisis, even rose slightly.
Again a break in the conversation - fits pretty girl.

- Buy telefonchik? (Shows some clamshell Sony Ericsson)

- And how much?

- Four.

- Hmm. Four ...

- He ... Leaves the top cover.

In reality, the device is simply broken off the lid and holds barely one loop, with the phone seems to work.

- Oh, I see runners bent. In general, all broken ... Do not, do not, thank you.

Hence, we arrive at the fact that even cheat a thousand machine - very profitable. Cost-effective - about two thousand from the unit. By the way, do not forget about cash and taxes - check comes and you get a fine. You get up before a choice - lime Insurance Fund and the risk of a fine or official ticket office and sales tax.

Bear in mind that on some phones already rent will not catch - you have to repair, laptops, accessories. Or, as I said, to share a pavilion apart. Hundreds of phones sold so far, has not yet organized the "Euroset". Now unmarketable places on the market can be a couple of sales a day.

So if you want to start doing something in the market - it is best to give you the goods on realization, not to invest money in it, but the profits will be small. In any case - it will have to spin and to closely monitor the demand. For example, a lot of the points that sell Chinese phones, burned - not grasped the changes in the market. Standing superprofits no one there is not - channels at customs or obtaining counterfeit overlap, and people are left with nothing.

Ilya Tarakanov: Clear. Now I propose to talk about how buyers look through the eyes of the seller. Why is the market so rude sometimes communicate with customers?

Ivan: You know, he had also thought that the sellers - louts, and when worked for a time in the market - and in the trade I have a couple of decades - realized that sometimes corny rent nerves. The work, as you know, is far from quiet, there's a lot of inappropriate people, and every year more and more. Sellers roughly sit on valerian. For example, a person comes and says: ┬źNokia N72┬╗. And he is looking at me. What do I have to answer this? I was just looking at him, and he starts to get annoyed. I just want it to be properly formulated what he wants. Personally, I can only speak rudely if I had rude. Trite - response.

In addition, the man almost immediately clear why he had come - to make the brains or something to buy. There are "distributors" - taking devices, and then return. Sometimes I see - not my client, and I answered: "I do not have that." But, of course, if I have an employee - with no experience - I'll make it with a smile and a polite approach to each client. All depends on experience.



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