45 tricks from people who are helping the stars look great

When we see celebrities on TV and on the red carpet, we do not get tired to admire their elegant appearance. We even think that the stars were born with perfect looks and impeccable taste. Although often Merit for the great view of the stars belong to their stylists and makeup artists.

Especially for you Website 45 picked up invaluable advice from recognized experts in the world of beauty.

Chris McMillan 5,329,846

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Chris McMillan - a popular American designer and stylist whose clients include well-known personalities and Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and others

. Tips from Chris McMillan
The proper haircut - a 99% success rate. Only this can compensate for inadequate or unsuccessful groomed hair styling. Therefore, never skimp on a good barber. Bad haircut will have to adjust in two weeks, and the right can be worn as you want - to grow hair for a long time will not lose shape The installation should not be perfect.. Sleek head of hair to hair looks unnatural and so ugly. Do not overdo with styling products, keep hair light effect negligence Do you want to look younger -. To grow long hair and hairstyles do with weaving The only way to make hair grow -. Not to cut them. Even a millimeter. The main thing - to withstand the first six months In the first few weeks of growing hair look worse all: styling does not hold, the shape hairstyle fades.. To save a decent kind of hair, you can use a variety of accessories:. Headbands, scarves, barrettes, headbands, tiaras trendy If the hair grows slowly, look weak and lifeless, it is possible that there are problems with the scalp. It is proved, if properly care for it, do regular peeling and moisturizing care, hair will grow twice as fast Stylist is sure. If the hair is easy to give the root volume, any hairstyle will look better. The main thing in any hairstyle - is the amount of Braid hair and iron them flat utjuzhkom.. This will make them wavy. If you have very thick hair, braid a few braids, and if do not want to wave and curls, wrap strands around your finger and just walk around the hair iron. Always use with a spray for thermal protection If no more than 5 minutes to spare, and want to look perfect, MacMillan advises doing a ponytail:. "You can comb your hair and braid them into a low ponytail. Fix it directly on the back of the head and cover strands ears. In addition, it allows you to demonstrate the entire length of the hair ยป. Rinse the hair before you enter the pool. Remember that chlorine damages them, and the only way to get rid of fragility - to create a barrier between chlorine and curls. Rinse the hair in front of the pool and immediately after swimming If you have a high forehead, bangs cut off safely if low -. Leave it open

Kimmy Keys.

The most important in Hollywood stylist nails Kimmy Keys works with stars like Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Katy Perry and others. Perhaps, it has no equal in the world in the art of nail art.

Tips from Kimmy Keys
Right manicure is good in itself, its hue is not necessarily to choose a color of clothing or makeup. Bright paint looks best on short nails square-rounded shape. Gentle neutral tones are more versatile - suitable for everyone. Do not forget how beautiful and varied shades of coffee with milk, camel, peach, pink, grayish. They may be saturated or translucent texture. If you're a fan of bright colors, is there a way to make it look even more spectacular on the nails. It's simple: after applying foundation paint nails with white paint, and then apply the color tone over it Norman

. This French stylist has long conquered Hollywood. Miracles of his creations can be seen on the most beautiful women of the world, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, and many others.

Tips from Serge Norman
Dry shampoo really help out. Wash your hair every day - a bad habit that you need to get rid of. But often the case: the entire length of the hair still look clean, while the roots actively you hint that it is time to take a shower. Plus, long hair is so heavy that they are easy to lose volume. A dry shampoo will help bring it back almost immediately Long hair -. It is heavy and fastidious in matters of hair styling. Without spray volume they will fall, even if in the morning you tried to comb them. The rule is: after each shampooing apply on the roots of a small amount of booster (the size of an apricot) and dried their hair dryer, tilting his head down Lobell 33,308,631

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It Jeanine Lobell Oscar-winning actress is preparing to solemnly go out and work with them on the set. It works with Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Uma Thurman and others.

Tips from Jeanine Lobell
Do you want to look fresh and younger? Then mix several shades of cream blush, such as red and pale pink, and add to them a drop of shimmering primer. Apply zygomatic part of the cheeks and blend thoroughly. Interesting effects can be achieved by experimenting with a combination of beauty products with different textures. For silky shiny lipstick looks harmoniously with compact matte blush. By focusing on the broad brow, do not overload the face too bright shades of lipstick and blush. Zoe

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As a designer and feshen-writer, Rachel Zoe is considered one of the most popular star of Hollywood stylists. She is working with celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and many others.

Tips from Rachel Zoe
Ensure a need to look good and not just on holidays, but always, even if you just go to the store for bread.

Clothing with high waist will hide your waist disadvantages.

You do not need to chase blindly for all fashion trends. When choosing a style or color of clothing, you need to build on that, to face it or not, rather than on the level of urgency and hipness

Required items at all times -. Little black dress shoes heels, classic white shirt, trousers free cut.

give a complete image of accessories. Use massive rings, bracelets and necklaces. A hat and sunglasses will emphasize your individuality.

Do not be afraid to play with the proportions. Stratified top trim bottom concise and slacks to beat in a duet with slinky topom.

borrow any thing from the male wardrobe. Let it be a jacket or shirt.

A modest neckline and long sleeves to focus on your face. Pay particular attention to make-up - the tone of the skin must be perfect

If you do not have time for hair, open face and gather hair up.. Do not forget about the massive earrings, purpose of which is to balance proportions of the face.


Hollywood hair stylist, colorist Rona O'Connor helps to fix hair to many celebrities: Blake Lively, Heidi Klum, Debra Messing and others. And you have to give her this tribute: look great stars

! Tips from the Rhone O'Connor
In no case do not wash your hair for 48 hours after staining. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the new color, and you again have to seek the services of a colorist. If you do not have a proven master colorist, visit several beauty salons and hairdressers to consult on the spot. So you get some professional opinions. Blond hair is very vulnerable, so care must be taken to reduce the number of mechanical impact on their surface. For example, after washing the hair in no case do not rub your hair with a towel and do not brush their wet, otherwise you can damage the structure, making them dull and porous. Silikonosoderzhaschie agents clog the hair pores, which can prevent them to absorb nutrients from air conditioners or masks, so in this case it is better to get rid of such products, opting for a more natural care products. Two times a week to do a mask to effect deep hydration, for example, you can use of jojoba oil, avocado oil or coconut pure. As an express option, you can choose a ready-made professional mask. Grow dyed hair is extremely difficult, but there are no hopeless situations. Ron recommended not to neglect the care of the tips and use special tools not only during installation, but after washing the hair. Also, do not forget to refresh the ends every 6-8 weeks, then the result will not take long! Peyvs 6,794,183

Ken Peyvs - one of the most popular stylists in Hollywood and Britain. Its portfolio covers of magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Glamour, and the best images of Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel and other stars.

Tips from Ken Peyvsa
Avoid daily shampooing. If necessary, apply shampoo only on the roots. Before an important event take care of your hair in the evening. Mix in a ratio of 1: 3, olive oil and water, pour the mix into a spray bottle and treat each strand. In the morning, after washing, you will feel the difference. Style your hair will be much easier. They will be very soft and shiny When drying hair using warm air, and in order to fix styling -.. Cold Do not use the straightener until you wet your hair. Under no circumstances do not do it. McGrath

Pat McGrath - one of the most sought after makeup artists in the world. It works with most major fashion houses, creating images for catwalks and advertising campaigns. The list of its clients appear Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani, Madonna and other stars.

Tips from Pat McGrath
Several times a brush swipe at the base of the eyelashes and then move on to the tips. Uniform application of the entire length of the eyelashes will weight the tips and will not create a nice bend. Do not always use the same technique, but instead try to get a different effect, holding the brush horizontally for more volume lashes or vertically for separated and natural-looking. To mask circles under the eyes, you need to brush shade under eyes a little foundation or corrector. Over cheekbone Apply a highlighter with a touch of shimmer - it will reflect the light and create the effect of shining eyes It is better to apply liquid foundation base with the fingers, in order to achieve perfectly even and smooth coating.. The heat of your hands warms means and becomes much easier to shade. Before you reach for a tube to his lips, cover them with a drop of concealer or tonal framework. This will help you create a beautiful clear contour. I always first I go a little bit beyond the natural lip line to outline the shape, and only then move on to the center. Yet I will nanoshu lipstick in multiple layers to get really intense color. To visually narrow chin, apply a lighter shade of powder along the lower jaw. It is important that the facility was frosted - powder with shimmering particles creates the opposite effect Do not be afraid to paint the eyelashes several times Use two shades of blush for a more natural way... They may be similar or completely different: one dark, the other lighter Do you want the most natural looking eyelashes.? On the roots, apply black mascara, and brown on the tips. Eyes remain expressive, but it will not be so hard For the formation of the eyebrows, use brown sharpened pencil, and on top -. The same shade of brown. The final touch - a comb (or brush) eyebrow

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