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In ancient times people knew about the magical significance of hair. The ancient Slavs believed that it is through the hair in the human body joins the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sun. Our ancestors believed that through the hair, we receive the protection and wisdom of a kind and the Great Gods who guarded against evil spirits and supported health and life in the body. For Women, the hair was not just dignity and decoration, they show the quality and energy levels and inner strength. In the Vedas it is said that the hair accumulate positive energy, which allows you to remain calm and balanced in any situation requiring a large expenditure of psychic energy.

© Lee Bogle Women in Russia always grew their hair long and braided them into a braid. Braid for every Woman plays the role of a battery. The longer, the wiser its owner, the more her strength, kindness, love and affection. Girly hair gathered in a braid because the braid consisting of three strands, represented symbolic model of the universe and the balance of the three worlds — Waking (phenomenal world), Navi (lower netherworld) and the Government (Higher Divine world). Big spit, rippling along the back, poured the possessor of divine power, nurtured and strengthened her body and spirit. After marriage a single spit was divided in two: now a young wife and mother, had to draw strength not only for myself but for my husband and children. Of your hair Women are treated with great attention and love. They knew that the hair — a real gift from God with hair, you can charm a man, to attract abundance in and even cure the child. In the old days was made to give the deputies their hair, so they wear it close to my heart and always remembered their favorite... Women's hair was used in many magical rituals and divination. FLOWING HAIR.. In Russia, leaving in people's hair was made to cover with a scarf, protecting the family on a subtle level from the views of others and envy, not allowing the distress, anger and other troubles to enter the house on the tips of the hair. Loose hair was considered to be a messy waste of energy and a powerful sex appeal. Every Woman watching the level of your fullness, and really let your hair down only at home, before her husband and children. Raspletanie braids attached even greater importance than her braiding. This process was slow and gentle towards the hair. Dismissing haired girl released the stored energy. To this day there is a popular belief that if a girl wants to attract the attention of a potential suitor, it is necessary to dissolve a braid with thoughts of him and then seem to the man with flowing hair. To "hook" the attention of men, a girl needs to gently wind the curl on her finger, like tying the thoughts of men to their minds and to themselves. Always with her hair went either witches (Women in charge), which tightened the hair of the energy funnel, connecting to the energies of the elements, or slutty Women. Helpful hints: -braid his hair blond hair, or cover them if You are in a public place: hospitals, shopping malls and markets, museums and theatres, festivals, carnivals and any city holidays, as well as to the cemetery -to hold on to his power, from time to time braid his hair blond hair in a high ponytail or a bun – it adds endurance and silvaloy, tucked away in low beam, and develop a Woman is the quality of meekness. KOs, located along the spine, allows the light forces of Mother Nature, go into the spine, filling the body, Spirit and Soul with a special Feminine energy. If you slick your hair back or make "fountain", You will immediately calm down and feel energized. Parting is desirable to do on the right side (main part of the hair is combed to the left) because the right side is considered Masculine and the left Feminine. You can make parted in the middle, if you want to balance the energy. Accordingly, the parting on the left wear side is not recommended. According to the Vedas, curls enhance Women's attractiveness, therefore, not in a hurry to get rid of them. Learn basic techniques of self-braiding – so hair grow faster, and their owner look even softer. If You have an exam, important meeting or any other important matter – be sure to braid the hair. Thus, You gain strength. TRIMMING HAIR IN the Slavonic — Aryan Vedas it is said: "do Not cut your hair for nothing, because wisdom will not suffer and will lose health". Therefore, the Slavs practically did not cut hair. Did only those who wanted to "renounce the evil fate" — to get rid of incurable diseases, spiritually reborn or cleansed from sin. So, if Your life was a very difficult period – you can cut hair shorter. In Russia, Women never cut your hair short. It was tantamount to cut off the Woman from the energy source. For this reason, the barbarians during the invasion of Russia, first grabbed the Princess and cut off her braid, thereby depriving not only the Woman, but the Prince and even the city itself. Nowadays, Women choose short haircuts, not realizing that weaken their natural strength. However, even if you grow hair, need to trim the tips. Because they accumulate including negative information. One to two inches a month would be enough. The only time you can waive this rule if the previous period of life was very good and productive. Should take a highly responsible attitude to the choice of the person who cuts You. Indeed, in the process, it may give You part of the life experience. And even change the karma. If You are a Woman, you need to choose wizard of the same sex. It would be great if your hairdresser is much older than You, after all, the more her life experiences, the more it can affect Your destiny. Just remember that it must be fun, energetic and friendly that its influence was positive. If possible, abstain from bangs. In the old days believed that is lowered onto the forehead hair Eclipse on the road of life and close their own destiny. Men not advisable to go to the Barber-woman, as it can neutralize the energy of the couple and to get him away from the family. Ideally, when a Man mows a Wife or Mother. Before, Women definitely taught hairdressing. Cutting hair yourself, it is also not recommended. It carries negative consequences for the body and mind. Useful tips:-Cut hair (as well as those that dropped or left on the comb), it is best to burn or bury, so as not to waste the energy accumulated in the hair, and your hair could not take advantage of malice.

-To cut your kid's hair is desirable only after a year. And if You are one of those Women that keep infant your children's hair, collected after the first haircut, make it so that besides You, no one will ever know.

-Hair cut on the growing moon, growing faster. The decreasing – roots stronger and the hair stopped falling out.

-In the Vedic literature says not to cut hair during pregnancy means to collect energy power for themselves and the unborn baby.

-Before important events, which You waited a long time, is to opt out of the haircut so as not to disturb the course of fate.

HAIR LENGTH According to the Vedas, the ideal hair length – below the point in the center of the chest, where the anahata chakra. If your hair is shorter, a Woman loses touch with God and able to control their emotions. As soon as the Woman grows hair of this length, immediately in her life begin to happen positive changes. Hair length determines the amount and speed of incoming energy. The longer the hair, the amount of energy, and the way this energy longer. Thus, the Woman is easier to perform their daily duties. To grow hair – the Women-specific thus. To grow long hair is not always easy. However, the Vedas say — if you have the intention to grow, they will become thicker and will Shine. And because it is the power of Women, and its accumulation should pay attention to. On hair you can make vows and they will come true. For example, you can say, "I'm growing hair for the sake of increasing the welfare of her Husband." Remember that short hair enhance Male energy, so a Woman can't get enough information from the Universe and use it for the good of the family. In addition, for Women, it is important to close the point at the neck and at the bottom of the head, in order to avoid exposure to eyes. Until the hair industry desirable length, you need to collect them from behind and tie the ribbon so that the ends reached the shoulder blades. COLORING HAIR.. Dyed hair changing human energy and potential of his body. Especially if the dyes are not natural. Chemistry changes not only color, but also the structure of the hair, connecting people to the energy of certain planets. It is desirable that the hair color when stained did not differ from the natural more than 1-2 pitch. It is not recommended to dye your hair black if You by nature are not burning brunette. And also, to dye your hair a fiery red color, it enhances the energy of masculinity in the Woman. Very good for hair Indian henna – it not only strengthens the hair but also cleanses the subtle body. The effect of applying henna to the way You feel. The HAIR.. the Hair are antennas, conductive to a man's head cosmic energy. Thus, any problem with hair is a sign that not enough people believe in the existence of the divine, which helps to independently build their lives. Is unbelief reduces vitality. Appearance of hair can tell a lot about the energy level in the Woman, the condition of internal organs and the hormonal system, and even about problems in the family. Problems with the hair suggests that it is important to be yourself, believe in yourself and in the timely assistance of the Universe. Material can play an important role in my life, but it should not take precedence over spiritual principle, which is Your true essence. Useful tip: If your hair falls out, so you need to work with his race. Women often hair loss indicates problems with the Husband or Father. HAIR CARE When the Woman carries the hair in the proper order, is their a maximum length – it gets a lot of energy and protection. Usually, such Women are very well-developed intuition. And in the house there is love and abundance. Women very responsibly approached to the choice of the comb for the hair. Because they knew that with its help it is possible to remove any negativity and relax the body. And after all, relaxation is the key to successful accumulation of Female energy. The hair is a kind of barrier between the influence of the external environment and the mind of a Woman. Therefore caring for them is a kind of penance. Combing the hair before going to bed, Women throw off all the problems accumulated during the day. This should be done with feeling, really, slowly. It is advisable to think about something good, hum (as many say "purr") or to pronounce positive affirmations. Wash your hair, you need as often as possible. After all, they accumulate not only physical dirt, but also fine – resentment, quarrel, unpleasant conversation. If You feel annoyed or feel the emptiness and loss of strength, is to wash your hair or at least a sprinkle of water and You will notice a positive improvement in the mood. And due to the fact that the hair is concentrated Shakti — the Female energy, in the Vedic culture it was not customary to allow to touch my hair to anyone other than the Husband and Father. Useful tip: If You see that around You it creates a negative atmosphere, cover your head with a handkerchief or scarf. Then, trouble will bypass You party or diminish their impact on You. published

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