Why is it important that women have long hair

The information described in this article for a long time hidden from most people! It is time, finally, to find the real reason why it is important to have long hair!

This information about the hair was hidden since the Vietnam War. Our culture tells people that hairstyle - it's a personal preference, which hairstyle - this is fashion and / or convenience, and how people wear their hair - it's just a cosmetic issue.

Going back to the period of the Vietnam War, you may find a different picture, hidden from most people.

In the early 90's, Sally (name changed for privacy) married a psychologist who has worked in the medical hospital of the Ministry of Veterans' Affairs. He worked with combat veterans with PTSD. Most of them served in Vietnam.

Sally said: "I clearly remember the evening when her husband came home, carrying a thick folder of the official kind." Inside were hundreds of pages of government research. My husband was shocked by the content. What he read in these documents, completely changed his life. From that moment on, my conservative views sticking median husband started to grow his hair and beard and no longer had never cut his hair. Moreover, the medical center of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs has allowed him this and several other conservative male employees followed suit. When I read the document, I realized why.

It turned out that during the Vietnam War special forces military department sent secret agents in American Indian reservation to find talent scouts, strong young men with the skills of silent movement on rough terrain. They are specifically looking for men with extraordinary, almost supernatural talent for tracking.

It was noted that these carefully selected people were real experts in tracking and survival. For the recruitment of new recruits luring use conventional and well proven insinuating phrases, so some Indian hunters were on active duty. However, after they were recruited, something amazing happened. Those talents and abilities, which they owned on the reservation, mysteriously disappeared, and for a rookie rookie suffered a complete failure, behaving on a combat mission is not as expected of them.

Search the causes of failures led the government to conduct expensive testing of recruits, and that's what was found. Asked about the failure of the older recruits all as one, they answered that when their hair cut short in the military, they could no longer "feel" the enemy could no longer access the "sixth sense." They could no longer rely on their "intuition" could "read" the secret signs as well as before and could not get access to the fine psychic information.

So research institute has recruited Indian hunters allowed to leave them long hair and conducted tests in various fields. They then joined male that showed the same results in all the tests in pairs. One of the men they left in a pair of long hair, and the other made a short military haircut.

Then the two of them have been tested again. Time after time, a man with long hair to show good results. Time and again, the men with short hair did not stand inspections, which previously showed good results. Here are some examples of standard tests: Recruit sleeping in the woods. Armed with the "enemy" is close to the sleeper. Men with long hair wakes up from a strong sense of danger and gone long before the enemy long before heard any sounds indicating the approach of the enemy.

In another version of this test, the long-haired man felt the approach and intuitively felt that the enemy will take a physical attack. They trusted "The Sixth Sense" and remained motionless, pretending to sleep. Then quickly grabbed the attacker and "killed" him as soon as "the enemy" was approaching close enough to attack. It also recruit, after the passage of this and other tests, short of a military sheared, and he has consistently failed a number of tests that have passed successfully. Thus, the document ordered that all Indian hunters were exempted from having their hair cut short. In fact, it was required that hunters "were staying with long hair».

P.S. Some observations of the author, that I got interested in:

Science is constantly confronted with the discoveries of amazing opportunities to survive in humans and animals. Each body has its own well-defined function that serves the survival and proper functioning of the body as a whole. Each body part has a reason for existence. Hair - a continuation of the nervous system, it is correct to call them so - nerves on the surface of the body, a kind of highly "whiskers" or "antennas", which convey a great deal of important information in the brain stem, the limbic system in the neocortex.

Human hair, including facial hair men not only directly supply information to the brain, hair and radiate energy, electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain to the environment. It was established with the help of Kirlian effect when a person is first photographed with long hair, and then - after the haircut. When the hair is cut, the reception and sending signals to the environment significantly hampered. Haircut promotes unawareness with respect to environmental issues in local ecosystems. It also contributes to insensitivity in any relationship, and dissatisfaction. In order to solve the existing problems in our world, first of all we must recognize that many of our basic concepts of reality are erroneous.

It may be that most of the clues is looking at us from the mirror each morning. In our everyday life, few people think, why would a man hair. But they are given to us not just for beauty. A man with long hair works better intuition. Woman with long hair makes a child without toxicity. Thus, according to the apocryphal "Book of Genesis heaven and earth" Samson - the Old Testament hero, who became famous for feats in combat with the enemy, he wore long braids, giving him a heroic power. When Samson violated the vow of celibacy them gods and loved Delilah, he was under "drunken shop" opened her secret: "If you shave me, depart from me my strength." Insidious lover waited until the man was asleep and his head sostrigla with seven locks. Samson immediately weakened, and this benefited the enemies - blinded him and forced to work at the mill. But when Samson's hair had grown, the strength returned to him, and he destroyed the building where the enemy is.

I remember the story of his friend. She studied at the fine, the athlete member of the Komsomol, the braid to her waist. And then it has managed to do just before the exams fashionable haircut. And what do you think? Exams she failed. She just could not remember anything from the fact that yesterday knew at five. She otstrigla his memory.

So often the person who has experienced great sorrow, advise a haircut. And for the same reason, do not in any case be cut small children. There is a belief that the child it is necessary to cut shaved in a year. So I can tell you that it is nonsense. The child actively learns, learning every second of your life, and you just take him and circumcised the entire memory. He begins to learn at first. On the face of underdevelopment. Why do girls tend to grow faster? Because they usually are not trimmed.

It is proved that children who do not cut their hair, develop much faster. The commandment of God Svarog reads: "Do not cut his hair his brown, his hair is different, but with gray hair, because the wisdom of God will not suffer and health to lose." We all know that in the old days did not cut their hair. A woman with cropped hair was considered disgraced, and all peoples. Even men do not cut their hair. For some people it was decided to cut the hair of the men, but note haircuts were far shorter.

Hair is not on your nelly not be painted. We all studied physics at school. Color objects occurs mainly in the process of absorption of the waves. Red vessel looks red because it absorbs all the other colors of the light beam and reflects only red. When we say, "This cup red", we actually mean that the molecular composition of the surface of the cup is such that it absorbs all light rays except red. So, your hair has a specific color, as we know, there is no pure colors, shades of hair are diverse and very complex. Based on the above, the hair absorbs the energy flows at a certain wavelength. And it is the energy that your body needs. What happens when you dye your hair? Your body starts to get him an alien power. And what is the result? That's right, the disease. So women, a hundred times consider whether to paint the gray hair, as if she spoils you. Incidentally, the French, who are considered the ideal of style and taste, never paints the gray hair.

Do you know that the average length of hair for a woman - to the buttocks? A normal, able to provide it with the necessary amount of energy - to the knee? Woman with long hair is so powerful energy that can create oberezhny circle for his beloved, to protect it from any of its energy woes. By the way my husband to receive protection from his wife when combing her hair. The Slavs existed a tradition.

Dissolve hair woman could only at home or in nature. For the simple reason that her hair (and even more sheared) absorbs all the negative energy. Including the lustful thoughts of men. Imagine a girl who walks her childhood short haircut. And why are all surprised when she grows up and hits the harlot. And you imagine how much poshlyatiny she absorbed his whole life, so what Well wonder. Girls Spit flew, it was located along the spine, and it was believed that all light Bcelenskie forces moving through the hair to cover the spine and body, soul and spirit the girls a special life force, preparing them for the future mission of the Holy motherhood. It symbolizes the union of the life forces of the world Yav, Nav and rights. A married woman braided braids 2 to produce energy for themselves and their unborn child. In order to not interfere with the work of the spit, they were collected in a bun, or removed under the scarf.

By the way the hair on the human body have the same functions as on the head. Therefore, making the so-called hair removal women deprive themselves of an additional flow of energy that nourishes the specific chakra. In Europe, the first organized haircut Roman Emperor Nero who ordered the consul to mow all the foreign legions bald. When the consul, commander of the Foreign Legion, said the Emperor Nero for what it is necessary, he replied: "I do not wish that they thought, enough for me that they only performed my orders and decrees».

And in the Russian lands began practicing cutting hair only with the advent of Christianity. No one is not able to explain why and what they are trimmed followers of his teachings and his priests, clergy, even if the Bible tells the story of Samson, who has never had a haircut and was a strong and invincible until then, until he cut his hair (Judges . Chapter 17, verses 17-19). Complete the transition to cutting the hair of men in the early XVIII century, a decree of Emperor Peter I «shave their beards and wear German dress." Since Peter did not grow a beard, and on this occasion he is from complexes. The solution was found - to deprive the rest of the beard.

Long hair for our ancestors - WISDOM
Have you ever wondered why the army is required to shave nalyso, why insist that children under one year NEED cut our hair first, why in churches women must wear a headscarf? And in the end, what the Indians scalped? Hair give people psychic power that is needed, for example, thinking and awareness, it also gives a person the ability of those who call magic. The longer the hair, the more power a person receives. Therefore, men in Russia were extended haircuts and witch (witch who do not know, mother Veda, not evil old grandmother) long hair.

Almost all paints contain potent chemicals that destroys the structure of the hair, and they are dead, and then cease to perform its functions to generate energy. Hair really are conductors of energy, but that their length should be not less than 7 cm. Long hair for our ancestors - wisdom. In Russia wore long braids a reason - because Spit located strictly along the spine, as a powerful talisman (we now know that the spine are the main chakras). Any WEAVING protected from evil and dark forces.

THOSE WHO shaving easier to manage
So break the link with the ancestors and the freedom of thought, consciousness becomes clouded. The strength of this current depends on the length of the hair: the initial stage of growth of the hair than long hair, the stronger the current, and this is happening while the hair is not otrastёt to 10-15cm. And then stabilizes the current and future hair growth (approximately in the range 20 40cm.) gradually falls to zero. It should be noted that this pattern is observed in people with healthy, that is pronounced enough energy, in people with weakened vitality may not appear to be any current.

Long hair is well accumulate the energy of not spending it at the same time unnecessarily. They become more energy protection and at the same time enhance the sensitivity of the human intuitive. Sensitive to the power of the person quite clearly convinced of the protective power of the long hair: the adverse effects of energy (of which around a lot - from unfavorable days of the new moon to certain religious holidays and knows what else) long hair person begin to irritate him, they have the energy dark, dirty , wants to get rid of them - but it is they assume coming from outside the negative, if they were, there was the long hair, the whole darkness and dirt would be in itself a man's head and caused him to have mental states, of course, not the best. As a result of the remaining long hair at the minimal power supply, this film is then derived from volos.Energeticheskoy cleaning hair is their usual prichёsyvanie.

The fact that the hair is human batteries personal energy, many women became convinced after the change of long hair short cut - immediately after cutting long hair comes the state of enlightenment, high energy tone, it becomes easy and enjoyable, so it seems that this was because they got rid of of unwanted hair, but, alas, it is because the released energy accumulated in long hair and now it is being spent on short bursts of tone. And the fact that the hair generally are energy conductors, made sure a lot of people still more evident in the case of sudden danger, or simply fear. At this point, the hair stand on end. That's why they stand on end, and - through them sharp energy emission, which plays a protective role, and this is the energy passing through them raises them and scatters them. This effect is similar to the effect of electrification.

In men, no less important is energy mustache and beard. Many in the practice notice that their energy contributes to the intuitive sensitivity of the person, and especially important in this respect are the mustache. A lot suggests that it is not the only energy function mustache and beard. Given the peculiarities of energy hair aria formed certain types of haircuts, and these are their haircuts for each class. Rahman, for example, be a Greek class, cropped hair is not, in principle, for them it was unacceptable because it reduces at a time of their interoperability with spiritual matters.


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