Only 2 ingredient and hair grow like weeds! Noticeable increase hair growth without chemicals.

Long-haired beauties will shout in one voice: to achieve flawless beauty and length of hair you will need a lot of time and effort.

Medicine is quick to remind that for good hair growth and gentle care for a luxuriant mane can not do without proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and barbers and stylists will advise you to achieve the desired length with the help of chemicals and build-up.

But if you are a supporter of natural beauty, the bins have a "Website" in store for you secret recipe for perfect hair growth, which does not require from you any costs or long time.

Recipe for hair growth at home, uslovijah tool will help to ensure strengthening and growth of hair at home without chemicals and cosmetic products.

  • 5 tbsp brandy
  • the crust of black bread

Preparation and application
  1. Put a container of brandy in a water bath and raise the temperature slightly. Cognac contains an unimaginable amount of minerals and antioxidants that positively affect the condition of the hair follicles, acting as a powerful activator of hair growth.

    He is also famous for the presence of tannins in its composition, which further enhances its medicinal properties.

  2. Into the heated container of brandy add a crust of bread, pre-chopped by her hands. Leave the bread to soak in warm cognac. The bread will saturate your hair in several types of b vitamins.

  3. When the bread and brandy to cool to room temperature, thoroughly mash the bread and apply the mixture to the root area of hair. Leave the contents for 25-45 minutes. For greater efficiency, use a plastic shower cap.

  4. After the time carefully rinse hair with warm water, then wash them again with the use of your shampoo. Let hair to dry naturally, without blow-drying hair dryer.

Repeat this procedure 3 times a week, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

You will certainly be pleased, because this mask — a real treat for your hair!

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